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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 May 2021

* Mars Helicopter completed 4th flight on Mars for 133 meters distance >>
* NASA extends Mars helicopter: has 30 extra Martian days to fly. >>
* NASA, SpaceX pause work on the lunar lander deal due to contract challenges >>
* SCRUB: Starship SN15 Test Flight Scrubbed >>

* Why billionaires are fighting over who gets to land humans on the moon >>
* Video Friday: Good Robots for Bad Knees >>

* Computer vision inches toward ‘common sense’ with Facebook’s latest research >>
* Telecom groups sue New York over low-income broadband law >>
* How the most distant object ever made by humans is spending its dying days >>

* New AI Regulations Are Coming. Is Your Organization Ready? >>
* New Artificial Neuron Device Runs Neural Network Computations Using 100 to 1000 Times Less Energy >>
* Indonesian Navy Submarine Likely Sunk Due to a Powerful Internal Wave >>

* London City is the first major airport to control air traffic via a digital tower >>
* Hong Kong’s $18BN Airport Expansion Explained >>
* The Strange Economics of the Lumber Market >>

* Podcast: These pitches be crazy! >>
* Surprise Family Reunion Videos Are Giving Us All the Feels >>
* Scientists Just Moved One Step Closer to Reversing Aging in Humans >>

* Vergecast: iOS 14.5 features, Apple sales skyrocket, and podcasting >>
* Engadget Podcast: Samsung’s slew of Galaxy Book laptops >>
* Samsung Galaxy A52 5G: Can just ‘good’ be good enough? >>

* Underwater Manta Kites for Tidal Power Harvesting >>
* TikTok names new CEO and COO after 8 months of interim leadership >>

* Sony’s PlayStation 5 officially launches in China >>
* China successfully launches core module for its space station, kicking off intense construction phase >>
* Amazon Posts $108.5 Billion In Sales, Smashing Expectations >>

* Lumber Extends Record Rally With Order Surge Straining Sawmills >>
* Sawmills Are Selling Boards Faster Than They Can Cut Them >>
* Apple and Ford latest victims of global chip shortage >>

* India’s second wave of covid-19 feels nothing like its first >>
* India’s deadly second wave of Covid-19 might not peak before June >>
* Stimulus Checks Pushed U.S. Household Income, Spending Higher >>

* What We Learned From This Week’s Tech Earnings Reports >>
* Chinese police recover 70 million tons of fake SIMs >>
* End-to-end service orchestration in the 5G and cloud era >>

* Biden’s first 100 days had more executive orders than Trump, Obama, or Bush >>
* America Can’t Be Fixed Because Americans Don’t Want It to Be >>

* The founder of Moderna doesn’t think vaccines are all that impressive >>
* Bitcoin Hitting $100,000 Doesn’t Matter. Many People Have Missed the Point. >>

* The evolution and future of cloud-native security >>
* Atlassian reveals Open DevOps vision >>
* Ethics of AI: Benefits and risks of artificial intelligence >>

* Microsoft: It’s 90 days until the end of Skype for Business Online, here’s what to expect >>
* JRE #1643 – Jonathan Zimmerman: “Free Speech and Why You Should Give a Damn” >>

* Israel religious festival crush kills 45 in stampede >>
* Person Flies Close To Airbus >>
* This Powerful Tidal Turbine Will Power 2,000 Homes in the UK >>

* Mindfulness as debugging >>
* High altitude platforms v satellites >>
* Africa’s vaccine rollout ‘a mess’ as shortages hit second shots >>

* Mice on opposite North American coasts evolved the same way >>
* Wild horses and donkeys dig desert wells that boost biodiversity >>

* NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has gone faster than any spacecraft ever >>
* 10 Best-Paying Jobs in Tech >>

* Developer-focused video platform Mux achieves unicorn status with $105M funding >>
* The second shot is kicking in >>
* The hell that India has become >>

* Cloud infrastructure market keeps rolling in Q1 with almost $40B in revenue >>
* Lunar SpaceX Starship Funding Means Human Rated SHS By 2023 or 2024 >>
* How boards have risen to the COVID-19 challenge, and what’s next >>

* Self-Walking Exoskeletons >>
* Dilbert: Project On Hold >>
* Annotate dense point cloud data using SageMaker Ground Truth >>

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