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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 August 2021

* AI startup Boomy looks to turn the music industry on its ear >>
* AI-Powered Tech Put a 65-Year-Old in Jail For Almost a Year Despite ‘Insufficient Evidence’ >>
* Chaotic Afghan exit compels Japan to rethink reliance on US security >>

* If Remote Work Lasts Two Years, Will Employees Ever Return to Offices? >>
* A lot of people are sleepwalking into it: the expert raising concerns over AI >>
* Rocket Lab to launch satellite aimed at reducing space junk >>

* Best Practices for Unlocking AppOps with Terraform >>
* Did AI Tools Help Doctors During the Pandemic? >>

* WARNING: Microsoft Exchange Under Attack With ProxyShell Flaws >>
* San Francisco doctor charged with possessing child pornography in iCloud >>
* Under-pressure Biden tries to reassure US on Afghanistan >>

* Parents Are Not Okay – We’re not even at a breaking point anymore. We’re broken. >>
* Biden says allies are not questioning US credibility >>
* Delta Forces New Zealand, Australia to Rethink Covid Strategies >>
* Beating Back Delta Will Take Extra Covid Shot for Privileged Few >>
* Covid: New Zealand pandemic strategy in doubt amid Delta spread >>
* More than 200 young kids diagnosed with COVID-19 in one weekend >>
* Vaccinated Are Worried and Scientists Don’t Have Answers >>

* We Weren’t Happy Before the Pandemic, Either >>
* Work Is a False Idol >>

* Report: Google is winding down its healthcare division >>
* Sunrise, Orbital Launch Platform, and GSE Cover, SpaceX Starbase, Boca Chica, TX >>
* AWS re/Start Emerging Talent at Accenture – Sazia’s story | Amazon Web Services >>

* Telstra says turnaround is on as telco sees continued sales and profitability decline >>
* The big three innovations transforming cloud security >>

* Waymo Is 99% of the Way to Self-Driving Cars. The Last 1% Is the Hardest >>
* WinFsp · Windows File System Proxy >>
* Secret Netflix codes: Discover better streaming recommendations with this hidden trick >>

* China passes the world’s strictest user data protection law >>
* OnlyFans’ policy switch is the latest victory in Big Banking’s war on sex >>
* Are Radioactive Diamond Batteries the Solution to Nuclear Waste? >>

* Is Your Name Ruining Your Life? >>
* Could a Black Hole Surrounded by Energy-Harvesters Really Power a Civilization? >>

* Afghanistan: US orders civilian jets to join evacuation >>
* ReactJS Full Course in 7 Hours | Training | Edureka >>
* Why Bother Calculating Pi to 62.8 Trillion Digits? It’s Both Useless and Fascinating >>

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