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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 April 2021

* A 22 Year Old Logged In and Compromised Kansas’ Water System Remotely >>
* Clubhouse’s new direct payments let you toss a coin to creators, and they get 100 percent >>
* Ice Lake has arrived: Intel launches 10-nanometer Xeon server chips with 40-core flagship >>

* Elon Musk reveals ‘a (relatively) small’ methane leak caused Starship SN11 to explode >>
* Signal is testing a payments feature that lets you send cryptocurrency to friends >>
* Helicopter Ingenuity took first image on Mars with onboard camera and survived first Martian night >>

* Plane mistakenly lands at airport under construction >>
* Apple TV+ unveils its first combination podcast and TV series >>
* CDC’s $1.75 billion sequencing boom may be throwing money at the wrong problem >>

* GSE Tank & Crane Rolled Out to the Launch Pad | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* Most alien civilisations risk fuelling global warming on their planets >>
* House prices in the rich world are booming: Unusually, suburbs not cities are feeling the heat >>
* 100 Gigabit per Second Wireless P2P Communication is Near >>

* Valkyrie Drone Launches Smaller Drone Mid-Air for the First Time >>
* Scientists have spent nearly 100 years searching for a better way to give vaccines >>
* New Robodog Guides the Visually Impaired With Lasers >>

* Qatar Launches World’s First Fully COVID-19 Vaccinated Flight >>
* Apple launches an app for testing devices that work with ‘Find My’ >>
* The Future of Gaming is NFTs – Robbie Cochrane >>
* Are NFTs Securities? OMG! >>

* The future of work is uniquely human >>
* Are Digital Humans the Next Step in Human-Computer Interaction? >>
* The Facebook Phone Numbers Are Now Searchable in Have I Been Pwned >>

* Experiment with AR and VR made for the web >>
* TED: Broken US political system is actually working exactly as designed >>
* Renen Hallak & David Floyer | CUBE Conversation 2021 >>
* Okta updates its developer experience with revamped applications and APIs >>

* Puppet launches low-code Relay tool to automate cloud operations >>
* A bright future for the world of work >>
* VMware adds support for 80-core Ampere Altra chips to its experimental Arm hypervisor >>
* Deaths in America surged by 18% in 2020 >>

* Why Facebook Is Giving Users More Control Over Their Feeds >>
* The Market for User Research Platforms >>
* Google wins ten-year copyright battle with Oracle >>
* So long LG and thanks for the vision >>

* Japan eyes F-35 deployment in south for Senkaku defense >>
* As Variants Have Spread, Progress Against the Virus in U.S. Has Stalled >>
* Save Our Shows 2021: Is your favorite series canceled, renewed or ‘on the bubble’? >>
* Transportation sector sees Qingming Festival rebound >>

* Chinese short video giant Kuaishou now lets users memorialise accounts when the owners die>>
* This browser game shows the limits of AI emotion recognition software >>
* Here’s what happens when a beam of subatomic particles hits you in the face >>

* First case of India’s ‘double mutant’ COVID-19 variant found in San Francisco Bay Area >>
* Another super engineering in China shocks the world >>
* The sailor living alone on an abandoned cargo ship >>

* The influence of Central American dynasties is ebbing >>
* A software platform experience built around the customer >>
* Cloudy with a chance of billions >>

* Brexit is tormenting British chocolate makers. >>
* Global Economy Expected to Grow 6% This Year, I.M.F. Says: Live Updates >>
* HBO Max vs. HBO Go vs. HBO Now: The key differences explained >>
* The Myth of Stephen Hawking >>
* Human brain organoids grown in cheap 3D-printed bioreactor >>

* TikTok is finally adding automatic captions >>
* How the Creative Economy is Changing with Covid-19 >>
* Why Shortages of a $1 Chip Sparked Crisis in Global Economy >>

* E3 2021 Announced as ‘Reimagined, All-Virtual’ Event Coming in June >>
* Esri brings its flagship ArcGIS platform to Kubernetes >>
* China Creates Its Own Digital Currency, a First for Major Economy >>

* GM is betting its electrified future on a revolutionary new battery system >>
* Microsoft is Now Submerging Servers Into Liquid Baths >>
* Disrupting the Waste Management Industry with Technology >>
* Jobs to be done >>

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