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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 July 2021

* Tokyo Olympics. They look and feel different to other Games, but they are here at last. >>
* Surreal Olympics curtain raiser a taste of what is to come >>
* TED-Ed: Ancient origins of the Olympics >>
* Tokyo Olympics is on. Can you outrun the jargon? >>
* Olympics Could Be a Covid-19 ‘Super-Evolutionary Event’ >>
* World has 193 countries, so why are there 205 teams in the Olympics? >>

* Bring Back Uninterrupted Work: The Generational Divide in Software Developers >>
* McKinsey’s “Agile Transformation Office” is the Final Nail in the Coffin >>
* You Aren’t Lazy. You Are Overstimulated. >>

* Forget the Work-Life Balance. Tailor your Life! | TEDx >>
* Alphabet launches robotics venture Intrinsic to train industrial robots with AI >>
* No humans needed? | Artificial Intelligence to Program Robots >>

* 100-Qubit Quantum Computing System Unveiled >>
* Judges reject Viasat’s plea to stop SpaceX Starlink satellite launches >>

* Neuton.AI – No-Code Artificial Intelligence for All >>
* Apiway 2.0: Platform for Software Battle & No-Code Community >>
* Breaking Analysis: ServiceNow’s Collision Course with Salesforce.com >>

* Holy grail of batteries: Scientists develop an ‘iron-air’ battery that stores electricity for days through rusting – fraction cost of lithium-ion equivalents >>
* Vergecast: Jeff Bezos in space, RCS on Verizon, and Biden on Big Tech >>
* Soft Robot Hand Is First to Be Fully 3-D-Printed in a Single Step >>

* Arm researchers have created a flexible 32-bit computer chip made from plastic >>
* Facebook brings cloud gaming to Apple devices with a web app >>
* Micrometeorites Churn up Surface of Europa, to Find Life, You Need to dig Down a Meter >>

* Elon Musk: ‘Extremely Safe’ Nuclear Plants Possible >>
* The business of fitness: Building the Tone House brand >>
* Bio Eats World: Engineering an Epigenome Editor >>

* US Air Force Says Real-Life Force Fields Are ‘On the Horizon’ >>
* LightRead: How telcos and cloud providers get along >>
* DeepMind’s AI uncovers structure of 98.5 per cent of human proteins >>

* We’re Losing the Battle for the Future >>
* Wellness in 2030 >>
* Security as code: Best (maybe only) path to securing cloud applications and systems >>

* Dune | Official Main Trailer >>
* SpaceX Starship: RAMPING UP the game again! >>
* Scientists Have a new way to Predict the Most Damaging Solar Storms >>
* NASA’s InSight probe reveals the first detailed look at the interior of Mars >>

* Astronomers spot possible moon-forming region for the first time >>
* Scientists reverse age-related memory loss in mice >>
* ‘Next-Generation’ Total Artificial Heart Successfully Transplanted into First US Patient >>

* Raptor Engine Removed from Super Heavy Booster 3 | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* Researchers find new attack vector against Kubernetes clusters via misconfigured Argo Workflows instances >>
* Cloud Unfiltered: EP118 – A talk with Accenture >>

* Is the UK’s pingdemic good or bad? Yes. >>
* Airbnb CTO says graph neural networks will be big in 2021 >>
* Why unstructured data is the future of data management >>
* StoryMaze provides you with an interactive erotic storytelling >>

* Emotional Fitness: The Underrated Secret to Success: TEDx >>
* Delta variant is dramatically spreading among unvaccinated Americans >>
* QUARTZ BRIEF: Funeral In Haiti, Olympics Opening Ceremony, Dumpster-Diving Birds >>

* These are the countries where the delta variant of Covid-19 is now dominant >>
* Find Your Spark in the AI Fireworks | TEDxFS >>
* Disrupting Conventional Speech | TEDxFS >>
* Are you switching people on or depleting them? | TEDx >>
* Spain doles out 700MHz spectrum for $1.1B >>

* An Ad Executive’s New Challenge: Selling the Vaccine >>
* Netflix Wants to Play in the Gaming Industry >>
* Vaccine Makers Seek to Apply mRNA Tech to Flu >>

* Floating wind turbines could rise to great heights >>
* A 3°C world has no safe place >>

* Malaysian police flatten US$1.25 million worth of bitcoin-mining machines with steamroller >>
* Watch a Massive Military Jet Fly Between Buildings in Australia >>
* Corning’s new Gorilla Glass protects smartphone cameras while letting in more light >>
* AWS Supports You – Reducing Your Storage Cost with Tiered Object Storage >>

* The Delta variant could make the American shopper go back into lockdown, BofA says >>
* NASA’s Mars helicopter Ingenuity is gearing up for its TENTH flight >>
* Please, a Moment of Silence for Comic-Con >>

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