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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 July 2021

* QUARTZ DAILY BRIEF: Brisbane Olympics, Netflix Growth, Overachieving Octopus >>
* 2032 Games: Brisbane confirmed as Olympic and Paralympic host >>
* SD Times news digest: Dremio launches SQL Lakehouse Service, Fastly launched JavaScript in Compute@Edge, Crystal 1.1 released >>

* Which covid-19 vaccine is the most widely accepted for international travel? >>
* What Wally Funk’s pursuit of going to space can teach us about achieving goals >>
* Brisbane 2032 is the first test of the Olympics’ new host-city bidding system >>

* ‘I’m sorry, but it’s too late’: Alabama doctor on treating unvaccinated, dying COVID patients >>
* Vaccines Dramatically Reduce Deaths >>

* B1M: The True Scale of the World’s Largest Airports >>
* New Raptor Boost Engine “R2B2” Delivered for Super Heavy >>
* NASA Perseverance rover gears up to collect its first Mars rock sample >>

* Galaxy S22 rumors: Samsung’s new lineup could support 65W charging >>
* Netflix to dive into video games with ad-free mobile gaming at no extra cost >>
* Netflix says its gaming push will begin with mobile >>

* Buildman: Faster Development Build In The Cloud >>
* Dremio’s data lake query engine is now a managed cloud service >>
* J.&J. Vaccine May Be Less Effective Against Delta, Study Suggests >>

* YouTube to pilot test shopping from livestreams with select creators >>
* AWS Now Allows Customers To Pay For Their Usage in Advance >>
* HBO Max starts streaming full episode pilots in Snapchat >>

* Modernizing Serverless Applications with AWS Lambda and Amazon EFS >>
* The Future of CI/CD >>

* Ransomware hacks are pushing cyber insurance premiums to record levels >>
* TED: The De Colonizing Of Beauty >>

* How I built my first serverless robot and won $1000 >>
* Trends that will define 2021 and beyond: Six months on >>
* A new IT operating model to better serve employees >>

* Google Maps can now show New Yorkers how busy individual subway cars >>
* Jeff Bezos said Blue Origin has sold nearly $100 million worth of tickets >>
* Hubble 2.0? Scientists will launch a telescope to the upper atmosphere carried by a helium balloon the size of a STADIUM next year >>

* Eurobites: Vodafone turns to Nokia’s machine learning for network mending >>
* Netflix gears up for gaming, with initial focus on mobile >>

* Podcast: Is the hyperscaler and telco relationship parasitic or symbiotic? >>
* Does Gallium Spell the End of Silicon? >>
* Dow Up 200 Points as Market Rebound Continues >>

* Britain tests the limits of mass vaccination >>
* Netflix, season 3: The streaming star looks for a new post-pandemic storyline >>
* Apple to go all in on 5G for its 2022 iPhone lineup >>

* As childbirths near record low, China scrambles to boost families >>
* China unveils details of three-child policy, support measures >>
* U.S. Life Expectancy Plunged in 2020, Especially for Black and Hispanic Americans >>

* How Data-Driven Secure DevOps Influences People, Processes, and Technology >>
* Laying the Groundwork for Observability >>

* Mark Roberge, Stage 2 Capital & Paul Fifield, Sales Impact Academy >>
* Summer Blog Backlog: Distributed Systems >>
* Here’s Why You Can Get Covid — Even If You’ve Been Vaccinated >>

* Amazon aims to inject new life into Alexa with release of developer tools and features >>
* Here’s What It’s Like To Experience Tesla ‘Full Self-Driving’ Beta 9 In A Tesla Model Y >>
* Russia Unveils Fifth-Generation Fighter Jet To Take On F-22s, F-35s >>

* Importance of AI in Today’s World >>
* The Lack of Agile Leadership Qualities >>
* What are the new sports at the Tokyo Olympic Games? >>

* ‘That’s where the risk is’: One in 10 infected people caught COVID at work >>
* 600 kilometers(373 miles) per hour! China unveils world’s fastest maglev train >>

* TEDX: Why I Want my Voice Assistant to Speak Spanglish >>
* TEDX: Opportunities are Everywhere, Let’s Gamble on It >>
* TEDX: The circle for life >>
* TEDX: Resilience for COVID-19 and Beyond >>

* This Tiny Electric Car Is Solar-Powered and Costs $6,800 >>
* Cloud Computing’s Coming Energy Crisis >>

* NASA reveals first images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope after coming back >>
* Richard Branson and Elon Musk wish Jeff Bezos luck before billionaire headed to space >>
* Wally Funk, 82, announces she wants to return to space as soon as possible >>

* Now Instagram can translate Stories text into over 90 languages >>
* 15,000-Year-Old Viruses Discovered In Tibetan Glacier Ice >>
* 9 Tactics for Better Remote Negotiations >>

* How to Say No to “Grabbing Coffee” >>
* Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked is happening online on August 11th >>
* Apple delays recalling staff to offices until October as Delta variant romps across US >>

* Solar-to-Hydrogen Water Splitter Outlasts Next Best Tech By 14x >>
* How to Keep the Automotive Chip Shortage From Happening Again >>
* India Excess Pandemic Deaths Estimated at 4 Million >>

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