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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 July 2021

* Worlds biggest ransomware gang just disappeared from the internet >>
* Biden Warns Putin to Act Against Ransomware Groups, or U.S. Will Strike Back >>
* Streaming got more 2021 Emmy nominations than broadcast and cable combined >>

* Covid-19 is creating the weirdest Olympics >>
* Abu Dhabi-based micromobility operator Fenix launches 10-minute grocery delivery service >>
* Inside Arrival’s Revolutionary Microfactory >>

* Tesla’s $16,000 Quote for a $700 Fix Is Why Right to Repair Matters >>
* Singapore looks to ‘live with COVID’ as vaccine coverage nears 50% >>
* Chinese smart van system provides seamless automated delivery service >>
* South Africa Zuma riots: Death toll mounts amid looting >>

* Strange gas in Venus’s clouds may be a sign of volcanoes, not life >>
* Inflammatory ageing CLOCK analyses your blood to predict how strong your immune system is >>
* Programming robots to put jackets on people is harder than it looks >>

* MongoDB 5.0 release adds time-series data and serverless instances into the mix >>
* Sleep and fitness go hand-in-hand >>
* Finger sweat can power wearable medical sensors 24 hours a day >>
* Welcome to TikTok’s endless cycle of censorship and mistakes >>

* Why the cloud is not just another data center >>
* Transform 2021 >>
* Change Is Knocking: The Future Readiness with Ian Khan >>

* Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs): Org-as-Code >>
* Episode 809: Stop Networking, Start Connecting >>
* What I Look Forward To: The Cloud Foundry Summit 2021 >>

* Indonesia overtakes India to become Asia’s COVID epicenter >>
* The State of Continuous Delivery >>
* Stop Frustrating Your Developers: How to Isolate Developer Risk Without Getting in Their Way >>
* Apple scores 35 Emmy nominations, including 20 for hit series “Ted Lasso,” >>

* Apple releases MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone >>
* The US Navy’s M80 Stiletto Test Ship Disrupted Drone Swarms During Trials >>
* Russia’s ‘Space Tug’ Could Tow a Nuclear Power Station to Mars >>

* Mini Solar-Powered Cars Could be The Future of Urban Mobility >>
* World’s Biggest Renewable Energy Hub Will Generate Over 50 Gigawatts of Energy >>
* Instagram launches Security Checkup for people whose accounts have been hacked >>

* Taliban fighters execute 22 Afghan commandos as they try to surrender >>
* French diners, shoppers, commuters will need a COVID pass to get around >>
* Why the Western Drought Will Have Major Ripple Effects | WSJ >>

* How is SpaceX Preparing Starship for Orbit? | NSF Explains >>
* Funnel Rocket: A Serverless Query Engine >>
* MongoDB 5.0 adds new future-proofing capabilities >>

* How AI can help create more caring company cultures >>
* Virgin Galactic was a vanity project—then it saved Richard Branson’s airline >>
* FBL18: Liv Boeree – Social Media & Rational Discourse >>
* Top 7 Reasons Of Using A Cloud-Based Legal Software >>

* TED: 3 ways to create a menopause-friendly work culture >>
* Lessons from the afterlife of the fax >>
* The age of mmWave 5G sputters to a dusty death >>

* NEC sends 5G to the cloud with Microsoft >>
* When an Online Conspiracy Theory Turns Deadly >>
* WHO Panel Sets Gene-Editing Standards >>
* Boeing Faces New Dreamliner Production Problem >>

* England faces the sternest test of its vaccination strategy >>
* America’s 40-Year Experiment With Big Business Is Over >>
* Chinese companies to supply 110 mln COVID-19 vaccines immediately to COVAX project >>

* US and allies must set ‘democratic’ rules for artificial intelligence, commerce secretary says >>
* Confidence and Experimentation With Feature Flags at Metrikus >>
* Amazon Now Wants to Monitor Your Sleep Using Radar >>
* Where and why Sydney is moving during the Delta lockdown >>

* Elon Musk blames Tesla Energy’s troubles on the Model 3 and the pandemic >>
* The Neuroscience of Taking Turns in a Conversation >>
* Star Trek’s Warp Drive Leads to New Physics >>

* To Spur Growth in AI, We Need a New Approach to Legal Liability >>
* Thinking About Glue: The code that holds our systems together >>
* How New CEOs Can Balance Strategy and Execution >>
* Make Sure Your Company’s Reskilling Efforts Pay Off >>

* ESPN+ subscriptions are getting a price increase on August 13th v
* NFT innovation >>
* Euro space boffins hatch comms satellite hijack plan to save Earth from extinction >>

* Scientists Have Designed ‘Programmable’ Pasta Shapes That Transform When They’Re Cooked >>
* The Mini-LED Is the Future of Big Displays >>
* Dextrous Robotics Wants To Move Boxes With Chopsticks >>

* Tokyo 2020: Roger Federer and Johanna Konta withdraw from Olympics >>
* Watch This Female Arm Wrestling Champion Destroy The Competition At Miami’s Muscle Beach >>
* Beyond Kaseya: Everyday IT Tools Can Offer ‘God Mode’ for Hackers >>

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