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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 June 2021

* Intel’s latest 11th-gen CPU lets ultraportables hit 5GHz >>
* China allows three children in major policy shift >>
* Eye-tracking software could make video calls feel more lifelike >>

* Siri and Alexa still don’t support African languages >>
* What Happened to China’s Planned Underwater Rail Line to the US? >>
* Futuristic Portal ‘Brings Unity’ to Vilnius and Lublin >>
* Your Amazon Devices to Automatically Share Your Wi-Fi With Neighbors >>

* Thrilling hints of elusive dark matter particles are starting to fade >>
* SpaceX’s first ocean spaceport is being built and will host launches next year >>
* The future of modern application development with .NET | BRK213 >>

* Google Photos’ free unlimited storage ends tomorrow >>
* AWS Launch Fully Managed Windows Cloud File Storage in Minutes >>
* The dream of the truly driverless car is officially dead >>
* An unhackable quantum internet comes with tough privacy questions>>

* What Your Future Employees Want Most >>
* 10 emerging technologies that will change our world >>
* Microsoft Store listing reveals ‘Two Point Hospital’ follow-up >>
* NASA: This Asteroid Will Get So Close It Could Smash Into Earth’s Satellites >>

* Vaccinations at Indian hotels? >>
* Telomere-to-telomere sequencing of a complete human genome >>

* GitOps at Home: Automate Code Deploys with Kubernetes and Flux >>
* Dow Gains Nearly 2% for May >>
* A growing number of governments hope to clone America’s DARPA >>

* Guangzhou races against mutant strains from India >>
* China launches cargo craft for space station supply, refueling mission >>
* How AI & Shift Left Can Help Transform Your Enterprise Testing >>

* The Most Expensive Number in Engineering >>
* New 5G and satellite technologies offer more choices for home broadband >>

* The Dubrovnik Interviews: Marc Andreessen – Interviewed by a Retard >>
* We Only Ever Talk About the Third Attack on Pearl Harbor >>
* Why It’ll Cost Over $9 Billion To Bring Martian Soil Back To Earth >>

* No jab, no work on COVID front line for aged care staff >>
* B1M: The Rise of Brooklyn’s First Supertall Skyscraper >>
* Third wave of Covid may be under way in UK, scientists say >>

* The US economy is set to grow at the fastest pace since 1984 thanks to stimulus >>
* How COVID-19’s effect on the job market could cause widespread health problems >>

* Nestlé says over half of its traditional packaged food business is not ‘healthy’ >>
* Cosmic Ray Helium Energy Spectrum from Dark Matter Mission >>
* TCP alternative QUIC reaches IETF’s Standards Track after eight years of evolution >>

* “We can’t afford it”: Chinese internet users have rejected Beijing’s new three-child policy >>
* China Three Child Policy Too Little Too Late >>

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