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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29-21 February 2021

* SpaceX Starship Updates, Mars 2020 Rover Success, Starlink’s Missing Booster & ULA Vulcan >>
* The First 100 Days on Mars: How NASA’s Perseverance Rover Will Begin Its Mission >>
* Incredible new images shared by Perseverance rover after Mars landing >>

* Video Friday: Perseverance Lands on Mars >>
* Some Covid-19 Vaccines Are Effective After One Dose, Can Be Stored in Normal Freezers, Data Show >>
* Scientists entered people’s dreams and got them ‘talking’ >>
* Author Talks: Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini on ‘humanocracy’ >>

* Facebook’s Australian news ban is a fight the whole world should watch >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica – Super Heavy prototype BN1 ready for additional stacking >>
* Post-COVID-19 biz travel: Jet in, go to hotel, meet in rooms sliced into sealed halves to separate locals and visitors. Still get jetlag >>

* Building the internal-audit function of the future >>
* A 150kph Boat Powered by Wind Only >>
* Breaking through the hype: The real-world benefits of 5G connectivity >>

* Sharing your route in advance could cut electric car charging queue >>
* The future of work after COVID-19 >>
Musk’s broadband service Starlink open for New Zealand pre-ordersuture-of-work/the-future-of-work-after-covid-19
* Augmented Reality Contact Lens Startup Develops Apps With Early Adopters-to-Be >>

* Coding for Qubits: How to Program in Quantum Computer Assembly Language >>
* Using mountains as ‘water batteries’ could cut UK’s nuclear power need >>
* Elon Musk defends Tesla’s $1.5 billion bitcoin bet as safer than Dogecoin — and says it’s less dumb than holding cash >>

* US Army is building the most powerful laser weapon in the world >>
* NASA’s Perseverance rover lands safely on Mars >>
* Gillmor Gang: Blockhouse >>

* Why Google’s Internet Balloon Project Loon Failed >>
* Engadget Podcast: Why did the power grid fail in Texas? >>

* COVID-19 vaccines are starting to work in the US >>
* As Coronavirus Variants Spread, the US Struggles to Keep Up >>
* Apple is reportedly making a magnetic iPhone battery pack >>

* 5 infrastructure and operations trends to watch in 2021 >>
* 5 things on our data and AI radar for 2021 >>

* Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine just got a lot easier to transport and distribute >>
* Bitcoin Secures a $1 Trillion Market Cap for First Time Ever >>
* Elon Musk’s broadband service Starlink open for New Zealand pre-orders >>
* Plex is testing integration with Apple’s TV app >>

* Big Tech workers prefer 3 days at home, 2 in the office >>
* Mind-Reading And Lucid Dreaming: The Week’s Best Psychology Links >>
* Global Doubling of Cars Versus Doubling of People >>

* Applying voice classification in an Amazon Connect telemedicine contact flow >>
* Why is America getting a new $100 billion nuclear weapon? >>
* How Russian vaccine Sputnik V spread through Latin America >>

* Google is suddenly paying for news in Australia. What about everywhere else? >>
* WhatsApp will re-introduce controversial new privacy policy >>
* NVIDIA limits RTX 3060 crypto speeds as it introduces mining cards >>

* Tech Tent: Facebook v Australia – two sides to the story >>
* Facebook Just Banned News in Australia. Like, All of It. >>
* SpaceX Starship Update – Vulcan and New Glenn incoming! >>

* Beyond Burgers: Animal and Plant Cells Combined for 3D-Printed Steaks >>
* Is China Emerging as the Global Leader in AI? >>
* The next chapter: Driving technology leadership in the public sector >>
* This robot doesn’t need any electronics >>

* Google Maps will let you pay for parking or transit fares within the app >>
* Mining boom could herald commodity ‘supercycle’ >>
* Bill Gates says Trump should probably be allowed back on Facebook >>

* People can answer questions about their dreams without waking up >>
* Mindfulness Benefits Hinge On Who’S Around >>
* The YouTube Android app can now play 4K HDR videos >>

* 20.5m years of life may have been lost to Covid across 81 countries, study finds >>
* Pigs proven intelligent enough to play video games >>

* IBM proposes AI chip with benchmark-beating power efficiency >>
* World Population in 2100 Mainly Impacted by Family Size in Africa >>
* How NASA Designed a Helicopter That Could Fly Autonomously on Mars >>

* How Lasers and Mirrors Proved Gravitational Waves Existed >>
* US Total COVID Deaths Passes Half Million as Daily New Cases Drop >>

* Why do SaaS companies with usage-based pricing grow faster? >>
* Bill Gates Says We Need More Entrepreneurs Like Elon Musk To Take on Climate Change >>
* Google launches the first developer preview of Android 12 >>

* Google moves in near the Mayo Clinic to ease collaboration >>
* What it takes to get a job building robotic Mars explorers for NASA >>
* Meet Elizabeth Ann, the First Cloned Black-Footed Ferret >>

* EA now owns Codemasters and its many, many racing games >>
* Apple Pay will soon work on BART and other Bay Area transportation >>
* Introducing the AI chip leading the world in precision scaling >>
* Google fires top AI ethics researcher Margaret Mitchell >>

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