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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 July 2021

* SpaceX Starship New Heat Shield Tiles, Virgin Galactic Success & Wally Funk to fly to Space >>
* Weekend Edition—Breaking The Internet, Space Redemption, Olympic Politics >>
* One-Person eVTOL Could Soon Be Your Exclusive Mode of Transportation >>

* Japan breaks internet speed record with a 319Tbps data transfer >>
* China’s New Law Requires Researchers to Report All Zero-Day Bugs to Government >>
* Tesla offers a Full Self-Driving subscription for $199 per month >>
* Transform 21: Event opening and Summit Welcome >>

* Cloud to survive. AI to thrive How CXOs are navigating path to Data Driven Reinvention >>
* Data & AI strategies in the new age of telecommunications >>
* Even as COVID eases, cloud computing and AWS keep flying high >>

* Biden administration offers practical, collaborative outlook on open RAN >>
* Technology Showcase: Deep Instinct >>
* Technology Showcase: Randori >>

* The Greek laser weapon that hits drones every 2-3 seconds >>
* DARPA puts navigation for deep dives to the test >>
* This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through July 17) >>

* Eighth Tower Segment Ready for Lift >> >>
* The Space Tourism Industry Is Stuck In Its Billionaire Phase >>
* Fully jabbed arrivals from France must still quarantine >>

* No One Is Safe: Extreme Weather Batters the Wealthy World >>
* NSF Live: Booster 3 testing update, Bezos to launch Tuesday, Branson reaches space, and ASOG arrives >>
* Fasting lowers blood pressure by reshaping the gut microbiota >>

* Tokyo Olympics 2021: Athletes’ village hit by first Covid case of Games >>
* Tokyo 2020: Athletes ‘probably very worried’ after positive Covid test in village >>
* Tokyo Olympics 2021 Opening Ceremony: when is it, what time does it start? >>
* Covid culture that is Japan >>

* No more Zoom weddings in New York after executive order lifted >>
* Security researchers fool Microsoft’s Windows Hello authentication system >>
* Continuous delivery and release automation (CDRA) Completes CI/CD Software Development Lifecycle >>

* CloudFlare CDNJS Bug Could Have Led to Widespread Supply-Chain Attacks >>
* Best (new) VR games you need to play this summer: ‘Population: One,’ ‘Sniper Elite VR’ >>
* Instagram Launches ‘Security Checkup’ to Help Users Recover Hacked Accounts >>

* How to Run Reverse Shell for Hacking in Linux >>
* Everyone’s Learning the Wrong Lesson From the Icelandic 4-Day Workweek Experiment >>
* Feeling Overwhelmed? You Need an MVD—That’s Minimum Viable Day >>

* What workers want after the pandemic >>
* Sex testing at the Olympics has always been wrong >>
* Thanks to the pandemic, US venture investors are having their biggest year ever >>

* AT&T’s edge computing strategy takes shape with Google, Microsoft >>
* In Undervaccinated Arkansas, Covid Upends Life All Over Again >>
* Three Months in Monte Carlo >>

* NBA Finals 2021: How to watch, stream Bucks vs. Suns Game 5 tonight on ABC >>
* What Happens When You Shatter A Wine Glass With Nothing But Sound? >>
* South Korea to Build Its Own ‘Iron Dome’ Against North Korean Threats >>

* 1,069 Bitcoin Miners Steamrolled In Malaysia for Stealing Energy >>
* Pornhub Launches a Museum Guide for Classical Nudes >>
* Lessons Learned When I Walked Away from The Money | TEDxKiwenda >>

* Designing HUGE Concrete Forms | 3D Printing Robotic Arm >>
* US grapples with ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ >>
* Mindful matchmaking >>

* Can AI cameras predict suicide attempts at bridges? >>
* WhatsApp is testing secure cloud backups for Android users >>
* Streaming TV may be seeing a COVID-19 slowdown >>

* Majority of Covid misinformation came from 12 people, report finds >>
* Irrational Economics >>
* Big trends in how AI can contribute to more effective healthcare that produces better outcomes for all. >>

* Technology Showcase: Lambda >>
* Technology Showcase: Whylabs >>
* Technology Showcase: Creatio >>

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