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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 09 July 2021

* Japan bars spectators from Tokyo Olympics >>
* On Sunday Virgin Galactic’s launches Richard Branson: Why you should pay attention >>
* Stepsize: Engineers waste 1 day a week on technical debt >>

* First “wearable birth control” :FDA clears Natural Cycles birth control >>
* Future iPhone health features may include cameras that measure temperature >>
* Experts explore the science behind football fan behaviours ahead of the Euro 2020 final >>

* Australia: Senior ministers consider letting Delta circulate in community >>

* This driverless car-sharing service uses remote human ‘pilots,’ not AI >>
* Startup Halo will bring driverless car service to Las Vegas later this year on T-Mobile 5G >>
* Giga Berlin | 2021-07-07 | Timelapse >>

* The NS1 EC-1 >>
* WTF is NS1? It’s DNS, DDI, and maybe other TLAs >>
* The fight for the future of DNS is white hot >>
* Outages, pandemics and the reengineering of traffic on the internet NS1 EC-1 >>

* GitHub’s programming AI may be reusing code without permission >>
* The fake chicken wars have begun >>
* Warhead Set Off for the First Time for Air Force’s First Hypersonic Missile >>

* Midas Touch: New Foam Material Allows Robots to ‘Feel’ and Self-Repair >>
* A New Zero-Emission Hyperloop Port Offers Ground Transport at ‘Airplane Speeds’ >>
* One-Wheel Balancing Robot Can Stand Still >>

* Cracking the Code: Lessons Learned from How Enterprise Buyers Evaluate New Startups >>
* Shields Up!! Starship Deflector Shield >>

* US offers Julian Assange time in Australian prison instead of American >>
* Amazon locks down some exclusive streaming rights for Universal movies >>
* Gillmor Gang: TV Clubhouse >>

* Achieving digital transformation through RPA and process mining >>
* A new generation of Korean startups >>
* Quantum Laser Turns Energy Loss Into Gain >>

* Supply chain analysts expect OLED iPad in 2023, Touch Bar to be killed >>
* Airbyte’s AWS S3 connector brings open source data integration to data lakes >>
* Experts Uncover Malware Attacks Targeting Corporate Networks in Latin America >>

* TED: A cleanse won’t detox your body — but here’s what will >>
* Israel has already started testing their own central bank digital currency >>
* Coldquanta Shows Immense Scalability of ‘Cold Atom’ Processor Approach With 100 Qubit Array >>
* Why YouTube Is Still Recommending Objectionable Videos >>

* Gitops: 3 Foundational Tips to Better Secure Your Practice >>
* GitHub straight up confirmed they used all public GitHub code, for Codex/Copilot regardless of license.>>
* Daily briefing >>

* Labour markets in the rich world are recovering from covid-19 >>
* America leaves Afghanistan on the brink of collapse >>
* Biden makes his case on U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan as the Taliban gain ground. >>

* U.S. double standards: deep-rooted hegemony >>
* We replaced rental brokers with software and filled 200+ vacant apartments >>

* Google’s ‘hypocritical’ remote work policies anger employees >>
* Flight 9 Was a Nail-Biter, but Ingenuity Came Through With Flying Colors >>
* New Type of Stellar Explosion Could Explain the Mystery of the Milky Way’s Elements >>

* Why are some recoveries short and others long? >>
* ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ gets a 4K remaster for Paramount+ >>

* IPTV Operator Jailed For 16 Months For Selling & Watching Pirate Streams >>
* Could a pill that lowers our body temperature make us live longer? >>
* What an IP Address Can Reveal About You >>

* Life in Stupid America >>
* The Lambda Covid-19 variant is now spreading beyond Latin America >>
* Six types of language that are hurting your company culture >>

* China’s online tutoring crackdown punishes parents trapped in a merciless system >>
* US tech (and Samsung) club together on 6G >>
* The global normalcy index >>

* Increasing number of women construction groups are operating in Argentina >>
* How to Streamline Incident Response with InfluxDB, PagerDuty and Rundeck >>
* EU draft exempts private jets, cargo from jet fuel tax >>

* Colon Cancer and Type-2 Diabetes Rates Rising Among the Young >>
* Exoplanet Watch: Firming Up Transit Timing >>

* Just 6 Weeks of Construction, Super Heavy is Built and Ready >>
* A Roadmap to Interstellar Flight >>
World’s Deepest Diving Pool Reaches a Staggering 60-Meter Depth >>
* Using digital tech to support employees’ mental health and resilience >>

* COVID-19 crisis pushes US students into an uncertain job market >>
* Delta variant is ‘Covid-19 on steroids >>
* One in 10 COVID patients in hospital as system plans for surge >>
* Preparing for a warming world will take a new information revolution >>

* Western Heat Wave ‘Virtually Impossible’ without Climate Change >>

* TikTok Lawsuit Highlights How AI Is Screwing Over Voice Actors >>
* A New Digital Life, Same Old Problems >>
* McDonald’s latest ads are just a bunch of pixels. And they’re brilliant >>

* PrintNightmare patch: How to update Windows after Microsoft security alert >>
* Strong Quantum Computational Advantage Using a Superconducting Quantum Processor >>
* Liebherr LR 11350 Boom Disconnected for Extension | SpaceX Boca Chica >>

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