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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 March 2021

* Facebook showcases wrist-worn AR interface concept >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica: Super Heavy Booster BN1 Stacked >>
* Facebook Developing Neural Wristband to Support Augmented Reality Glasses >>

* Samsung’s ‘Awesome’ event, Google’s sleep-tracking display and more! >>
* Biden Nominates Former Florida Senator to Lead NASA >>
* Watch NASA’s SLS Core Stage fire for eight minutes >>
* Why 2021 will define the next decade for Australian companies >>

* Coca-Cola is launching vending machine subscriptions in Japan >>
* Building a cloud-ready operating model for agility and resiliency >>
* Legal questions linger as governments and companies keep pushing into space >>

* SpaceX Targets July 1st, 2021, Super Heavy Starship Orbital Flight >>
* SpaceX Starship Super Heavy BN1 Stacked! – Orbital Launches By July 1st? SN11 Ready? >>
* Causal AI would have prevented this crash >>

* F-36 Kingsnake. It Could Be the Air Force’s Next Fighter Jet. >>
* Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger have recovered from a major outage >>
* Streaming Services Top 1 Billion Subscribers in the Pandemic >>

* AI armed with multiple senses could gain more flexible intelligence >>
* Apple’s AR headset to feature eye tracking and possible iris recognition tech >>
* AWS Startup Showcase: CloudData & CloudOps | March 24, 2021 >>
* Video Friday: Man-Machine Synergy Effector >>

* Why Social-Media Companies Are Giving Users Tools to Make Money >>
* Survey: Consumers went big on Internet, video, voice purchases in 2020 >>
* Vergecast: The Snyder Cut, Samsung Unpacked 2021, and this week in EVs >>
* AI designed to distinguish croissants from crullers and other pastries proves capable of identifying cancerous cells on microscope slides with 99% accuracy >>

* Smartphones Can Hear the Shape of Your Door Keys >>
* PAWS anti-poaching AI predicts where illegal hunters will show up next >>
* Mojo Vision Details Low-Power Chips for Augmented Reality Contact Lenses >>

* A Community of Swanky 3D Printed Homes Is Going Up in California >>
* A SpaceX Engineer’s Dark Web Insider Trading Sparks an SEC First >>
* Breaking Analysis: Unpacking Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse Announcement >>

* Foam Sword Fencing With a PR2 Is the Best Kind of Exercise >>
* Satellite that can clean up space junk with a magnet about to launch >>
* Deep science: AI is in the air, water, soil and steel >>

* Researchers highlight outcomes of Covid-19 transmission mother to fetus >>
* Researchers identify immune cells that contribute to transplant rejection >>
* US Navy has a mechanical battery that could power laser weapons >>

* AI and crowdsourcing to help physicians diagnose epilepsy faster >>
* Chrome can now caption audio and video >>
* MaaS transit: The business of mobility as a service >>
* Rivian to install more than 10,000 EV chargers by end of 2023 >>

* NASA and SpaceX agree to share data to avoid satellite collisions >>
* PlayStation’s next-gen VR controllers look very different >>
* Video Game Anxiety Is Real. Here’s How to Manage It >>
* Podcast: Samsung’s A-series event and Google’s sleep-tracking display >>

* AI Can Help Companies Tap New Sources of Data for Analytics >>
* NASA made airless tires that never get flat >>
* Webinar: How to Architect a Security-Driven Networking Strategy in the AWS Cloud >>

* Gamescom 2021 is planned as a hybrid in-person and virtual event >>
* Cloud infrastructure spending passed on-prem data centers in 2020 >>
* Instagram and WhatsApp hit by outage >>

* Historic and Future Economic Booms Offsetting Depressions and Disasters >>
* Oumuamua Isn’t an Alien Probe, Because Aliens can Learn Everything They Need About us With Telescopes >>
* AI for AgriTech: Classifying Kiwifruits using Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels >>
* Technosignatures and the Age of Civilizations >>

* Surging UK Variant COVID Cases in Europe >>
* MIT’s HERMIT Crab Robots Can Do Anything You Shell Them To >>
* Surveillance Company Wants To Sell Over 15 Billion Car Locations To the US Military >>

* Human skin cells altered to mimic early stage of embryo development >>
* Perseverance Rover Settles In during First Month on Mars >>
* Scientists Grew Tiny Tear Glands in a Dish—Then Made Them Cry >>

* Is Binge-Watching Bad for the Planet? Netflix Finally Answers >>
* 12 new Project Debater AI technologies available as cloud APIs >>
* A mouse embryo has been grown in an artificial womb—humans could be next >>

* Facebook is making a bracelet that lets you control computers with your brain >>
* AI Should Augment Human Intelligence, Not Replace It >>

* Satellites Can Help Detect When a Volcano’s About to Blow >>
* Nissan Finds a Second Use For Old LEAF Batteries >>
* The State of Globalization in 2021 >>

* Atlassian peps up Confluence with new graphical design features >>
* Oppo’s X 2021 prototype shows that rollable phones have potential >>
* Defining Levels of Global Tech and Economic Acceleration >>

* Perseverance Rover recorded Strange Sound Noises while driving on Mars >>
* Inside The World’s Largest Nuclear Fusion Reactor >>
* Running Stateful Apps Across Hybrid Cloud Environments >>
* Tesla’s “Full Self Driving” Beta Is Just Laughably Bad and Potentially Dangerous >>

* A Surprise Turkey and 200 Lemons: Everyday Stories From the Pandemic >>
* Here are five questions we would ask the nominee for NASA administrator >>

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