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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 March 2021

* Israeli startup puts your TikTok on steroids >>
* A Dyson Sphere Could Bring Humans Back From the Dead, Researchers Say >>
* Elon Musk reveals why SN10 Starship exploded >>

* Deep Learning Enables Real-Time 3D Holograms On a Smartphone >>
* Army Trains AI to Identify Faces in the Dark >>
* HTC shrinks its VR Tracker, debuts new face-tracking accessory >>

* Two new Apple Silicon MacBooks enter production in late 2021, report claims >>
* Samsung will hold its next Unpacked event on March 17th >>

* Walmart to host a new livestream shopping event on TikTok, following successful pilot >>
* See What Happens When You Strap an RC Jet Engine to a Go-Kart >>
* I got my first COVID-19 shot and felt crushed by vaccine guilt >>

* Tackling Open Source Governance in the Enterprise >>
* The Next Big Thing for Value Stream Management >>
* Students Design 3D-Printed Rocket Pad For NASA’s Lunar Missions >>

* Engineers Propose Building ‘Lunar Ark’ In Moon’s Lava Tubes >>
* Creating Precise Patterns from Microscopic Particles Using Sound >>

* The Zero Trust Journey – A Security Leader’s Story >>
* 36th America’s Cup Day 1 Highlights >>
Generation of AI >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica – Preparations for Super Heavy test campaign >>

* How China’s attack on Microsoft escalated into a “reckless” hacking spree >>
* How much longer will the Hubble Space Telescope last? >>
* Disney+ Tops 100 Million Subscribers Worldwide >>

* Could The Simpsons Replace Its Voice Actors With AI? >>
* Nike and Adidas are locked in a digital arms race >>
* Dubai Has Built The World’s Longest Cantilever >>

* Insta360 announces GO 2, an ultra-compact action camera that weighs less than an ounce >>
* Epic Games extends app store battle to Google in Australia >>
* PSVR 2 Could Still Be Wireless >>
* What to expect from Apple’s rumored new iPad Pro >>

* NASA passes key assembly milestone on the $18.6BILLION Space Launch System ‘megarocket’ >>
* VSM DevCon opening keynote: What value stream isn’t >>
* The Serverless Database You Really Want >>

* TED: What is deep tech? A look at how it could shape the future >>
* Breaking Analysis: Satya Nadella Lays out a Vision for Microsoft at Ignite 2021 >>
* Facebook lays out its vision for the future of AR: smart glasses >>

* America grapples with regulating surveillance technology >>
* The world’s consumers are sitting on a pile of cash. Will they spend it? >>
* Is $1.9 Trillion Too Much? >>

* European Union Pushes for ‘Digital Sovereignty’ >>
* Biden Seeks Deal for 100 Million More J&J Covid-19 Vaccine Doses >>

* Nokia joins Ericsson in bailing on MWC, with Oracle, Sony also reportedly out >>
* Pfizer-BioNTech Covid Shot Neutralizes Brazilian Strain in Lab >>
* Japan limits foreign airlines to 100 passengers per flight >>

* America could soon be swimming in COVID-19 vaccines >>
* Aus: Cheap flights: Cut price plane tickets to send 800,000 travellers to the regions >>
* iOS 14.5’s Coolest New Features — And When You Can Try Them On Your iPhone >>

* Brexit leaves London fighting for its future as Europe poaches business >>
* SpaceX’s Future Starship Design Explained! Starship SN10 Is Done! Onwards To The Next One! >>
* Supermarkets are putting limits on some food as supply issues begin to bite >>

* Want to be a futurologist? Key roles in the futures industry >>
* How McKinsey built a world-class AI sailor >>
* Cloud Covered: What was new in Google Cloud in February >>

* China Debuts Train Prototype That Can Hit Speeds of 385 Miles Per Hour >>
* This Chip for AI Works Using Light, Not Electrons >>
* What CEOs Need to Know About the Cloud in 2021 >>

* Adobe Photoshop is now available natively on M1 Macs >>
* Intelligent Holographic Nanostructures Can Reach 400 EXAFlops and Beyond Human Brain Neural Density >>

* New Supercomputer Simulations Will Help pin Down Inflation >>
* How do you get Power into Your Lunar Base? With a Tower of Concrete Several Kilometers High >>
* The Most Recent Volcanic Activity on the Moon? Just 100 Million Years ago >>

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