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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 June 2021

* Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2021 Keynote >>
* Jeff Bezos is launching to space with his brother on July 20, 15 days after he exits Amazon >>
* Australia’s CopterPack Completed Its First Manned Test Flight >>

* NASA Spacecraft Made A Flyby Visit To The Largest Moon In The Solar System >>
* Apple employees rally against office working plan >>
* Google Pixel phones can now shoot Night Sight videos >>
* New for Pixel: Starry night clips, Pride wallpapers and more >>

* DeepMind AI taught digital people to play football from scratch >>
* Samsung’s stretchable electronic ‘skin’ can detect and display your heartbeat >>

* Here’s everything Apple announced at the WWDC 2021 keynote >>
* Apple WWDC 2021: brings iOS 15, iPad OS, FaceTime Android, health sharing and more >>
* How many operating systems can Apple update at once? >>
* WWDC: Apple’s Wallet app in iOS 15 will store your driver’s license and hotel keys >>
* Monterey is the next version of Apple’s macOS >>
* Apple’s Live Text is going to read all the text in all your photos with AI >>
* You’ll soon be able to use your iPhone as ID at the airport >>
* FaceTime is coming to Android and Windows via the web >>
* Apple lets users see family members’ Health data >>
* Apple unveils iOS 15 with new features for post-pandemic life >>
* Apple Maps upgrade brings more detailed maps, transit features, AR view and more >>
* watchOS 8 brings new mindfulness features and respiratory tracking >>
* Apple unveils macOS 12 Monterey >>
* Apple unveils new iOS 15 privacy features at WWDC >>

* NASA is about to visit Ganymede for the first time in two decades >>
* New Technique to Search for Life, Whether or not it’s Similar to Earth Life >>

* Google has mapped a piece of human brain in the most detail ever >>
* Google Hopes AI Can Turn Search Into a Conversation >>
* Gillmor Gang: Fractured Fairy Tales >>

* Levi’s CEO says a quarter of us are now wearing a new size >>
* China targets 2030 for commercial 6G >>
* Qantas Gang: 150 Qantas employees ‘part of gang infiltration’ at airline >>

* FDA Approves Biogen Alzheimer’s Drug >>
* US approves first new Alzheimer’s drug in 20 years >>
* New Self-Driving EV Sucks up Pollutants From Other Cars as It Drives >>

* Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone plan a more virtual MWC >>
* Microsoft bags US approval for $19.7B Nuance buy >>
* Google Settles French Antitrust Case Over Advertising Tactics >>

* How Netflix uses eBPF flow logs at scale for network insight >>
* 18 Jobs of the Future (no one is prepared for) >>
* Welcome to a New Dark Age >>

* Covid Brings Automation to the Workplace, Killing Some Jobs >>
* Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop is now Azure Virtual Desktop >>

* TED Fellows: The future diagnostic lab … inside your body >>
* Can Afghan forces hold off the Taliban after American troops leave? >>
* China’s tech hub Shenzhen restricts travel and tests millions to stem Covid-19 after one case confirmed >>

* Light Reading Podcasts: Recap: Week ending June 4 >>
* Shifting the focus from reactive to proactive, with human-led secure coding >>
* Continuous documentation pulls from the principles of CI/CD >>
* Acquired: Berkshire Hathaway Part III >>

* NSW Police using artificial intelligence to analyse CCTV footage >>
* FBL16: Toby Ord – Biotech, AI, & The End of Humanity >>
* US Congress may move against Chinese-made drones >>

* China’s firewall is spreading globally >>
* How America Inc is coping with rising inflation >>
* Report: 6G commercialization is expected around 2030 >>

* ai-promised-to-revolutionize-radiology-but-so-far-its-failing >>
* what happens to your bitcoin when you die? >>
* Researchers identify new drug, preventing athletes developing dementia after repeated head injuries >>

* Cancer cells hibernate to survive chemotherapy, finds study >>
* Hello World: Monday June 7, 2021 >>
* Facing the future post covid? Dangers and resilence >>

* Airbus CEO says business travel will return almost to pre-pandemic levels because people want to fly again >>
* The US Navy’s top sub-hunting plane conducted a first-of-its-kind missile launch in Europe’s high north >>
* Sidewalk Robots are Now Delivering Food in Miami >>

* How to Successfully Scale a Flat Organization >>
* That AI scanning your X-ray for signs of COVID-19 may just be looking at your age >>
* It’s Time For Utilities to Learn to Love Hydrogen >>

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