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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6-7 June 2021

Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6-7 June 2021

* WWDC 2021 — June 7 | Apple >>
* WWDC 2021: An M2 MacBook Pro, iOS 15 and everything we expect from Apple >>
* Super Heavy BN3 Methane Downcomer Lifted into High Bay | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* China unveils first domestically developed virtual student >>

* This Autonomous Drone is the First to Make Nighttime Offshore Deliveries >>
* Video Friday: NASA Sending Robots to Venus >>

* Breaking Analysis: Chasing Snowflake in Database Boomtown >>
* Virtual 5G Innovations is Back for MWC21 Barcelona >>
* What Would It Take To See Artificial Lights at Proxima Centauri B? >>

* Annotate DICOM images and build an ML model using the MONAI framework on Amazon SageMaker >>
* Fully Reusable Rockets Will Crush Supersonic Planes >>
* America’s FBI Withdraws Demand for IP Addresses of Readers of a Newspaper’s Story During a 35-Minute Window >>

* Why A.I. Should Be Afraid of Us >>
* NASA’s Juno To Get a Close Look At Jupiter’s Moon Ganymede >>
* Getting Clever with Kaolin: Researchers Accelerate 3D Deep Learning with New Tools – Ep. 144 >>

* AWS launches Global Clusters to fast-track outage recovery >>
* Guest View: The time has come for RPA standards >>
* E3 2021 Confirms Big Name Guests and Panels for Virtual Convention >>

* Duty free shopping data busts quarantine busters in Japan >>
* China’s incursions over Malaysia add to South China Sea disputes >>

* Cyber Attacks Prompt Government Response >>
* To The Moon, Part 3: A People’s History of Investing >>
* With SASE still on the horizon, hybrid is the current path for software-defined networks >>

* The SaaS CTO Security Checklist Redux >>
* Making better decisions with the Brier score >>
* Apple WWDC 2021: What to expect >>

* Elon Musk tweets that Tesla’s Plaid Plus is ‘canceled’ because ‘Plaid is just so good’ >>
* Here’s A Convincing 7-Minute Argument For Why The US Should Switch To The Metric System >>
* Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla team up for a ‘common vision’ on extensions >>

* Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack linked to a single VPN login >>
* US Pentagon Changes Its Mind About DJI Drones >>
* USAF looks into commercial rocket-powered cargo delivery >>
* The Sperm-Count ‘Crisis’ Doesn’t Add Up >>

* Walmart’s grocery delivery service saves its users time and money >>
* It’s Hard Work to Make Ordering Groceries Online So Easy >>
* Google and Harvard Unveil the Largest High-Resolution Map of the Brain Yet >>

* This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through June 5) >>
* *The Economist* on digital money >>
* Workers aren’t coming back >>

* After a tough year, schools are axing virtual learning. Some families want to stay online >>
* A Computex bonanza from NVIDIA, AMD and Intel >>
* Orbital Launch Site Preps Continue as SN20 Aft Dome is Spotted >>

* VIDEO: Melinda Gates’ divorce lawyer explains what it takes to handle separations between billionaires >>
* CEO says 5-hour workday saved his paddle-board startup but ultimately ‘broke’ its company culture >>
* COVID wave sweeps across south-east Asia with jabs in short supply >>

* HBO Max: Is it worth it to pay more for no ads? >>
* Should Digital Information Count as the Fifth State of Matter? >>
* TikTok Is Eyeing US Users’ Biometric Data, Here’s What That Means For You >>

* What Comes After Photographing a Black Hole’s Event Horizon? Could we see the Photon Ring? >>
* Apple employee group rejects planned return to the office >>
* Face recognition is just the tip of the AI Computer Vision iceberg >>

* Why the Global Chip Shortage Is Hard to Overcome | WSJ >>
* Microsoft Developer: AI Show Episode 16 AI Playground >>
* SpaceX Super Heavy Doubles the Power of the Saturn V >>

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