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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 April 2021

* Drone-Like ‘Hoverboard Aircraft’ Lifts Off In Viral Videos >>
* Jeff Bezos’ Rocket Company Challenges NASA Over SpaceX Moon Lander Deal >>
* Incredible self-driving electric car concept can hoover up the pollution from other vehicles >>

* This metal is more valuable than gold >>
* Physicists net neutron star gold from measurement of lead >>
* Deepfake satellite images pose serious military and political challenges >>

* Apple’s ‘M2’ processor enters mass production for MacBook Pro >>
* Apple’s next-gen ‘M2’ Mac processor has reportedly gone into production >>
* Apple to invest $430 billion over five years in US, including $1B campus in North Carolina >>

* Lyft is selling its self-driving unit to Toyota for $550 million >>

* World Is Waking Up To Indias Plight Too Late >>
* India’s Covid-19 vaccination strategy is a mess of its own making >>
* A nightmare on repeat – India is running out of oxygen again >>
* India Covid: The messages deciding between life and death >>
* Oxygen Express trains deliver supplies as India hit by covid-19 surge >>

* Intelligence forecast sees a post-coronavirus world upended by climate change and splintering societies >>
* AI influences people’s decision to swipe right in dating apps by repeating certain profiles >>
* IoT for the Disabled – Breaking Barriers and Changing Lives >>
* JRE: #1640 – Josh Rogin >>

* Tesla wants to make every home a distributed power plant >>
* New Headsets Let Police Control Drone Swarms ‘Hands Free’ >>
* World’s First Unmanned Commercial Heavy-Lift Helicopter Takes Flight >>

* China’s State-Owned Rocket Company Allegedly Cloned a 4-Year-Old SpaceX Render >>
* Nuclear Fusion Is No Longer Science Fiction >>
* CDC Says Vaccinated Americans Can Go Outside Without a Mask >>
* FCC Green-Lights SpaceX Satellite Plans >>

* These cellular clocks help explain why elephants are bigger than mice >>
* Orbital Launch Site Tower Rises and SN16 Nosecone Mated >>

* Viz.ai: Improving Outcomes for Stroke Victims Using Artificial Intelligence >>
* NVIDIA GTC 21: Healthcare Special Address >>
* Starship SN15 Static Fire >>

* China is about to start building a space station in orbit >>
* How TSMC has mastered the geopolitics of chipmaking >>

* Rocket maker Polyakov nabs smallsat firm Dragonfly >>
* Waterways are drying up in key South American crop-shipping hubs >>
* This is the first house to be 3D printed from raw earth >>
* Welcome to swimlanes.io >>

* America Study Confirms That House Flies Can Carry SARS-CoV-2 Virus Up To 24 hours After Exposure And Are Potential Vectors! >>
* China’s Mars rover gets a fitting name: Zhurong, for god of fire >>
* Wingcopter debuts a triple-drop drone to create ‘logistical highways in the sky’ >>

* Red Hat Summit 2021 Virtual Experience >>
* Red Hat bakes cloud security into the heart of Red Hat OpenShift >>
* Red Hat extends its focus to the network edge >>
* How Vodafone Greece Built 80 Java Microservices in Quarkus >>

* With Workfront, Adobe combines automated workflow with customer experience >>
* Checkov 2.0: Context-Aware Security Scanning for Infrastructure as Code >>
* What too many workplaces get wrong about family benefits >>
* US population time bomb muddles economic race with China >>

* SaaS subscriptions may be short-serving your customers >>
* Evidence of an impending breakup may exist in speech patterns >>
* Banana Capital’s debut fund is for internet-first founders >>

* What Role Will At-Home COVID-19 Tests Play in an Increasingly Vaccinated World? >>
* TEDxBoise: The intergenerational wisdom woven into Indigenous stories >>
* MyBundle.TV coaches viewers on cutting the pay-TV cord >>

* SpaceX needs approval for India StarLink services – report >>
* BT on the back foot after 5G spectrum shake-up >>
* China-Europe freight train hub tops 1,000 global parcel containers >>
* Brompton Electric hands-on: A tiny folding e-bike for daily commutes >>

* How to set up Oculus Air Link >>
* NASA’s Mars helicopter travels farther and faster on its third flight >>
* Elon Musk says Tesla made ‘significant mistakes’ with solar roof project >>

* New Zealand could be invited to join travel bubble with Hong Kong, Singapore >>
* Tokyo 2020 Olympics schedule: day-by-day planner, key highlights and guide to the big events >>
* Solid-State Battery Status >>

* Tesla Model Y Will Be Top Selling Car By Revenue in 2022 >>
* Orbital Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Demo By 2025 >>
* SpaceX was approved to fly thousands more satellites at a lower orbit despite pushback from competitors >>
* Elon Musk says Tesla’s logistics problems made ‘World War II look trivial’ >>

* SpaceX launches TENTH batch of new Starlink satellites into orbit for 2021 >>
* Happy Cow or Thinking Pig? AI system can detect nine different emotional states in FARM ANIMALS >>
* YouTube is back online after the streaming giant crashed around the world for thousands of users >>

* Amazon now offers Key in-garage grocery deliveries in 5,000 cities and towns >>
* Master Microsoft Azure, Ansible and Git for $30 with four prep courses >>
* One in four people in England exercised less during and after lockdown >>

* Is Microsoft Teams down? Company confirms service is back after outage. >>
* A Japanese Stunt Team Put Together This 50-Second Action Demo, And The Choreography Is Amazing >>
* A New CRISPR Tool Flips Genes On and Off Like a Light Switch >>
* Tesla built, sold and shipped more vehicles in this last quarter than ever before >>

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