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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 June 2021

* We’re Off to Venus: NASA Will Send Two Missions by 2030 >>
* Why the ransomware crisis suddenly feels so relentless >>
* Smart Bike Predicts Cars’ Trajectories, Honks To Warn of Impending Crash >>

* Don’t End Up on This Artificial Intelligence Hall of Shame >>
* Getting Clever with Kaolin: Researchers Accelerate 3D Deep Learning with New Tools – Ep. 144 >>
* United Airlines will buy 15 ultrafast airplanes from start-up Boom Supersonic >>
* Low code meets the urgency of today’s rapidly changing world >>

* The Vulnerabilities of the Past Are the Vulnerabilities of the Future >>
* New York Subway Operator Reports It Was Hacked >>
* Help your distributed team thrive with a cloud ERP >>

* The search for purpose at work >>
* Toyota launches groundbreaking 10-year warranty >>
* ‘Polar Pod’ floating laboratory will flip onto its side and drift around Antarctica >>

* Puppies are born with the genetic ability to understand humans >>
* Puppies Understand You Even at a Young Age, Most Adorable Study of the Year Confirms >>
* Sh*t Everyone Says After They Get Vaccinated >>

* Amazon will no longer reject job applicants who use marijuana >>
* The Pandemic Showed That Big Tech Isn’T A Public Health Savior >>
* TED: Essential Questions To Ask Your Future Self >>

* McDonald’s is testing voice recognition software in drive-thru orders >>
* Bride dies of heart attack at wedding. Sister marries groom with her body in next room. >>
* 3 Ways a Modern Multi-Cloud Data Platform can Transform Telco Applications >>

* Zuckerberg Explains Why Facebook Is Building A ‘Reality Operating System’ Zuckerberg Explains Why Facebook Is Building A ‘Reality Operating System’
* Cisco Future Cloud Session >>
* Vikas Ratna and James Leach | Cisco Future Cloud 2021 >>

* Waymo’s driverless taxi service can now be accessed on Google Maps >>
* Humans aren’t overpopulated. We’re aging and shrinking >>
* United Airlines Wants to Bring Back Supersonic Air Travel >>

* A giant solar sailboat is set to sweep up plastic from polluted oceans >>
* The All-Seeing Eyes of New York’s 15,000 Surveillance Cameras >>
* Covid-19: More than half of UK adults have had second jab >>
* LR 11350 “Frankencrane” Prepared for Boom Extension | SpaceX Boca Chica >>

* Tinder tested group video chat ahead of Match’s move into social discovery with Hyperconnect deal >>
* Gillmor Gang: Play It Again >>
* Facebook is making it easier for researchers to study fringe groups >>
* Microsoft expands its Airband internet access project to major cities >>

* World’s deepest POOL measuring 164-feet down is being built >>
* Life in 2050: A Glimpse at Space in the Future – Part II >>
* Underwater glue made from silk can cling to surfaces like a barnacle >>

* People who are blind navigate better after echolocation training >>
* Study shows men’s brains have similar genes and proteins commonly found in testicles >>

* Chris Anderson of TED interviews me >>
* Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence announces 1,75 trillion parameters model, Wu Dao 2.0 >>
* Microsoft, GPT-3, and the future of OpenAI >>

* Future of chip making to lean heavily on AI for spotting defects, says Applied Materials >>
* The top video streaming services that are worth your money >>
* SpaceX ISS Cargo Mission Will Bring More Solar Power >>

* Microsoft’s Vote Tracking Software Clears a Major Hurdle >>
* Tesla AI Process Driving Images 10X Faster Than Humans >>
* One SpaceX Raptor Engine Every Two Days >>

* Brian Wang Talking Tesla With Warren Redlich >>
* Until We Get Rid of Fossil Fuels, Can Data Make Them More Efficient? >>
* Apple to summon staff back to the office in September >>

* This AI could save a firefighter’s life >>
* These are the 10 hottest pre-IPO stocks right now >>

* IBM Cloud messes up again: Customers sent same warning email 25 times in 40 minutes >>
* SpaceX launches Dragon cargo spacecraft to the Space Station with new Falcon 9 >>
* United Airlines Wants To Bring Back Supersonic Air Travel >>

* Google is bringing more Enhanced Safe Browsing protections to Chrome >>
* Toyota’s electric concept SUV lands in the US ahead of its 2022 launch >>
* Nextdoor makes it easier to find free stuff your neighbors are giving away >>

* Fujifilm becomes the latest victim of a network-crippling ransomware attack >>
* What to expect from Apple’s online-only WWDC 2021 >>

* China’s New Space Station Will Be Powered by Ion Propulsion System >>
* WhatsApp is finally figuring out true multi-device support >>
* Use Amazon Translate in Amazon SageMaker Notebooks >>

* Zoom Towns Will Define the Future of the Tech Industry >>
* ASD using classified capabilities to warn local entities of impending ransomware hit >>
* Geoflex cloud-based geolocation company honored with award >>
* Geoflex cutting edge cloud service: 4 cm positioning on land, at sea and in the air >>

* How IT Can Use AI To Prepare For Uncertainty >>
* Grow Your Skills in Site Reliability Engineering >>
* Amazon DocumentDB released, and the Swan Lake beta release of Ballerina >>
* Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) Anywhere: A New ECS Function >>

* 8 television shows that haven’t aged well >>
* Will Huawei’s Android knockoff appease China’s technology hawks? >>
* Tech workers who flocked to Taiwan’s Covid-free haven are now fleeing >>

* Biden delays satellite traffic control as near-misses rise >>
* Whoops, U.S. Airmen Accidentally Leaked Top-Secret Nuke Locations >>

* A better mousetrap, or just a trap? Questions about Dish and AWS using the public cloud for 5G >>
* Eurobites: Vodafone et al put open RAN for 5G through its paces >>
* Rapid network evolution requires workforce transformation >>

* Dish Network adds indoor 5G to checklist >>
* Why a Grand Plan to Vaccinate the World Unraveled >>
* Another reason why unemployment can remain high even in a recovery >>

* The new geopolitics of global business >>
* TSMC in Arizona: Why Taiwan’s chip titan is betting on the desert >>
* Boeing to Test ‘Curtain of Air’ to Fight Covid in Jet Cabins >>

* I Had Never Faced the Reality of Death: A Surgeon Becomes a Patient >>
* The U.S. Economy Is Sending Confusing Signals. What’s Going On? >>
* Huawei draws large consumer brands to run HarmonyOS, but Android smartphone rivals keep their distance >>

* Comparing OpenShift, Istio and NeuVector Egress Security Controls >>
* Quantcast The Cookie Conundrum: A Recipe for Success >>
* A new Protocol Buffers generator for Go >>
* China’s gigantic multi-modal AI is no one-trick pony >>

* Paramount+ will launch a $4.99 monthly ad-supported subscription >>
* How to watch E3 2021 >>
* Have autonomous robots started killing in war? >>

* The NFT market bubble has popped and we’ve got the charts to prove it >>
* California mandated masks. Florida opened its restaurants. Did any of it matter? >>
* New NASA Missions Will Study Venus, a World Overlooked for Decades >>
* The World’s Largest and Deepest Indoor Pool Could Train Astronauts >>

* Route53 With a Private Hosted Zone >>
* Spot is the virtual hub for your organization >>

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