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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 February 2021

* NASA’s Perseverance Rover Sends New Video and Images of the Red Planet >>
* SpaceX’s first private flight will put a 29-year-old American in orbit >>
* Morning After: Apple’s next-gen AirPods and Samsung’s AR concept glasses leaked >>

* On Post-Pandemic Horizon, Could That Be … a Boom? >>
* Scientists Just Changed the Rules of What You Can Do While You Sleep >>
* This Inmate Used Solitary Confinement to Learn Math. Now He’s Solving the World’s Hardest Equations >>

* Why you’ll be hearing a lot less about ‘smart cities’ >>
* Chinese Hackers Had Access to a U.S. Hacking Tool Years Before It Was Leaked Online >>
* 30K Macs are infected with ‘Silver Sparrow’ virus and no one knows why >>

* Tesla’s data advantage. Can Apple, or others, keep up? >>
* Apple Gets in on 6G Definition Race >>
* Microsoft will help European news outlets get paid for their content >>

* A race to reverse-engineer Clubhouse raises security concerns >>
* Scotland: Vaccination linked to ‘substantial reduction’ in hospital admissions >>
* Software Bug Keeping Hundreds Of Inmates In Arizona Prisons Beyond Release Dates >>

* Breaking Analysis: RPA Remains on a Hot Streak as UiPath Blazes the Trail >>
* Scientists say clinical trials for ‘variant-proof’ vaccines could start very soon >>
* Newly detected ‘mystery’ malware targets Macs running Intel and M1 chips >>

* Clubhouse suffers breach as outside developer pulls audio to website >>
* China’s roll-out of covid-19 vaccines is slower than planned >>
* Supreme Court Permits Subpoena for Trump Financial Records >>

* Big Tech’s Employees Were Big Contributors to Democrats >>
* The Pandemic Is Receding in the Worst Hotspots. Will It Last? >>
* 5G In The Us Is Disappointing Right Now, But It’S Going To Get Better >>

* Is This High-Speed Train the First Megaproject of the Biden Era? >>
* Spotify is building machine learning-powered podcast discovery tools >>

* TED launches TED Audio Collective for podcasts >>
* Slower Spending is Avoiding Inflation >>

* Fish poop generates 1.65 BILLION tons of carbon in the ocean annually that helps regulate water levels >>
* WhatsApp will basically stop working if you don’t accept the new privacy policy >>

* Disney+ Added Content Disclaimers to 18 Episodes of ‘The Muppet Show’ >>
* Kim Dotcom, United States & NZ Supreme Court All Agree to Court of Appeal Referral >>
* Traeger’s smart grill app comes to the Apple Watch >>

* Samsung’s leaked concept videos may show its vision for AR glasses >>
* iPhone 12 shipments put Apple ahead of Samsung for the first time since 2016 >>

* Scientists Communicated With People While They Were Lucid Dreaming >>
* Watch first ever dancing DNA video made by researchers >>
* Arijit Mukherji, Splunk | Leading with Observability >>

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