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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 June 2021

* Facebook’s first smartwatch will reportedly have a detachable camera >>
* First ‘Google Translate’ for Elephants Debuts >>
* AI and mosquito sex parties can save the world >>
* wow-ouch- South African woman gives birth to 10 babies >>

* 16 Minutes #64: Ransomware Attacks on the Rise; Hackers Target IoT >>
* China is Vaccinating a Staggering 20 Million People a Day >>

* Vaccine tourism exposes moral outrage of America’s hoarding >>
* How Universal Control on macOS Monterey works >>
* SpaceX: GSEC 2 Escorted By Segment 4 [ Time-lapse ] >>

* Elon Musk’s Boring Loop is finally transporting passengers in Las Vegas >>
* China’s First-Ever 5G Remote Brain Surgery >>
* NASA mission takes first close-up images of Ganymede in two decades >>
* Here’s What 6G Will Be, According to the Creator of Massive MIMO >>

* This company delivers packages faster than Amazon, but workers pay the price >>
* Decades-old ASCII adventure NetHack may hint at the future of AI >>
* McDonald’s Starts Testing Automated Drive-Thru Ordering >>

* When AI Becomes Childs Play >>
* How wearable AI could help you recover from covid >>
* Researchers Accelerate 3D Deep Learning with New Tools – Ep. 144 >>

* Sweet dreams! Wandering elephants take a snooze >>
* Auckland has become the world’s most liveable city >>
* New Radar Will Predict Upper Level Winds | SpaceX >>

* Why Crypto Is Key to Stopping Ransomware >>
* Soaring factory prices in China add to global inflation fears >>
* Biden pushes Belt and Road rival ‘Blue Dot’ with Japan and Australia >>

* New MacBook Pro models, held up by mini LED shortage >>
* The Senate just advanced the beef between SpaceX and Blue Origin >>
* Android 12 Beta 2 has a new way of managing Wi-Fi connections >>

* Update Your Windows Computers to Patch 6 New In-the-Wild Zero-Day Bugs >>
* Crypto-Mining Attacks Targeting Kubernetes Clusters via Kubeflow Instances >>
* New TLS Attack Lets Attackers Launch Cross-Protocol Attacks Against Secure Sites >>

* China’s vertical boring machine breaks domestic record of single pile drilling >>
* Supply Chain Analyst: 2022 Oculus Headset Will Have New Lenses >>
* Quantum microscope can examine cells in unprecedented detail >>

* Today’s news: Biden In Uk, Gamestop’S Pivot, Internet Outage Explainer >>
* Sheryl Sandberg: Workplace trends, June 2021 >>
* The pandemic led to ‘significant’ increase in AI adoption across manufacturing, survey finds >>

* There are many paths to the promised land of ’10G’ >>
* Hitting the upstream ‘sweet spot’ with DOCSIS 4.0 >>
* China will soon open a new stretch of rail across Tibet >>

* Argentina surpasses four million confirmed cases of Covid-19 >>
* SK Group plans hydrogen complex in Hyundai production hub city >>
* U.S. to Send 500 Million Pfizer Shots to 100 Nations Over Next Year >>

* 2021.06.08 Certificate Lifetime Incident (valid for an extra one second) >>
* Livestreamed Q&A With Supernatural’s Head Of Fitness Leanne Pedante >>
* Apple Podcast subscriptions & channels launching globally on June 15 >>

* Uber’s updated app makes it easier for drivers to pick you up >>
* All-Electric Hydrofoil Powerboat Racing Series to Start in 2023 >>
* 2021 OSSRA Report: Open Source Trends, Risks and Management >>
* F-36 Kingsnake: US Latest Fighter Jet Could Sideline F-35s & Replace F-16s >>

* Building ecosystems around physical and online grocery offerings: An interview with Per Strömberg >>
* Inventing and scaling the world’s largest urban vertical farming network >>
* Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, May 2021 >>

* Climate crisis will have catastrophic impact in India >>
* New dinosaur species discovered in Australia, one of world’s Biggest >>
* Amazon internet sharing goes live today with launch of Amazon Sidewalk >>

* One Fastly Customer Triggered Internet Meltdown >>
* Research: How Cultural Differences Can Impact Global Teams >>
* The Coming AI Hackers >>

* Cyborg cockroach with camera ‘backpack’ can be steered remotely >>
* Apple’s augmented reality headset that could cost $1,000 will launch in spring of 2022 >>
* Scientists are developing an app to detect depression based on changes in your VOICE >>

* Don’t drink and ride! e-scooters in London will now ask if you’ve been boozing >>
* A ‘Universal’ Coronavirus Vaccine to Prevent the Next Pandemic >>
* The building blocks for life might exist at the edge of the galaxy >>
* Facebook plans first smartwatch for next summer with two cameras, heart rate monitor >>

* Wind from supermassive black holes may help small galaxies thrive >>
* Google is using AI to design processors that run AI more efficiently >>
* Thousands of mysterious radio signals blast through the universe daily >>

* Name The Emotion You Want Drone Video To Capture >>
* YouTube Isn’t the Music Villain Anymore >>
* Peacock comes to Samsung smart TVs >>

* Senate passes competitiveness bill with $52 billion for chip manufacturing >>
* How wearable AI could help you recover from covid >>
* Facebook wants an AI that can beat the ‘hardest game in the world’ >>

* Jaguar’s 2022 I-Pace gives US drivers faster charging and a new infotainment system >>
* Virgin Orbit’s next launch at the end of June will be streamed live on YouTube >>
* What to expect at E3 2021 >>

* Google launches Android 12 Beta 2 >>
* Apple shares more details on how Spatial Audio will work with AirPods on Apple TV >>
* According to Fastly, a software bug triggered by one customer took down much of the internet. >>

* Google Used a New AI to Design Its Next AI Chip >>
* DNA-based Circuits May Be the Future of Medicine, and This Software Program Will Get Us There Faster >>
* The Universe is Constantly Bathing you in Radiation. Incredibly, This Could be Used for Medical Diagnosis >>

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