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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 June 2021

* SpaceX plans to launch Starship to MARS from an ocean spaceport in 2022 >>
* Health Officials in China Report First Human Case of H10N3 Bird Flu >>
* Self-Driving Truck Got a Shipment Cross-Country 10 Hours Faster Than a Human Driver >>

* Mach 30 wind tunnel to ‘put China decades’ ahead in hypersonic race >>
* AMD reveals its future! 3D chiplet technology >>
* AMD keynote at COMPUTEX 2021 under 12 mins >>

* How the World Ran Out of Everything >>
* The Opportunities for Growth in the Next Economy >>
* Tiny piece of space junk hits the International Space Station and leaves hole in robotic arm >>

* Automation in European grocers’ supply chains has reached its tipping point >>
* Tokyo 2020: Australia’s softball team the first athletes to arrive in Japan >>
* Chinese AI lab challenges Google, OpenAI with a model of 1.75 trillion parameters >>

* TED Fellows: Playful, wondrous public spaces built for community and possibility >>
* WHO Gives Virus Variants New Names, Drawing From Greek Alphabet >>
* NASA delays the James Webb Space Telescope launch again >>

* Light-shrinking material lets ordinary microscope see in super resolution >>
* YouTube Age verification issues – Can’t download video. #28578 >>
* US largest meat processor has been hit with a cyberattack. >>

* 7-Eleven to install 500 EV charging stations by the end of 2022 >>
* Molecule.one grows its drug synthesis AI platform with a $4.6M seed round >>
* The world is struggling to contain the delta variant of coronavirus >>

* AMD’s new Radeon RX 6800M delivers respectable performance at a respectable price >>
* The monstrous GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is Nvidia’s ‘new gaming flagship’ >>

* US Air Force To Use Autonomous Flying Cars to Pick Up The Injured >>
* ‘Solar Canals’ Could Save 63 Billion Gallons of Water Annually in California >>
* Rimac Nevera: A New All-Electric Hypercar With 1,914 HP >>

* Amazon is ridiculed after revealing plans to offer warehouse workers time in coffin-like ‘wellness chamber’ to focus on mental health >>
* Scientists develop an eerily human-like robot head with a ‘soft and expressive face’ that mimics the expressions of people around it >>
* Amazon US customers have one week to opt out of mass wireless sharing >>

* How Africa could become a world leader in central bank digital currencies >>
* India’s lofty vaccination goal rests on supplies that may or may not turn up >>
* Has India’s central bank changed its mind about cryptocurrencies? >>

* What Can We Expect From the Pentagon’s UFO Report? >>
* This Conspiracy Says Hitler Had a Secret Anti-Gravity UFO—and the U.S. Stole It >>
* Teaser | Postgres Vision 2021 >>

* The Divide: on passing Washington’s Public Broadband Act >>
* Amazon wants to bring satellite-based Internet to India – report >>
* Happiness Is The The Most Complex Emotion Of All >>

* SLOs: Enabling Smart Engineering Decisions >>
* 5G Rollout in the U.S. Has Been Anything But Fast. Why? >>
* WHO: South America Covid situation turning in ‘wrong direction’ >>

* Helix: A post-modern text editor. >>
* Google Photos ends unlimited free storage today. Here’s what you need to do >>

* iPhone 13 will have bigger batteries than the iPhone 12 family, leak >>
* iPhone 12 active user base grew faster than iPhone 11, despite later start >>
* What to expect from WWDC 2021 – and what not to >>

* Firefox 89 Arrives With Controversial Proton Interface >>
* How mRNA vaccines could change medicine as we know it >>
* Taking Underwater Communications And Power to New Depths With Light >>

* Caps Added to the Orbital Launch Mount in Preparation for Launch Table Rollout | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* SpaceX first launch table columns extension sizes >>
* Brain-Computer Interface Smashes Previous Record for Typing Speed >>

* A new look at how corporations impact the economy and households >>
* Doubling online grocery capacity during the pandemic: An interview with Matthew Simister >>
* Drug acts as Trojan horse to kill cancer cells >>
* Artificial intelligence technique can detect cancerous tissue in real time >>

* The world is struggling to contain the delta variant of coronavirus >>
* Something Bothering You? Tell It to Woebot. >>
* EU’s COVID-19 ‘digital pass’ gateway system goes live >>

* Talking to Animals: Using AI to Decode the Language of Whales >>
* Former head of Alphabet’s Loon joins Starship Technologies as new CEO >>
* Top 10 SaaS Product Marketing Trends for 2021 >>

* Falsely accused? Stay calm, because anger makes you look guilty >>
* AWS ECS Anywhere goes live. Is it worth the Amazon fee? >>
* Long-Range Photo of Ingenuity Taken by Perseverance’s SuperCam Instrument >>

* NVIDIA dips its toes into IaaS with subscriptions for DGX SuperPOD AI supercomputers >>
* GAME OVER! SpaceX INSANE NEW Partnership With Google >>

* Far Cry comes to Zero Latency’s VR arcades >>
* Radar trends to watch: June 2021 >>
* Samsung Exynos Chip With AMD Graphics To Bring Ray-Tracing To Mobile >>

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