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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 February 2021

* Incident: United B772, engine inlet separates from engine, engine fire >>

* 16 Minutes #55: China Steams Ahead in Gaming; MetaHuman Creator and the Uncanny Valley >>
* Acquired: The New York Times Company >>
* The AI Podcast: Miracle Qure: Founder Pooja Rao Talks Medical Technology at Qure.ai – Ep. 136 >>
* Light Reading Podcasts: The Divide: Dr. Nicol Turner Lee on the ‘digitally invisible’ >>

* China approves clinical trials of 16 COVID-19 vaccines >>
* Skunk Works Is About to Test a Secret New Aircraft Called ‘Speed Racer’ >>
* With a clear runway, the drone industry finally taxis for takeoff >>

* Russia detects first case of H5N8 avian flu in humans >>

* Linux has made it to Mars >>
* Meet the First Helo on Mars: A Deep Dive Into What Makes Ingenuity So…Ingenious >>
* This Ferret Died 33 Years Ago. Scientists Just Brought Her Back to Life. >>

* Zuckerberg vs Frydenberg heads into the weekend as negotiations continue >>
* Vergecast: Australia’s bargain with Big Tech, Apple TV on Chromecast, and Nintendo Direct’s biggest announcements >>
* What we can learn from the Facebook-Australia news debacle >>
* Media and Big Tech Draw Lines in Debate Over News Content >>
* Australia vs. Facebook >>

* CTO.ai announces serverless Kubernetes solution for cloud-native apps >>
* Masslogger Trojan Upgraded to Steal All Your Outlook, Chrome Credentials >>
* New Hack Lets Attackers Bypass MasterCard PIN by Using Them As Visa Card >>

* Countdown: The US is back in the Paris Agreement. What’s next? >>
* Robotic process automation remains on a hot streak as UiPath blazes the trail >>

* Australian Space Agency rejects it is ignoring ethics and being ‘gung-ho’ about the moon >>
* JRE #1610 – Snowpocalypse with Tim Dillon >>
* A leaked report shows Pfizer’s vaccine is conquering covid-19 in its largest real-world test >>

* A first-of-its-kind geoengineering experiment is about to take its first step >>
* Finding and Preventing Secrets in Code >>
* Who’s in Your Cloud the Case for Visibility in DevOps >>
* Protecting Sensitive Customer Data in the New Remote Agent Environment >>

* Join Clubhouse! Umm, What is Clubhouse? >>
* Clubhouse: Shelter from the Storm >>
* The Clubhouse app: What is the allure of the invite-only social media network? >>
* South Korea’s prime minister has joined Clubhouse >>

* ‘Kill Your Darlings’ – Know When You Need to Pull the Proverbial Plug >>
* Please do not put IP addresses into DNS MX records >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica: Heat Shield Attached to Future Starship Section – Landing Pad Ready for Concrete >>

* Pat Gelsinger thoughout the years with theCUBE >>
* Linux Foundation backs 7 new open-source projects to promote racial justice >>
* evrmore app – Features (beta) >>

* Twilio Q4 revenue surges 65% on back of SMS revival >>
* A Ripple Effect of Loss: U.S. Covid Deaths >>

* When Could The United States Reach Herd Immunity? It’s Complicated >>
* We’ll Have Herd Immunity by April >>
* Coronavirus: What Europeans have learned from a year of pandemic >>

* Recreation Vehicle With A Second Floor And Working Elevator Is Absolutely Bonkers >>
* Why Cushy Soft Robots Are The Way Of The Future >>
* How Biden fared in his (virtual) global debut as US President >>

* Australian PM is vaccinated as rollout begins >>
* Queen called Harry, wanting to hear it for herself: did he have any regrets? >>
* Perseverance Microphones >>

* Soft Legged Robot Uses Pneumatic Circuitry to Walk Like a Turtle >>
* America’s Cup: Another genius Team New Zealand design move >>
* AI will take construction robotics from hype to reality >>

* We Sequenced the Oldest Ever DNA From Million-Year-Old Mammoths >>
* Python Turns 30. A Steering Council Member Reflects >>
* China Censors the Internet. So Why Doesn’t Russia? >>

* Facebook removes Myanmar military’s main page >>
* Real Time Communication With Lucid Dreamers >>
* United Airlines flight safely lands after dramatic engine failure caught on camera >>

* Billion Euro Quantum Research Adds 15 Million Euro Large Scale Quantum Computing Project >>
* Dynamically Programmable Wireless 6G >>

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