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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 April 2021

* SpaceX Starship SN15 gears up for launch, Crew 2 success & Ingenuity flies (twice) >>
* New space radar in Costa Rica can track even tiny orbital debris >>
* Why does Starship belly flop? >>

* Gravitricity battery generates first power at Edinburgh site >>
* World’s Most Powerful Tidal Turbine Is Almost Complete >>

* The Right to Crash Cars Into People >>
* Disney’s latest robot will bring Groot and other characters to life >>
* AI face analysis can tell if cows and pigs are excited or stressed >>

* Touching the future >>
* Vergecast: the two Apple events from this week >>
* Elon Musk and Peter Diamandis LIVE on $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal >>

* Japan to declare state of emergency ahead of Olympics >>
* Get ready for the weirdest Oscars ever >>
* Passwordstate Password Manager Update Hijacked to Install Backdoor on Thousands of PCs >>

* Video Friday: Ingenuity on Mars >>
* AI Podcast: NVIDIA’s Julie Bernauer Talks Setting Up One of World’s Fastest Supercomputers – Ep. 141 >>
* Elon Musk will host ‘Saturday Night Live’ on May 8th >>

* Minutes before Trump left office, millions of the Pentagon’s dormant IP addresses sprang to life >>
* Breaking Analysis: Tech Spend Momentum but Mixed Rotation to the ‘Norm’ >>
* Why is it so hard to get oxygen cylinders in India? >>

* How Soccer Fans Killed the Super League >>
* And the winner is…who cares? >>
* Mars has right ingredients for present-day microbial life beneath its surface, study finds >>

* Scientists Map 22-Million-Year Long Journey of an Asteroid to Earth >>
Portable Lantern Can Be Charged By Salt Water or Urine
* Alphabet’s X lab reveals project to develop technology for power grids >>
* Sex Doesn’t Sell, GitHub Does >>

* This Portable Lantern Can Be Charged By Salt Water or Urine >>
* Bionic Vision System Lets the Blind See Again >>

* India is putting oxygen tankers on special express trains as hospitals run out of supplies >>
* How will AI be used in the next decade? >>
* Why millions of workers are planning to switch jobs after the pandemic >>

* Super Heavy Thrust Dome Spotted | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* China unveils latest drone countermeasures at radar expo >>
* AI Adoption in the Enterprise 2021 >>

* Scientists Engineer Device That Can Fine Tune the Color of Light >>
* World’s ‘most powerful’ tidal turbine is nearly ready to power on >>
* Antimatter stars may lurk in the solar system’s neighbourhood >>
* Cryptocurrencies Are the Next Frontier for the Surveillance State >>

* Apple expected to launch AR headset, and 48-megapixel iPhone, in 2022 >>
* AirTags vs. Tile vs. Samsung SmartTag: Here’s how Apple compares to the competition >>
* Great Malaria Vaccine News >>

* Oculus is rolling out its new and more expressive avatars starting today >>
* Apple plays down AirTags stalking concerns >>
* Pizza delivery firm Papa John’s commits to using more of Google’s cloud >>

* EU wants to become the world’s super-regulator in AI >>
* Vladimir Putin is growing ever more repressive as he loses support >>
* India’s giant second wave is a disaster for it and the world >>

* Automation in the 5G core >>
* Tesla Crashes Raise Safety Concerns in Congress >>
* MyBundle.TV coaches viewers on cutting the pay-TV cord >>

* 27% of small businesses affected by pandemic have closed, says new study >>
* Consumption fell 26% in March 2021 from previous year, says study >>
* Tech jobs dip but still in demand amid COVID-19 economic downturn >>

* Crew-2 Mission | Approach and Docking >>
* SpaceX Successfully Launches Crew-2 Mission for NASA >>
* International Space Station Is About To Get Crowded, And It’s Running Out Of Beds >>
* An Unidentified Object Was Flying Just 28 Miles From SpaceX’s Spacecraft >>

* Helicopter Ingenuity’s first aerial color 4K photo of Mars >>
* Alphabet’s Wing Seeks Expanded US Drone Flight Permissions >>
* Over $200 Billion Wiped Off Cryptocurrency Market in a Day >>

* Talking Brains, Hardware, and Privacy With Facebook’s AR Guru
* No, This Mysterious Chinese Drone Isn’t Better Than the B-21 Raider >>
* UK cyber spy chief warns China’s tech power could allow it to ‘control the global operating system’ for 21st century >>

* US-China tech war: congressional think tank urges Biden to team up with Japan, EU to counter Beijing’s semiconductor push >>
* China strengthens data protection in facial recognition >>
* How to launch a new business: Three approaches that work >>

* Fulfilling the promise of advanced analytics in oncology >>
* Watch Blood Cells Stream around an Air Bubble—It’s Very Soothing. >>

* Stop talking about AI ethics. It’s time to talk about power. >>
* New Rules Allowing Small Drones To Fly Over People In US Take Effect >>
* Disney Imagineering’s Project Kiwi is a free-walking robot that will make you believe in Groot >>

* Honda aims to shift car sales entirely to EVs by 2040 >>
* APOD: Flying Over the Earth at Night II >>
* Will AI dominate in 2021? A Big Question >>

* The new M1 iMac highlights everything that’s wrong with Apple >>
* The end of “your database” >>
* Critical RCE Bug Found in Homebrew Package Manager for macOS and Linux >>

* Infrastructure as Code’s Broken Promises >>
* The nations with the most ambitious climate commitments, ranked >>
* What happened on April 23, 2021 >>

* How a Cryptocurrency Company Went Mainstream >>
* India orders Twitter to pull tweets criticizing its COVID-19 response >>
* Samsung Galaxy A52 5g Review: A Midrange Phone That Will Last >>

* First Ever Look At A Top Secret Soviet Space ‘Missile’ >>
* Here’s Why People Are Leaving California In Droves >>

* Engadget: Hands on with Apple’s AirTags and, yes, the purple iPhone >>
* Robots master physical skills with AI deep learning technique >>
* Jeff Bezos championed invention, failure, and customer obsession in his 24 shareholder letters. Here are 25 best quotes. >>

* Dish stock jumps after company announces Amazon cloud deal for 5G buildout >>
* Alexa, to be or not to be? Amazon’s smart assistant has learnt to speak Shakespearean >>
* India Hospitals turning patients away, cases skyrocketing. But Prime Minister Modi is on campaign trail and ignoring crisis. >>
* Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around Web (Through April 24) >>

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