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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 April 2021

* A new era of innovation: Moore’s Law is not dead and AI is ready to explode >>
* A wireless brain-computer interface has been successfully tested on humans for first time >>
* Microsoft-Led Physicists: We Live Inside a Computer That Learns >>

* MIT study shows everybody is bad at getting stuff done on time >>
* Does moving somewhere with clean air improve your health? >>
* SpaceX Starship testing is already underway. What’s new with SN15? How is it different? >>
* SpaceX spending $1,500 to make each Starlink terminal, customers only charged $499 >>

* Mars Helicopter Flight Delayed to No Earlier than April 14 >>

* Iran nuclear: ‘Terorist act’ at underground Natanz facility >>
* The Nuclear Lightbulb – A Brief Introduction >>
* In Serious Incident, Software Glitch Miscalculates the Weight of Three UK Flights >>

* Sony wants to bring ‘popular’ PlayStation game franchises to phones >>
* Leak hints Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE will use a ‘traditional’ design >>

* Starship SN15 Preparing for More Tests | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* South Korea rolls out the KF-21, joining elite group of global supersonic fighter jet makers >>
* Clothes Shoppers Are About to Realize Just How Messed Up Shipping Has Become >>

* Microsoft reportedly in talks to purchase AI and speech technology firm Nuance Communications >>
* New pig brain maps facilitate human neuroscience discoveries >>

* Animals with weird neurons may rewrite the story of brain evolution >>
* Female monkeys call to males when they see a predator approaching >>

* NASA shares breathtaking image of a wind-sculpted sea of blue dunes on Mars taken by the Odyssey orbiter >>
* This Robot Taught Itself to Walk in a Simulation—Then Went for a Stroll in Berkeley >>
* How High could we Build? >>

* I Thought My Job Was To Report On Technology In India. Instead, I Got A Front-Row Seat To The Decline Of My Democracy. >>
* Recommended Reading: Painful memories the algorithms won’t let you forget >>
* Special: “Why Now” for Digital Health >>

* Could Covid-19 usher in the age of clean indoor air? >>
* Mount Sinai Surgeons Perform First Human Tracheal Transplant Surgery >>
* A Docker Stack which Monitors your home network >>

* Singularity-less “Dark Stars” Could Replace Our Model of Black Holes >>
* Evergreen Must Pay up to $1 Billion in Compensation to Leave the Suez Canal >>
* Observability: A process change, not a set of tools >>

* Signal’s Integration With MobileCoin Isn’t As Bad A News As You Think >>
* On Supercities, Economic Growth, and Income Inequality in a Post-COVID World >>
* North Korea completes building new 3,000-ton submarine: report >>

* Last-minute battery deal keeps Ford, VW electric car plans on track >>
* VR experiments manipulate how people feel about coffee >>

* Multiple Destroyers Were Swarmed By Mysterious ‘Drones’ Off California Over Numerous Nights >>
* Yes in my back yard: The millennial movement rebelling against Nimby baby boomers >>
* Primordial Asteroids That Never Suffered Massive Collisions all Seem to be Larger Than 100 km. Why? >>

* Robotic lizards may play a role in the future of disaster surveillance, researchers imagine >>
* This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through April 10) >>
* Neutrobots deliver cancer drugs to the brain >>

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