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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 March 2021

* Suez Canal: Ships stuck in ‘traffic jam’ as salvage efforts continue >>
* Researchers turn 5G networks into wireless power grids for IoT >>
* EGS synchronizing Artemis 1 Orion, SLS Booster preps with Core Stage schedule >>

* What I learned from taking Fridays off >>
* Automakers, suppliers and startups see growing market for in-vehicle AR/VR applications >>
* NASA’s Orion spacecraft completes first water drop test in preparation for Artemis I launch >>

* SpaceX Starship – Fully & Rapidly Reusable Rockets – The Only Way To Compete >>
* Starship SN11 waits new launch date – Super Heavy BN1 rollout to follow >>
* To Learn To Deal With Uncertainty, This AI Plays Pong >>

* Post-Covid world of 2030 >>
* Porsche adds the Taycan EV to its car subscription service >>
* Video Friday: Shadow Plays Jenga, and More >>

* How the next generation of automation will drive warehouses of the future >>
* Engadget: Why the Biden admin wants Big Tech critics >>
* Apophis asteroid will not hit Earth for 100 years, Nasa says >>

* Ever Given container ship was reportedly travelling faster than Suez Canal speed limit before running aground >>
* Stuck Ship Is a Warning About Excessive Globalization >>
* No code, workflow and RPA line up for their automation moment >>

* What will remain from WFH and Learning from Home >>
* MIT develops smart clothing able to measure movement >>
* Apple Watch can monitor the frailty of cardiovascular patients at home >>

* ‘Hamster ball’ robot could explore Moon caves >>
* Less-advanced alien civilizations may be nearby — but we’re not looking for them >>
* AWS ML Community showcase: March 2021 edition >>

* Wild Technological Leaps by the 2030s >>
* Progress Toward Antiaging Gene Therapy Treatments >>
* $3-4 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Will Be Revealed in 5 Days >>

* AI-equipped backpack designed for the blind ‘speaks’ to provide users with directions to help them navigate without the need of guide dog or cane >>
* Robot learns to tie knots using only two fingers on each hand >>
* Smart Glasses Holy Grail? >>

* UK switch to hydrogen vehicles would need thousands more wind turbines >>
* World-first discovery paves way to new cancer treatment >>
* COVID crushed math grades. There’s an app for that >>

* Zuckerberg confirms Instagram for kids >>
* World’s biggest drone will send satellites into space on a rocket >>
* AI-equipped backpack allows the blind to walk in public without dogs or cane >>

* These Satellites Capture Ultra High-Res Images Even When It’s Dark or Cloudy >>
* No one agrees on how to fix Big Tech >>
* Tesla Pseudo LIDAR Using Just Cameras And Imminent Acceleration of Self Driving Improvement >>

* Jeff Bezos’ investment fund is backing a startup hoping to be the AWS for SMB accounting >>
* Protect your home with a private security camera powered by blockchain technology >>

* Deep Learning Isn’t Deep Enough Unless It Copies From the Brain >>
* Crossrope Fitness System: app-guided jump rope system >>
* Prolific Hackers Hosed by Google Were a Counterterrorism Operation >>

* Watch AI Grow a Walking Caterpillar In Minecraft >>
* T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T Stop SMS Hijacks After Motherboard Investigation >>
* How our SaaS startup improved net revenue retention by more than 30 points in two quarters >>
* Slack wants to be more than a text-based messaging platform >>

* Researchers found a way to make near-instant holograms with AI >>
* Price, wants, needs and the perils of urgent >>
* Latest satellite images show efforts to free the giant container ship, Ever Given, stuck in Suez Canal >>

* Talking Tech: One year into pandemic, what are kids and parents learning about tech? >>
* Soft robotic dragonfly signals environmental disruptions >>
* How tiny machines become capable of learning >>

* VW’s electric ID.Buzz Microbus will hit the US in 2023 >>
* China added 300 million 5G subscribers and a million 5G base stations in 2020 >>
* How will AI, intelligent cloud and green power shape your post-COVID transformation? >>

* ‘Agile’ F-35 fighter software dev techniques failed to speed up supersonic jet deliveries >>
* Latest Supply Chain Disruption: Plastics >>
* NFTs Are Neither Miracles nor Scams >>

* UiPath’s IPO filing suggests robotic process automation is booming >>
* A new Android spyware masquerades as a ‘system update’ >>
* Digitizing Isn’t the Same as Digital Transformation >>

* Return to ‘Normal’ Is Going to Be So Awkward >>
* COVID-19 impact: Work from home more appealing than return to ‘business as usual,’ Harvard survey shows >>
* Andrew Ng: Forget about building an AI-first business. Start with a mission. >>

* Samsung adds a podcast section to its free-entertainment app >>
* Is it time to try geoengineering to solve the climate crisis? >>

* Y Combinator-backed Vue Storefront aims to be the ‘glue’ for e-commerce >>
* Cuteness And Self-Compassion: The Week’s Best Psychology Links >>
* Configure Amazon Forecast for a multi-tenant SaaS application >>

* Introducing Amazon Lookout for Metrics: An anomaly detection service to proactively monitor the health of your business >>
* Newly Forming Stars Don’t Blast Away Material as Previously Believed. So Why Do They Stop Growing? >>
* The Mars Sample Return Mission Will Be a First for Humankind >>

* 2021’s Top Ten Tech Cars: Tesla Model Y >>
* Auckland street set to receive 68 traffic cameras >>
* North Korea claims ‘new tactical guided’ missiles launched >>

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