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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 April 2021

* Atlassian reveals Open DevOps vision >>
* TED: What frogs in hot water can teach us about thinking again>>
* India’s reputation is taking a battering in international media >>

* Elon Musk’s War on Regulators >>
* NYPD stops using Boston Dynamics’ robodog following backlash >>
* Robotic harvester plucks an apple every 7 seconds >>

* NASA wants to go farther and faster for fourth Mars helicopter flight >>
* NASA is now Planning a Mission to go 1,000 AU From the Sun, Deep Into Interstellar Space >>
* Blue Origin will start selling tickets for New Shepard space tourism flights on May 5 >>

* ‘Smart’ immune cells kill tumours and stop them regrowing in mice >>
* China launches main part of its first permanent space station >>
* First MMA competition in SPACE will see two fighters battle in zero gravity >>

* Introducing Amazon Nimble Studio >>
* Flight of the world’s largest aircraft | Stratolaunch >>
* Royal Caribbean is building the new world’s largest cruise ship despite pandemic >>

* Apple’s M1 Mac shines as iPhones fly off (virtual) store shelves >>
* Apple posts record $89.6B in Q2 revenue on back of across-the-board growth >>
* Huawei down, LG out, but smartphone market on the up >>
* Ultra-Small ‘Multiplexer’ Silicon Chip Could Enable 6G And Beyond >>
* U.S. Recovery Gains Steam as Spending Fuels 6.4% GDP Growth >>
* U.S. Economy Rebounds as Pain Caused by Pandemic Eases: Live Updates >>
* China expected to see 8.1% GDP growth in 2021 >>
* Half a million enterprises in S China’s Guangdong gain access to cloud services >>

* JetBrains releases CI/CD solution TeamCity Cloud >>
* Back To Back Video Meetings Are Making You Stressed Says Microsoft >>

* Researchers Scoured Billions of Links and Found the Internet Is Both Expanding and Shrinking >>
* F5 BIG-IP Found Vulnerable to Kerberos KDC Spoofing Vulnerability >>
* Chinese Hackers Attacking Military Organizations With New Backdoor >>
* LuckyMouse Hackers Target Banks, Companies and Governments in 2020 >>
* A New PHP Composer Bug Could Enable Widespread Supply-Chain Attacks >>

* How to Build a Serverless Full-stack Application Using Git, Google Drive, and Public CI/CD Runners? >>
* Remote Developing with VsCode on AWS Cloud9 EC2 Instance >>

* Light Reading Podcasts: The Divide: Stealth’s Shrihari Pandit on bringing fiber to underserved business communities >>
* Podcast: Nick Feamster on how the pandemic highlighted our biggest network needs >>
* Hack My Java Application:How Snyk and Red Hat Help Developers Stay Performant and Secure >>

* Cyber Attacks From the Open Source Perspective >>
* Apple warns of iPad and Mac supply issues in second half of 2021 >>
* Dear wireless carriers: the 5G hype needs to stop >>

* Scientists Simulate Mars Exploration in Hawaiian Lava Tubes >>
* Flight Canceled After Man Throws 6 Coins Into Plane Engine for ‘Good Luck’ >>
* The White House May Have Been Targeted With an Invisible ‘Energy Attack’ >>

* The looming crisis in Brussels that no one is talking about >>
* Investment in construction automation is essential to rebuilding US infrastructure >>
* BT Sport sale would aid fiber rather than football focus >>
* Inside the World’s Worst Covid Outbreak Yet >>

* Google’s Univision Cloud Deal Highlights Debate Over Bundling Services >>
* Author Talks: Josh Linkner on how everyday people can become everyday innovators >>
* SaaS, open source, and serverless: A winning combination to build and scale new businesses >>
* Notes on Robert McIntyre’s Brain Preservation Talk at the Long Now Foundation >>

* Imagen AI uses artificial intelligence to edit your photos in Lightroom >>
* Five ways we’re making Google the safer way to search >>
* Amazon will raise pay by up to $3 per hour for 500,000 workers >>

* Why bringing Martian rocks back to Earth is a bad idea >>
* Boarding planes back-to-front to cut covid risk actually doubled exposure because MORE passengers clustered >>
* A baby’s first poo reveals if they are at risk of allergies and asthma >>

* Wristband that turns body heat into electricity can power an LED >>
* Vectra AI $1.2B valuation for its network approach to threat detection and response >>
* Computer vision in AI: The data needed to succeed >>

* This web app uses computer vision to teach you the ASL alphabet >>
* ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ PS5 and Xbox Series X/S update arrives this summer >>
* Bruce Schneier Wants You to Make Software Better >>

* Red Hat’s AI/ML Technology Partnerships >>
* SpaceX Starship SN15 Postponed >>

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