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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 July 2021

* Lift of Starship Orbital Launch Tower Section #8 >>
* Filled with doubt, division and Covid, Tokyo braces for Olympics >>
* How to Watch Jeff Bezos Go to Space >>
* Facebook Tells Biden: ‘Facebook Is Not the Reason’ Vaccination Goal Was Missed >>

* Robot collision at warehouse near London sparks fire, delaying customer orders >>
* Social Media Criticized; Tokyo Athletes Infected: Virus Update >>
* Boris Johnson is taking another huge gamble by lifting lockdowns >>

* Can Science Cure Death? It Sure Looks Like It. >>
* Tech giants say government cyber assistance would simply cause more problems >>

* Tesla wants customers to pay a $199 monthly fee for ‘Full Self-Driving’ >>
* What to do when AI brings more questions than answers >>
* Inserting One Billion Rows in SQLite Under A Minute >>

* Farming is finally ready for robots >>
* Covid-19 tests while you wait in Israeli airport >>
* Latest leaks indicate new iPhones may have always-on displays like Apple’s Watch >>

* Whipped lemonade: The creamy, tangy TikTok drink >>
* Hungryroot delivers AI-powered grocery experience >>
* Natural language understanding tough for neural networks >>

* Why machine programming should be the next technology you invest in >>
* This Week in Programming: Can You Feel the Burn? >>
* Managers, do this to keep workers from quitting >>

* At least three cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in the Olympic Village >>
* The Anthony Bourdain audio deepfake is forcing a debate about AI in journalism >>
* China Inc’s new inconspicuous expansion >>

* Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City faces medical collapse as COVID surges >>
* China and Russia vow aid to Afghanistan as extremist threat rises >>
* Don’t Let Police Arm Autonomous or Remote-Controlled Robots and Drones >>

* The US Needs to Get Back in the Business of Making Chips >>
* This One-Person eVTOL Could Soon Be Your Exclusive Mode of Transportation >>
* Elon Musk Shares Futuristic Cartoon Starring His Famous Cybertruck >>

* JPMorgan’s profit spikes 155% as US economy booms >>
* Covid: UK faces a difficult summer, says leading scientist >>

* $73,499-Per-Guest World Cruise Sells Out In Less Than 3 Hours >>
* Habitat for Humanity is creating a 3D printed home for a family of 3 in Virginia >>
* How F1 got the data crunched for its new race car >>

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