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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 July 2021

* SpaceX’s Mechazilla Rises, Starliner Prepares, Nauka Launch, Wally Funk’s flight to Space >>
* Boxabl aims to build foldable homes in 90 minutes >>
* Automakers have battery anxiety, so they’re taking control of the supply >>

* a16z Podcast: Systems Leadership for Disruptors and Incumbents >>
* Neuralink Update – July 2021 >>
* Panel Discussion: The Changing Face of Software Security >>

* Low code: A promising trend or a Pandora’s Box? >>
* Moon has Been Mildly Preventing Coastal Erosion, in the 2030s, That Protection Ends >>
* Tiny Light Sails Could be Used to Explore the Solar System Today >>

* Russia Disconnected Itself From Global Internet in Tests >>
* Exoskeletons Could Improve Bowel Movements in Spinal Cord Injury Patients >>
* Deadline 2024: Why you only have 3 years left to adopt AI >>

* This All-Electric Motorcycle Actually Self-Balances as It Follows You >>
* Solar-Powered Desalination Device Aims to Deliver Water to 400,000 Kenyans >>
* Oculus makes it easier to create mixed reality apps >>

* Why the US can’t just beam internet into authoritarian states like Cuba >>
* Dune: Our thoughts on the first 10 minutes of the movie >>
* Electromagnetism is a property of spacetime itself, study finds >>

* Cloud’s new equilibrium at the edge >>
* A new Balloon-Based Observatory Could Produce Images as Fine as Hubble >>

* Prince Charles and Jony Ive launch a new design lab backed by Amazon >>
* AI Weekly: OpenAI’s pivot from robotics acknowledges the power of simulation >>

* FAA Just Changed Its Rules. Neither Bezos Nor Branson Are Astronauts Now >>
* NASA clears Boeing Starliner for July 30th test flight to ISS >>
* T-Mobile 5G home internet: Hands-on >>

* Researchers Found a Malicious NPM Package Using Chrome’s Password-Recovery Tools >>
* Russia Just Launched a New Science Module to the Space Station >>
* Covid-19 news: Longer gap between Pfizer shots may boost antibodies >>

* Chest-mounted video camera and vibrating wristband system developed by scientists could reduce collisions for visually-impaired people by 37% >>
* NASA’s $10 BILLION James Webb Telescope will explore a planetary system 63 light-years from Earth >>

* The Most Influential Spreader of Coronavirus Misinformation Online >>
* The US economy’s boom is far from over – even with the Delta surge >>
* Meet the typical Walmart shopper, a 59-year-old white suburban woman earning $80,000 a year >>
* The week the Delta variant threatened the economy >>

* After Tokyo, we should bring the Olympic charade to an end >>
* The 21st-century corporation: A conversation with Brian Chesky of Airbnb >>
* Building a tech-services ecosystem to deliver products—not applications >>

* Entire Plane Evacuated Over a Teen’s Moronic AirDrop Prank >>
* When Did Everyone Start Hating Jeff Bezos? >>

* How AI Will Help Keep Time at the Tokyo Olympics >>
* ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ trailer is a treat for ‘Voyager’ fans >>
* Engineer Builds Self-Launching Miniature Roller Coaster With 3,000 Parts >>
* As moratoriums lift, will America face a wave of foreclosures and evictions? >>

* Attitudes towards experimenting on monkeys are diverging >>
* A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will launch NASA’s Europa Clipper mission to icy Jupiter moon >>
* Vodafone CEO teases M-Pesa IPO >>

* Intel warns of shortages, but trumpets open RAN >>
* Detect defects and augment predictions using Amazon Lookout for Vision and Amazon A2I >>
* How a spectator-free Olympics upended Tokyo’s big transit plans >>

* The Age of Disintegration >>
* Windows 11 is Beautiful, Because Microsoft is Finally Sweating the Details >>

* I Thought Having Children In My Twenties Would Make Life Easier In My Forties — I Was Wrong >>
* Google’s Translatotron 2 removes ability to deepfake voices >>
* JRE: #1686 – Ari Shaffir >>

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