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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 July 2021

* Orbital Launch Table Rolled Out – Launch Tower Section 9 lifted into Place | SpaceX >>
* Robot arranges 100,000 dominoes into a Super Mario Bros. mural in one day >>
* Samsung boosts income 73% on higher chip prices, demand >>

* A Particle Just Did Something That Changed the Nature of Reality >>
* Facebook’s next product will be its long-awaited Ray-Ban smart glasses >>
* Thruster Misfire? Russia’s New ISS Module Just Turned the Station Out of Position >>
* Huge asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs came from ‘safe’ area of main asteroid belt >>

* Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day But a 10-Story Building Can Be >>
* AI carpenter can design recreations of furniture from a few photos >>

* Ford Has Almost 70,000 Chipless Vehicles Waiting in Storage >>
* Video Friday: Fluidic Fingers Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos >>
* Biden Seeks New Cybersecurity Standards for Critical Infrastructure >>

* Researchers are concerned about the possibility that COVID-19 might lead to dementia >>
* The Question Medical AI Can’t Answer >>
* Container ship that blocked Suez Canal finally reaches Rotterdam, begins unloading cargo >>

* Entire Buildings Can Be Wrapped in Jackets to Save Energy >>
* Army to enforce stay-at-home orders as Delta spreads through children >>
* How Trying to Secretly Fart Landed Me In The Hospital >>

* SAP will bring more software services to Google Cloud through expanded alliance >>
* Pfizer Data Suggest Third Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine ‘Strongly’ Boosts Protection Against Delta Variant >>

* Facebook will require employees to be vaccinated before returning to campus >>
* The future of social media looks a lot like QVC >>

* Is McKinsey wrong about the financial benefits of diversity? >>
* UK economy is barreling toward normalcy >>

* Jodie Whittaker’s run on Doctor Who will end in 2022 >>
* More New Black piping SpaceX Starbase, Boca Chica, TX >>
* Best of the a16z Podcast, Now on Future >>
* Meaning of Emoji >>
* Making a (Really) Wild Geo-Engineering Idea Real >>

* Congress may ask for 100Mbit/s download speeds in ‘underserved’ areas >>
* Peacock’s global streaming strategy takes flight with Sky >>
* Podcast: NTT tracks Kaseya ransomware attack >>
* Facebook sees 56% growth but fears regulators, iOS >>

* Unrest and economic underperformance haunt the emerging world >>
* Economy Recovers Pandemic Losses, but Faces New Test >>
* China’s top court empowers people to say ‘no’ to facial recognition use by private businesses >>
* Clockwise is a meeting cost calculator designed to encourage more efficient meetings. >>

* Amazon’s older Kindles will start to lose their internet access in December >>
* True ‘shift left and extend right’ security requires empowered developers >>
* Motorola debuts Edge 20 flagships globally with fast refresh screens and 108-megapixel cameras >>
* It’s not just you, streaming the Olympics is a mess >>

* Why is “Meritocracy” conformity with China? | TEDx >>
* Dear 16-Year Old Girl | TEDx >>
* The power of not knowing | TEDx >>
* The informal settlements reshaping the world | TEDx >>
* Moving Forward from Failure | TEDx >>
* What is True Leadership? | David Mammano | TEDx >>
* Why You Should Make Your Own Decisions | TEDx >>
* The Power and Pitfalls of the Mind | Nayab Rafiq | TEDx >>

* The Summer Intel Fell Behind >>
* Greatest clusterf*ck in Women’s Gymnastics history. >>
* Here’s An Impossible Domino That Bounces Back Up After It Falls Over >>

* OpenAI releases Triton, a programming language for AI workload optimization >>
* Cloud Engineers Try Policy-as-Code to Cure Misconfiguration Woes >>

* Lessons learned from the smartest Software Engineer I’ve met >>
* Police Department Found Using a Tesla Model 3 is Cost-Effective >>
* Every Country Has A Different Award For Olympic Gold Medalists >>
* From out of Biles’ shadow, America discovers a new star >>

* How can I create and connect to an Amazon Linux 2 EC2 instance? >>
* How do I use AWS Backup to restore an EC2 instance with an encoded authorization failure message? >>
* Finance-Level Security on Deployments With Earnin, AWS and Armory >>

* Ai Spots Early Eye Changes That Signal Diabetic Retinopathy >>
* Orchestrate XGBoost ML Pipelines with Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow >>
* Water Vapour has Been Discovered at Ganymede >>
* This is how you get Tatooines. Binary Star Planet Formation >>

* Balloon Mission May Also Work to Detect Quakes on Venus >>
* AWS to retire EC2-Classic >>
* Apple, Google, Microsoft profits soar in latest quarter >>

* Rocket Lab launches US Air Force’s new Space Force >>
* Shopify’s Q2 results beat estimates as e-commerce shines >>
* FDA clears Synchron’s brain-computer interface device for human trials >>
* Expanding our cloud infrastructure to support Australia’s digital future >>

* Huawei’s P50 lineup is powered by HarmonyOS 2 but lacks 5G >>
* The Unappreciated Importance of Cats, (to Medical Science) >>
* New Zealand is rated as the best place to survive a cataclysmic global collapse >>

* Elon Musk announces Tesla’s AI day next month >>
* Former President Trump sues Facebook, Twitter for ‘blacklisting and canceling’ >>
* A Step Closer to General AI >>
* Author Talks: Jeffrey E. Garten on the meeting that transformed the global economy >>

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