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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 February 2021

* Changes to Sharing and Viewing News on Facebook in Australia >>
* Facebook blocks users from sharing news links in Australia >>
* News Corp agrees deal with Google on payments for its journalism >>

* NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover Should Leave Past Space Probes in the Dust >>
* Perseverance touches down tomorrow – how to watch and what to expect >>
* Why Is NASA Sending a Helicopter to Mars? >>

* Malware Is Now Targeting Apple’s New M1 Processor >>
* Investing in Deep Tech for an Abundant Future >>
* Why Google Might Leave Australia >>

* Why Corporations Are Upping Their Venture-Capital Investing >>
* Cambodia adopts China-style internet gateway to control, monitor online traffic >>
* Watch Nintendo’s next Direct livestream here at 5PM ET >>

* Facebook’s Bosworth Hints At 120Hz Refresh Rate On Quest 2 >>
* One billion galaxies: Astronomers unveil largest sky map ever made >>

* SpaceX reportedly raises $850M in new funding >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica – Starship SN15 Nosecone ready for stacking as SN10 prepares for Static Fire >>
* The Surprising Discovery of Ceramic Chips Inside Meteorites Means There Were Wild Temperature Variations In the Early Solar System >>

* Floating Holographic Buttons May Make Smart Toilets Even Better >>
* Low-code platform maker OutSystems reels in $150M for a nearly $10B valuation >>
* Pat Gelsinger promises Intel can go back to the future – in memo to staff shared with world+dog >>

* Two coronavirus variants have merged – here’s what you need to know >>
* Exclusive: Two variants have merged into heavily mutated coronavirus >>
* What do the new coronavirus variants mean for a return to normality? >>

* Australian Space Agency rejects it is ignoring ethics and being ‘gung-ho’ about the moon >>
* Bill Gates and the problem with climate solutionism >>
* Why COVID-19 Cases Are Falling So Fast >>
* How to fix what the innovation economy broke about America >>

* Apache Gobblin now top-level project >>
* Data processing options for AI/ML >>
* NZ Government Lawyers Spent 40,500 Hours Battling Kim Dotcom and Megaupload >>
* Prince Philip admitted to hospital >>
* Argentina’s 24 regional districts returned to classrooms for first time in almost a year >>

* Modified Laser Cutter Fabricates a Ready to Fly Drone >>
* When You Lose Your Job — and It’s Your Whole Identity >>
* The U.S. Economy Is Leaving Midsize Companies Behind >>

* When Should You Use AI to Solve Problems? >>
* Translating JSON documents using Amazon Translate >>
* Building an omnichannel Q&A chatbot with Amazon Connect, Amazon Lex, Amazon Kendra, and the open-source QnABot project >>

* This Cloud Computing Billing Expert Is Very Funny. Seriously. >>
* Jet co-founder Nate Faust is building a more sustainable e-commerce experience with Olive >>
* A tiny spider can spin different types of web for land, air and water >>

* Wrinkling atom-thin layers of carbon could make tiniest chips yet >>
* Insect brains will teach us how to make truly intelligent robots >>
* Artificial Intelligence Reveals Perfect Pancake Recipe >>

* This Robotic Arm Uses A Trick From The Pixar Playbook To Appear ‘Friendly’ >>
* Shopify slips 8% after saying 2021 revenue will grow slower than last year >>
* When Google suddenly abandoned plans to create video games, over 150 staffers were reportedly blindsided by layoffs >>

* Ebola vaccines to arrive in Guinea within 72 hours, says government >>
* Ultrasound-modulated optical glucose sensing using a 1645 nm laser >>
* Israeli start-up develops space lab to advance medicines in low gravity >>

* Vodafone tests remote centimeter-level tracking tech >>
* France chooses Airbus fixed-wing drone for ships >>

* TED: I let algorithms randomize my life for two years >>
* Texas Power Outages Extend Into Third Day >>
* Samsung forced to halt chip production in Austin due to power outages >>
* Robinhood’S In Better Shape Than It Looks >>

* The Dark Side of CRISPR >>
* Vaccine shortage forces Rio de Janerio to suspend Covid jabs >>
* Pandemic-battered Israeli economy contracts 2.4% in 2020 >>

* World needs Chinese, Russian vaccines to win war against COVID-19, says Macron >>
* Chinese flying taxi maker EHang denies short seller’s fraud claims after US shares plunge 63 per cent >>
* Morning After: White House consults with big tech over COVID-19 vaccine logistics >>

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