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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 April 2021

* GTC 2021 Keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang >>
* Domino’s starts making autonomous pizza deliveries >>
* Someone Taught Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot How to Pee Beer >>

* Microsoft buys AI speech tech company Nuance for $19.7 billion >>
* Simple Math Is About to Cause an Inflation Problem >>
* Scientists in Japan turn plastic waste into liquid fuel using catalyst >>

* Wearable Robot Exoskeletons Could Reduce Factory Injuries >>
* Forecast or Remember: The Brain Must Choose One >>

* Intel’s Mobileye will power driverless ‘last-mile’ deliveries starting in 2023 >>
* Intel’s Mobileye teams with Udelv to launch 35,000 driverless delivery vehicles by 2028 >>
* GM’s Cruise will operate a robotaxi service in Dubai >>

* Netflix is working on a live-action Gundam movie >>
* Limitless Fuel? A Breakthrough Hydrogel May Have Just Made It a Reality >>
* Equity Monday: Microsoft buys Nuance, Uber isn’t dead, and Austin has a new unicorn

* TikTok is a thriving learning community—and may be the future of education >>
* How to choose and deploy industry-specific AI models >>
* Riding high: A special report on the future of work >>

* 2022 Mercedes-Benz Eqs Is A Declaration Of Maximum Electric Luxury >>
* More Trouble for Evergreen Suez Canal Ship, Now Being Held Captive >>
* How Bill Gates Impeded Global Access to Covid Vaccines >>

* BMW’s Virtual Factory Uses AI to Hone the Assembly Line >>
* Why We’re Freaking Out About Substack >>

* Floating hotel concept creates its own electricity >>
* Israeli lab ‘cures’ mice of COVID-style inflammation using yogurt molecules >>
* ‘Green’ cloud thinking starts with developers >>

* Why China Is Jumping Into Digital Currency >>
* What Does It Take To Be a Cybersecurity Researcher? >>
* Windows, Ubuntu, Zoom, Safari, MS Exchange Hacked at Pwn2Own 2021 >>

* NVIDIA Unveils Grace: A High-Performance Arm Server CPU For Use In Big AI Systems >>
* Rob Emsley, Dell Technologies and Stephen Manley, Druva | CUBEConversations >>
* George Lumpkin & Neil Mendelson, Oracle | CUBE Conversation, April 2021 >>

* Jack Ma’s Ant Group Bows to Regulators With Restructuring Plan >>
* How Tech Stacks Up in B2B >>
* Biden’s broadband plan ends era of ‘hands-off’ regulation >>

* How Accurate Was Netflix’s Portrayal of Prince Philip on ‘The Crown’? >>
* Mitsubishi adds transit complex to Indonesia smart city project >>
* Amazon Web Services, Hebrew U join forces in quantum computing research >>

* Nvidia introduces set of new products to tackle growing AI demands >>
* NVIDIA’s Grace, its first datacenter CPU, is another major threat to Intel >>

* UiPath’s first IPO pricing could be a warning to late-stage investors >>
* Nuro’s self-driving robot will deliver Domino’s pizza orders to customers in Houston >>
* Creepy Eye-Shaped Webcam Will Make Video Calls Uncomfortable >>

* Headset That Fits Just Like a Part of Your Body >>
* This is why China and Russia want to build a base on the Moon >>
* CODE BREAD: Mechanical Engineer Uses 3D Printer To Make A Sandwich >>

* 500 million LinkedIn users’ data is for sale on a hacker site >>
* Covid-19 is out of control in Brazil. So why are some officials easing restrictive measures? >>

* The ‘Iron Man’ body armour many of us may soon be wearing >>
* Elon Musk’s Starlink expands its New Zealand ambitions >>
* Looks like Nvidia’s RTX 4080 won’t launch this year >>

* NVIDIA’s Drive Atlan chip is headed to cars in 2025 >>
* Family Management: Everyday Joys >>
* Multilayer Dielectric Ceramic Solar Sails for 100X Greater Speed for Space Travel >>

* Nvidia shrinks GPUs to help squeeze AI into your data center, make its VMware friendship work >>
* Breakthrough Discuss Ongoing >>
* Rethinking operations in the next normal >>
* Integrate Crypto with the India Stack >>

* Scientists Completed the First Human Trial of a Wireless High-Bandwidth Brain-Computer Interface >>
* Self-driving delivery startup Nuro just raised $500 million to help make automated pizza and grocery delivery a reality — here’s how it works >>
* The frequencies of a vibrating spider web have been made into music >>
* US plans to put a nuclear-powered rocket in orbit by 2025 >>

* AWS and NVIDIA to bring Arm-based Graviton2 instances with GPUs to the cloud >>
* Are Silicon Valley Tech Workers Now Swarming ‘a Reluctant Austin’? >>

* Nasa Lunar Rover Viper To Use Open Source Software >>
* This AI Could Help Wipe Out Colon Cancer >>

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