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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 June 2021

* Vaccinating the world: 2bn shots done, 13bn to go >>
* Frankencrane’s Extension Continues as More Tower Sections Prepare for Roll Out | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* Vergecast: This week in operating systems >>
* Engadget Podcast: NVIDIA, AMD and Intel sweep virtual Computex >>

* Facebook will walk back controversial ‘newsworthiness’ rule for politicians >>
* Donald Trump could be back on Facebook in time for the presidential primaries >>
* ‘Insult’ Trump responds to two-year Facebook ban, changes in policy >>

* Global plan aims to make vaccines for future pandemics within 100 days >>
* SD Times June 2021: Low Code speeds digital transformation >>
* What to expect from WWDC 2021 >>

* AI has a long way to go before doctors can trust it with your life >>
* There’s a clear lesson in the Covid-19 lab leak theory >>
* New drone is first to reach Level 4 autonomy >>

* Neuralink Brain Chip Will End Language in Five to 10 Years, Elon Musk Says >>
* ‘Back to human’: Why HR leaders want to focus on people again >>
* USAF looks into commercial rocket-powered cargo delivery >>

* Nearly half of all college students are now considering careers in health or science >>
* How will we know we’ve recovered from the pandemic? >>
* Rhabdomyolysis: Why to take it easy when returning to the gym post-pandemic >>

* Government Says UFOs Aren’t American Technology, Can’t Rule Out Alien Origins >>
* ‘Next big wave’: Radiation drugs track and kill cancer cells >>
* When Will the First Baby Be Born in Space? >>

* Eurobites: Vodafone trials ‘vehicle-to-everything’ system >>
* Why a Grand Plan to Vaccinate the World Unraveled >>

* Will Americans Buy an Electric Truck? >>
* The impulse behind Japan’s decision to go on with the Olympic games >>
* Olympics sponsors call for Tokyo Games delay to allow more spectators >>

* The rise of cybersecurity debt >>
* Somehow This Robot Sticks to Ceilings by Vibrating a Flexible Disc >>
* GitLab Acquires UnReview to Further AI Ambitions >>

* China’s bid for digital-yuan sphere raises red flags at G-7 >>
* Innovative workout rooms make people active everywhere >>
* China’s smart manufacturing bears rich fruits >>

* Parkinson’s, AI and me >>
* World leaders ‘ignoring’ role of destruction of nature in causing pandemics >>
* A COVID-19 nasal spray vaccine applies for emergency use in China >>

* Can Huawei’s Harmony OS for smartphones compete with Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS? >>
* Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to build new kind of nuclear reactor in Wyoming >>
* Hackers Breached Colonial Pipeline Using Compromised Password >>

* Tinder will let you block people based on their phone number >>
* How long before AI can ‘understand’ animals? v>>
* Microsoft looks ready to launch Windows 11 >>

* Apple’s next iPad Pro has wireless charging and a glass back: report >>
* Amazon Calls Warehouse Workers ‘Industrial Athletes’ in Leaked Wellness Pamphlet >>
* Scientists Say Humans May be Able to Grow Another Limb >>

* This 525-Foot Superyacht With Solar Sails Doesn’t Require Any Wind >>
* Introduction to Git Flow >>
* What Is Mobile Backend As A Service (MBaaS)? >>
* Anatomy of a Linux DNS Lookup – Part I >>

* The Ransomware Problem Is a Bitcoin Problem >>
* The Secret Behind Amazon’s Domination in Cloud Computing >>
* AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2021 FULL COURSE >>

* 2 million real-life photos were turned into AI cities…but the cities don’t exist >>
* How to Onboard Yourself With Useful Information, Because Your New Job Won’t >>
* How to watch Apple’s WWDC 2021 >>
* Is the Stock Market Accurately Valuing Your Company? >>

* A Matter of Impact: May updates from Google.org >>
* Paramount+ is adding the AFC to its stacked soccer line-up >>
* Paramount+ will launch a $4.99 monthly ad-supported subscription >>

* For SaaS startups, differentiation is an iterative process >>
* How do you travel abroad safely during the covid-19 pandemic? >>
* NASA Picks Two Missions to Explore Venus, the First in Decades >>

* Australia’s mouse plague >>
* Mit Scientist Weaves Smart Fabric With Electrical Signal To Monitor Health And Store Digital Memory! >>
* Holding back from the cloud – or can’t get there quick enough? >>

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