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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 July 2021

* Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson successfully rockets to outer space >>
* Virgin Galactic has opened a sweepstakes offering a trip to space >>
* NASASpaceflight: Virgin Galactic launches Richard Branson to space on Unity 22 >>

* The space race between Branson and Bezos is about business and branding >>
* What’s The Difference Between Jeff Bezos And Richard Branson’s Space Flights? >>
* Elon Musk showed up in Richard Branson’s kitchen at 3 a.m. to wish him luck flying to the edge of space >>

* South Korean Toilet Allows Students to Pay With Their Poop >>
* South Korean Toilet Turns Excrement Into Power, Digital Currency >>
* 5 years until enterprise quantum, but your prep begins now >>

* Samsung Washing Machine App Requires Access To Your Contacts and Location >>
* In a First, Scientists Have Connected a Superconductor To a Semiconductor >>
* Exclusive TED chats are coming to Clubhouse >>

* TEDx From Plan A to Plan Z: Living beyond Loeys-Dietz >>
* Creative thinking – how to get out of the box and generate ideas: Giovanni Corazza at TEDx >>

* Long-awaited plant-based chicken promises to be ‘almost identical’ to the real thing >>
* AI has become a design problem >>
* This Week in Programming: GitHub Copilot and the Generational Divide >>

* Older job seekers on LinkedIn get fewer job offers, but a younger profile photo helps >>
* Basalt Blockchain-based document management system that protects and helps you share your ideas documents >>
* The Age of the Great Dying is Beginning >>

* Politics are coming for the “apolitical” Olympics >>
* Designing Internet-Native Economies: A Guide to Crypto Tokens >>
* Hundreds of Thai medical workers infected despite Sinovac vaccinations >>

* Fighter jets in 24-hour flight training >>
* USA Today is getting a paywall. Who’s the audience for it? >>

* Kaseya was warned about security flaws years ahead of ransomware attack >>
* Autonomous drones learn to find ‘hidden’ meteorite impact sites >>
* TikTok will start automating video removals for nudity and more in the US >>

* Euro 2020: All eyes on Wembley as fans watch England in final >>
* Dilbert: Write An Enterprise System >>
* Satellite Images Can Help Predict When Underwater Volcanos are About to Erupt >>

* The Earth’s Atmosphere is Storing Energy Twice as Quickly as it did 15 Years ago >>
* Jobs, marriages, cities – we are quitting them in our droves >>
* More sex. Fewer fights. Has the pandemic actually been good for relationships? >>

* Gates Foundation staff are ‘freaking out’ about the nonprofit’s future >>
* McKinsey study shows that inclusion isn’t just compatible with economic growth – it’s absolutely necessary >>
* TikTok video shows how woman pretended to be pregnant so she could sneak an extra bag on a flight >>

* Anti-tumor agent from the intestine >>
* Could Gen Z Free the World From Email? >>
* Mathematicians Prove Symmetry of Phase Transitions >>

* Thrust Puck for New Super Heavy Booster Delivered | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* ‘Indians don’t talk about sex – so I help them’ >>
* Australia: New South Wales confirms first Covid-related death in 10 months >>
* Dustin Poirier beats Conor McGregor after Irishman breaks leg in the first round at UFC 264 >>

* Covid 19 coronavirus: Why Sydney’s lockdown isn’t driving down cases >>
* Death Valley records highest temperature on Earth for 100 years as US wildfires rage >>
* Iceland cuts working hours with no productivity loss, same pay >>

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