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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 02 July 2021

* First ever Super Heavy rollout as Booster 3 heads to launch site >>
* A Housing Frenzy Is Sparking Bidding Wars From New York to Shenzhen >>
* 82-year-old Aviation pioneer Wally Funk will join Blue Origin’s first crewed space flight >>

* To Keep the Lights On, Electric Grids Beef Up Cyber Defenses >>
* Israel Found a Way to Make Soldiers Invisible >>
* Using A.I. to Find Bias in A.I. >>

* Renting clothing is worse for the planet than just throwing it away, study >>
* Sd Times July 2021 >>
* Stop! Why you shouldn’t panic-buy a TPM for Windows 11 >>

* The vivo X60 Pro+ might be the best smartphone out there for photographers >>
* Health records join the API economy as new rules go live >>
* Transform Day 2: Data, analytics, and intelligent automation and more >>

* This wearable robotic knee brace may put an end to your knee pain >>
* Volvo’s new electric concept car is a ‘manifesto’ for the future >>
* Tower Segment 7 added >>

* Mouse and human germline cells appear to reset their biological age >>
* New microchip sensor measures stress hormones from drop of blood >>
* Head of Instagram says Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app >>

* Student gets Windows 11 running on a Windows Phone >>
* Morning After: A transforming, flying car makes its first inter-city flight >>
* What the American dream looks like for immigrants >>

* Team Trump quietly launches new social media platform >>
* Trump Organization and its CFO charged with tax crimes >>
* Antiaging Gene Therapies Extend Lifespan of Mice by 41% >>

* “World’s First” 3D Printed School Opens in Malawi, Africa >>
* As Delta Variant Surges, Outbreaks Return in Many Parts of the World >>
* U.S. deficit is expected to hit $3 trillion in 2021, the budget office >>

* Tibet’s first bullet train line enters service >>
* 5-minute breathing workout lowers blood pressure as much as exercise, drugs >>

* Instant grocery startup Getir makes its first acquisition to expand into Spain and Italy >>
* World’s longest desert-crossing expressway in full operation >>
* Integrate Petabyte-Scale Storage From Infinidat Into Your OpenShift Environments >>

* TikTok expands max video length to 3 minutes, up from 60 seconds >>
* GitLab spins out open source data integration platform Meltano >>
* GitHub Copilot: A Powerful, Controversial Autocomplete for Developers >>
* Unzip your large zipfiles in Amazon S3 with Zipit >>
* Video Notebook >>

* Microsoft Discloses Critical Bugs Allowing Takeover of NETGEAR Routers >>
* 3 Steps to Strengthen Your Ransomware Defenses >>
* Rethinking Application Security in the API-First Era >>

* This Isn’t a Heatwave — It’s a Dying Planet >>
* UN confirms 18.3 degrees Celsius record heat in Antarctica >>
* China and India join deal on global minimum corporate tax of 15% >>

* The world’s social media giants admit they can’t protect women online >>
* TED: What’s normal anxiety — and what’s an anxiety disorder?>>
* Verizon, Disney+ declare open season on streaming >>
* AT&T has locked itself into a risky affair with Microsoft >>
* Where AT&T and Verizon failed, Comcast is now quietly poised to win >>

* The long goodbye to covid-19 >>
* World Food Programme head warns of ‘biblical’ famine without action >>
* Marking Party’s Centennial, Xi Warns That China Will Not Be Bullied >>

* A Conversation With Snap, AWS & Armory on Reliable, Safe Deployments for Snap’s Thousand Engineers >>
* Shailesh Shukla, Google Cloud | Cloud City Live 2021 >>
* Amol Phadke, Google Cloud | Cloud City Live 2021 >>

* Apple Says Devices May Disrupt Pacemakers: A Lesson on the Importance of EMI >>
* Is nuclear power the missing piece of our climate change puzzle? >>
* Robinhood files to go public after squeaking to profitability in 2020 >>

* Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting huge PC performance improvements this month >>
* The Smart Home Isn’t Worth It >>
* Why I Abandoned My Pursuit of ‘Happiness’ >>
* Preparing the ground for source code manipulation >>

* William and Harry unite to unveil Diana statue at Kensington Palace >>
* AI alive and kicking in our orchards and paddocks >>
* Economic conditions outlook, June 2021 >>

* A more personalized world: An interview with the CEO of Tokyo Metro >>
* The future of urban transit: A conversation with leaders from Uber and Via >>
* Artificial intelligence for complex materials >>

* AI software may help spot early signs of oesophageal cancer >>
* Bill Cosby: The rise, fall and release of ‘America’s Dad’ >>
* Rebalancing the data economy: Startups for a restart >>
* Surgeon General warns unvaccinated people ‘you’re in trouble’ as Delta variant spreads in the US >>

* I went on Royal Caribbean’s 7-day cruise to Bahamas. I felt completely safe, but my heart broke seeing how hurt the tourism industry is. >>
* Workers are ‘epiphany-quitting’ their jobs after the pandemic forced them to rethink everything about their lives >>
* Employees speaking out against Apple’s limit on fully remote jobs is a sign the pandemic may permanently weaken employer control over workers >>

* W.H.O. Says China Has Eliminated Malaria >>
* Mini-heart grown in the lab can pump fluid just like the real thing >>
* Russian cargo ship will narrowly avoid hitting a SpaceX Starlink satellite and Falcon 9 rocket fragment tonight >>
* When you lose your virginity may be written in your GENES: Scientists discover 371 genetic variants linked to your age at first sex >>

* SpaceX delivers 88 satellites to orbit, lands first stage onshore for first time in 2021 >>
* T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon have taken steps to reduce spoofed scam calls >>
* Why You May Actually Want to Go Back to the Office >>

* How to Develop a Covid-19 Employee Vaccination Policy >>
* The EU’s COVID-19 ‘digital certificates’ are up and running >>

* Why Windows 11 is leaving so many PCs behind (it’s not just TPM) >>
* macOS Monterey preview: All about FaceTime and Safari >>
* NASA reaches for graph DB to find people, skills for Moon and Mars missions >>
* Meet The Honda Kei, A Simple And Efficient Autonomous Vehicle For Commuting In The Urban Future >>
* A Better Platform for Testing Circuit Boards >>

* ‘Happy hookers’: how prescribing creativity might help wellbeing >>
* Crucial Time for Cloud Gaming, Which Wants to Change How You Play >>
* Google’s Wing launches a free app in the United States to help drone pilots legally fly >>

* Solar-Powered Moon Rovers Will Help Scientists Seek Lunar Ice >>
* The Tim Berners-Lee NFT that sold for $5.4M might have an HTML error >>

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