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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 May 2021

* Wearable Sensor Tracks How Much You Scratch >>
* First Billion COVID Vaccinations Have Been Given >>
* SpaceX Starship SN15 Flight NET Monday >>

* California To House World’s Largest Non-Hydro Energy Storage System >>
* FULL Helicopter 4th flight with dust swirling visible >>
* The Morning After: NASA makes more flight plans for the Mars copter >>

* Harvard scientists create gene-editing tool that could rival CRISPR >>
* Watch SpaceX’s Crew-1 mission return to Earth starting at 8:35PM ET >>
* Too many videos, too little time? You can use Segmentel to get video chapters to save time! >>

* Apple’s battle with Fortnite could change the iPhone as we know it >>
* Breaking Analysis: Why Apple Could be the Key to Intel’s Future >>
* Facebook’s DINO enables self-supervised learning for computer vision AI >>

* NSF Live: Starlink, space debris tracking, and more with special guest Jonathan McDowell >>
* Building workforce skills at scale to thrive during—and after—the COVID-19 crisis >>

* Apple M2, 5 Nanometer Plus Process and A16 at 4 Nanometer >>
* TSMC Pushing to 2 Nanometers >>
* Artificial intelligence research may have hit a dead end >>

* This Colossal Solar Mountain Can Power Nearly Any Location on Earth >>
* Energy (Not Waves or Particles) May Be the Building Blocks of the Universe >>
* Scientists Use DNA Supercoiling Technique to Produce Muscles for Miniature Robots >>

* World’s Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Now Open in Portugal >>
* Dutch couple move into Europe’s first fully 3D-printed house >>
* Health care and workplaces must adjust for long covid >>

* What We Can Learn From ‘Long Covid’ >>
* Global Virus Cases Reach New Peak, Driven by India and South America >>
* India first country to record 400,000 coronavirus cases in single day >>
* COVID variants swamp India and Japan hospitals: 5 things to know >>
* Real Reason the World Isn’t Being Vaccinated >>

* Apple faces off with Facebook over privacy and ad tracking, and ‘Fortnite’ court case >>
* The digital divide is only getting worse for those who are left behind >>
* GE Research to use Verizon 5G to build out industry 4.0 use cases >>

* Robot Surgeon Will See You Now >>
* Kubernetes is deprecating Docker in the upcoming release >>

* Boeing’s Latest 737 MAX Problem Prompts an FAA Audit >>
* SpaceX Starship SN15 ready! But when will it happen, what makes it so special? >>
* Preview demo of Red Hat OpenShift Data Science >>

* Four myths about building a software business >>
* Four ways boards can shape the cloud agenda >>
* Succeeding in the AI supply-chain revolution >>

* EU’s proposed AI laws would regulate robot surgeons but not the military >>
* Stars That Race through Space at Nearly the Speed of Light >>
* Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through May 1) >>

* NFT virtual horse markets in everything >>
* Consumer spending, streaming propel Amazon to second quarter of more than $100B >>
* MIT and IBM announce Transport Challenge for physically realistic Embodied AI >>

* Call of Duty’ video game gets combat medic as part of mission to land veterans jobs >>
* Pornhub Owner Sends Millions of Takedown Notices a Year >>
* People are ready to have sex again: Condom sales are surging >>

* Facebook buys the studio behind VR shooter ‘Onward’ >>
* Google will freeze auto-renewing Play Store subscriptions in India >>
* NFTs are much bigger than an art fad. Here’s how they could change the world >>

* More than 1,000 humans fail to beat AI contender in top crossword battle >>
* Waymo Ridehailing and Delivery Focus >>

* APOD: Perseverance from Ingenuity >>
* A UFO by any other name would sound less crazy >>
* Singapore: What’s it like in the best place to live during Covid? >>

* Empire State Building! turns 90 >>
* Why are Chinese Internet giants racing to make smart electric vehicles? >>
* Hack My Java Application:How Snyk and Red Hat Help Developers Stay Secure >>

* New VR Games May 2021: All The Biggest Releases >>
* Instacart shoppers say their accounts were wrongly deactivated >>

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