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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 March 2021

* Suez Canal Still Blocked as Diggers and Tugs Can’t Budge Ship >>
* Machine challenges leading theory of physics >>
* Coronavirus: ‘Double mutant’ Covid variant found in India >>

* a16z Podcast: The Next Wave of Marketplace Startups >>
* NFT Craze Reaches the Music Industry >>

* New CEO at AWS: Ex-Tableau head Adam Selipsky to lead Amazon’s cloud business >>
* In strategic shift, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger will spend $20B on new chip foundry business >>
* Intel wants to manufacture Apple Silicon >>

* Elon Musk declares you can now buy a Tesla with bitcoin in the US >>
* Samsung will use drone deliveries for Galaxy products in Ireland >>
* EU Appears Set to Target U.K. With Vaccine Export Ban >>

* Intel’s New CEO Pushes Ahead With Turnaround Effort >>
* Coronavirus: India temporarily halts Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine exports >>
* NASA plans first flight of Mars helicopter Ingenuity on April 8 >>

* TheCUBE’s new series with AWS brings a fresh approach to the virtual event world >>
* Venkat Krishnamachari, MontyCloud | AWS Startup Showcase: Innovations with CloudData and CloudOps >>
* World’s Oldest Hotel Has Been Run by the Same Family for Over 1,300 Years >>

* Samsung Partners With Drone Firm to Deliver Devices in Minutes >>
* Robotic Arms Build Roads by Binding Asphalt with Strings >>
* What’s New on Netflix in April 2021 >>

* Netflix v Modi and the battle for Indian cinema’s soul >>
* Acquired: Rec Room Part II (with CEO Nick Fajt) >>
* Disney’s “Black Widow” decision is a huge blow to a desperate theater industry >>
* China’s megaprojects in Africa adaptive to local rules: report >>

* Mark Zuckerberg proposes a ‘thoughtful reform’ of Section 230 >>
* Twitter is exploring the use of Facebook-style emoji reactions >>
* Here’s Why The Studio Logos At The Beginning Of Movies Are So Important For Viewers >>

* Here’s A Thorough Explanation For How Texas’s Power Grid Failed Spectacularly >>
* Super Heavy BN1 Moved in the High Bay | SpaceX Boca Chica >>
* AI-powered decision making for the bank of the future >>

* A matter of time: Ensuring precise time and synchronization for critical infrastructure >>
* Zoom Court Videos Ar e Making People’s Darkest Hours Go Viral >>
* Sustainable Monetized Websites: A new video series >>

* Using AI to map how the brain understands sentences >>
* First-ever vaccine for malignant brain tumors reported safe, effective in early trial>>
* This menacing $272,000 Lamborghini Urus SUV has $50,000 in optional features – tour them all >>

* Crocodiles survived the asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs 66million years ago due to ‘snappy evolution’ >>
* Elon Musk’s ‘strongest argument’ that aliens DON’T exist: Tesla CEO sparks huge debate with graph showing how camera resolutions have advanced – but UFO images have always been blurry >>
* New picture of famous black hole reveals its swirling magnetic field >>

* Mini-brains show why human brains grow larger than those of other apes >>
* Telegram Raises Over $1 Billion >>
* Microsoft Rebrands Xbox Live To Xbox Network >>

* Self-driving truck startup TuSimple files to go public >>
* Prince Harry Joins Silicon Valley Start-Up >>
* Google Search sends more traffic to the open web every year >>

* SpaceX launches 60 more Starlink satellites, making 240 launched this month alone >>
* Researchers developed an AI backpack system to guide vision-impaired wearers >>
* Anna Kendrick Is Trapped On A Doomed Mars Flight In The Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Stowaway’ >>

* The NFT Craze and the Future of Spotify and Streaming Music >>
* Researchers say they’ve made smart clothes that actually feel like fabric >>
* The Evolution of Teamwork (with Atlassian CEO Scott Farquhar) >>

* Functgraph: Personal Factory Automation With a 3D Printer>>
* How a Russian retailer is building a next-generation grocery business >>
* After Four Years of Being Crushed by SpaceX, Europe Forms a Working Group >>

* With Drones and Other Autonomous Vehicles, Safety Must Come First >>
* Here’s The 1,312-Foot-Long Container Ship That’s Blocking The Suez Canal >>

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