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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 April 2021

* Particle mystery, physicists confirm that the muon is more magnetic than predicted >>
* Breaking Fermilab Results Prove Something Strange Is Happening to Reality >>
* AI Podcast: Drum Roll: AI Startup Sunhouse Founder Tlacael Esparza Finds His Rhythm >>

* Viruses Most Likely to Trigger the Next Pandemic, Ranked >>
* Mathematicians Discovered a New Kind of Prime Number >>
* T-Mobile’s wireless home internet service launches today >>

* Artemis I: NASA’s Plans to Travel Beyond the Moon >>
* GSE Tank 1 Lifted Into Position – Thrust Ram Installed on Suborbital Pad A | SpaceX >>
* Time to regulate AI that interprets human emotions >>

* togetherai: Enabling families to navigate the growing up journey >>
* Acquired: Special: “Why Now” for Digital Health >>
* Portable Wind Turbines Could Soon Light Up Our City Spaces >>

* WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? I asked experts when vaccinated people can resume high-risk activities — and got a whole bunch of answers >>
* People who got the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine say they have more side effects >>
* Direct Laser Propulsion For Earth-Mars in 30 Days and Eventually 2.5 Days >>

* Is ‘Femtech’ the Next Big Thing in Health Care? >>
* James Webb Space Telescope’s First Year of Extraordinary Science Has Been Revealed >>
* Lunar Gateway Will Maintain its Orbit With a 6 kW ion Engine >>

* Google I/O 2021 set for May 18 through May 20, free for the first time >>
* The frontrunners for next Apple CEO: Speculating on Tim Cook’s successor >>
* Redesign makes drones quieter and less annoying without losing thrust >>
* The Future of Restaurants, Take-Out, and More >>

* Experimental events offer glimpse of safe, post-lockdown nightlife >>
* Apple’s Find My app can now help you find more things >>
* Developers reflect on challenges, feelings about remote work in pandemic year >>

* Will Transformers Replace CNNs in Computer Vision? >>
* TED Salon: DWEN: How to welcome surprise and mystery into your post-pandemic life >>
* flatfile-concierge It’s a new no-code data onboarding solution! >>
* snapfit: Your Office Everywhere >>

* A second possible break in the laws of physics has been noted >>
* What’s Driving Migrants to the Southern Border Now >>
* JPMorgan : U.S. Economic Boom Could Last Until 2023 >>

* The ‘undecideds’ could shape MWC Barcelona this year >>
* Is Wi-Fi 6 enough? The need for intelligent management >>
* Podcast: Microsoft Azure’s Khalidi curates carrier clouds >>

* Afghanistan gets Open RAN – Africa, Asia eye it >>
* MyBiotics, Hadassah to study impact of microbiome on cancer therapies >>
* Samsung’s new Galaxy A phone lineup includes its cheapest 5G model yet >>
* YouTube is once again the most popular social media platform >>

* Okta expands into privileged access management and identity governance reporting >>
* Google I/O returns this May — but as a virtual event >>
* Healthcare Digital Transformation: What to Look for in 2021 >>

* A K-Shaped Recovery, This Time on a Global Scale >>
* Deep learning networks prefer the human voice — just like us >>
* Robots can be more aware of human co-workers, with system that provides context >>
* NASA’s Orion capsule that will carry first woman and next man to moon completes second drop test >>

* Covid-19 vaccine passports tested in UK as lockdown restrictions ease >>
* First weather report from the Perseverance rover on Mars shows air temperatures can go from -4F to -14F in just 30 minutes at night >>
* People are bad at spotting simple solutions to problems >>

* Covid-19 news: UK to offer under-30s alternative to AstraZeneca jab >>
* NFTs: Owning Digital Art >>
* Ring brings its radar-scanning tech to a floodlight camera >>

* SpaceX has been selling Starlink dishes at loss despite $499 price tag >>
* SpaceX President Says Starlink Doesn’t Plan To Offer Tiered Pricing >>
* SpaceX launches 60 more Starlink satellites, now at 300 launched a month >>

* Authentic Artists is building virtual, AI-powered musicians >>
* Making Quantum Computers a Commercial Reality >>
* SAP: It takes exploit devs about 72 hours to turn one of our security patches into a weapon against customers >>

* Classify This Robot-Woven Sneaker With 3D-Printed Soles as “Footware” >>
* How To Make Autonomous Cars Trustworthy and Free from Cybersecurity Threats >>
* Uranus X-Rays are Probably Reflected Sunlight, but There Could be Another Source as Well >>
* Lucy: Solar Panel Deployment Tests a Success >>

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