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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 February 2020

* Singapore start-up says app can read vital signs via face scan in 45 seconds >>
* Google Cloud puts its Kubernetes Engine on autopilot >>
* Future Vaccines Depend on Test Subjects in Short Supply: Monkeys >>

* AI armed with multiple senses could gain more flexible intelligence >>
* MWC Shanghai: Gadget companies gather for rare pandemic tech expo >>
* Prediction: The future of CX >>

* SpaceX is about to reattempt a high-altitude flight. The last 2 blew up. >>
* Starship SN10 Static Fire >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica – Raptor Engine SN52 Delivered – Super Heavy Ready for New Ring Section >>

* How High Performing Teams Automate Artifact Management and CI/CD >>
* AWS DevOps | AWS DevOps Tutorial For Beginners | AWS DevOps Training >>
* Peter Leyden: The Transformation: A Future History of the World from 02020 to 02050 >>

* What progress means >>
* 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2021 >>
* SpaceX Starlink Will Cover World With 300 Mbps and Sub-20 millisecond Latency Coverage in 2021 >>

* NHS Scotland is using DRONES to carry Covid-19 samples and test kits up to 40 miles across remote parts of the country >>
* Reversing Climate Change by Pulling Carbon Out of the Air >>
* When Our Connected Devices Lack Their Connections >>

* Researchers grow artificial hairs with clever physics trick >>
* First-in-human clinical trial confirms HIV vaccine approach >>
* This Tiny Sensor Dissolves In Your Brain After Its Job Is Done >>

* What giving birth during a pandemic taught me about progress >>
* Between the spreadsheets: Management consultant’s guide to love and sex >>
* Flying Taxis Will Hit LA Skies by 2024 >>

* Talkdesk and AWS: What AI and speech-to-text mean for the future of contact centers and a better customer experience >>
* Architect and build the full machine learning lifecycle with AWS: An end-to-end Amazon SageMaker demo >>
* A map of 25,000 Supermassive Black Holes Across the Universe >>

* Fukushima’s Legacy: Japan’s Hard Turn Toward Renewables >>
* SpaceX’s floating oil rig spaceship launch pad could be operating later this year according to Elon Musk >>
* What’s going on at Google AI? >>

* What does progress mean to you? >>
* Why covid-19 might finally usher in the era of health care based on a patient’s data >>
* A New Generation of Wi-Fi to Improve Your Home Network >>

* LG confirms webOS will power smart TVs by other manufacturers too >>
* Exploring quantum spin liquids as a reservoir for atomic-scale electronics >>
* Android’s latest update will let you schedule texts, secure your passwords and more >>

* Scientists train an AI robot to create artworks ‘indistinguishable’ from works painted by humans >>
* US Army is developing a the ‘most powerful’ laser in history which will vaporize targets using short pulses and produce powerful signals to disrupt enemy electronics >>
* The board’s role during crisis and beyond >>

* Purpose for asset owners: Climbing a taller mountain >>
* Since Perseverance is Searching for Life, What Will it Be Looking for? >>
* Watch Perseverance Land on Mars. Mind…Blown >>

* Digital transformation drives the need for full-stack observability >>
* Scope AR launches WorkLink Create enterprise augmented reality authoring platform >>
* TEDxOhioStateUniversity: Why there’s no such thing as objective reality >>
* TED Salon: UNDP: The people who caused the climate crisis aren’t the ones who will solve it >>

* Google Cloud vs AWS Onboarding Comparison >>
* A Voting Machine Company Fights Disinformation With Lawsuits >>
* FDA Says J&J’s Covid-19 Vaccine Is Safe and Effective >>

* Why Facebook Is Restoring News Content in Australia >>
* NASA wants to play a big part in the development of electric aircraft >>
* ‘Next-gen’ USPS vehicles can use gas or electric motors >>

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