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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 February 2021

* Senate acquits Trump. Again. >>
* SpaceX Starship is attempting another flight NET this week – Can they master the flip!? >>
* In ‘first,’ delivery drone gets to destination in Israel without GPS signal >>

* Video Friday: Digit Takes a Hike >>
* Future of compute will be big, small, smart and way out on the edge >>
* Miniature Satellites Reveal Cause of Deadly Uttarakhand Flood That Devastated Hydroelectric Dams >>

* Elon Musk is serious about making Tesla Roadster ‘hover’ with rocket technology >>
* Elon Musk says Tesla’s electric van could have solar panels >>
* XPrize Chairman: Peter Diamandis: Started a covid-19 vaccine company, then hosted a superspreader event. >>

* Smart City Video Platform Finds Crimes and Suspects >>
* Engadget: Everyone’s going to Mars >>
* Covid Vaccines for Kids Are Coming, but Not for Many Months >>

* The luxury manmade island concept where homes cost up to $1 billion >>
* Next coronavirus vaccines may be drops, pills or printed on demand >>

* Vergecast: Google’s mysterious lack of app updates and Apple’s rumored VR headset >>
* Facebook VP: BCIs Will Take Generations Before ‘High Bandwidth’ >>
* Google recommits to the Python ecosystem >>

* SD Times Blog: An all-weather, autonomous car >>
* White House cites ‘deep concerns’ about WHO COVID report, demands early data from China >>
* Facebook’s Showdown With Apple >>
* U.K. Economic Slump Was Worst in More Than 300 Years >>

* Online Stores Use Tech to Reduce Returns >>
* A reading list for biotech’s beginnings; Swapping data for doses; Clubhouse catch-up; Genomics in action; and more >>
* Pandemic pushes enterprises to hybrid cloud adoption >>

* 5G in the US will get a lot clearer by March 31 – here’s why >>
* Hope grows for blood cancer patients, as cell therapy firm’s key trial succeeds >>
* LA cops tried using Instagram’s copyright filter to stop someone from filming them >>

* Robinhood and Reddit CEOs to testify at GameStop hearing >>
* Hubble researchers find a gaggle of small black holes >>
* Can Anyone Moderate Podcasts? >>

* Inside the Making of Facebook’s Supreme Court >>
* Inside the world’s largest engine >>
* Vox demonstrates how the solution to traffic congestion is not expanding highways. >>

* This Ultramodern Off-The-Grid Tiny House Just Might Blow Your Mind >>
* Prada Cup Final Day One: Ben’s grumpy backseat driving… don’t make him angry Giles! >>

* SpaceX Boca Chica – Orbital Launch Mount Table assembly points to Starship’s Future >>
* NZ MIQ transit lounge: hundreds fly to Australia soon after leaving isolation >>
* Sunlight could power micro-aircraft flying above the stratosphere >>

* Machines Are Inventing New Math We’ve Never Seen >>
* Tokyo Olympics chaos: Games chief resigns over sexist comments and confusion reigns over his successor >>

* Covid: Virus cases are going down across the UK >>
* Why every business needs a full-funnel marketing strategy >>
* The Human Genome and the Making of a Skeptical Biologist >>

* Brain Cells Blinking in Rhythm May Hold Clues to Alzheimer’s Disease >>
* VLC Will Get a New UI This Year With 4.0 Launch >>
* Why a failure to vaccinate the world will put us all at risk >>
* Google plans to release 100 games for Stadia this year >>

* Facebook’s tougher stance on vaccine misinformation is probably temporary >>
* ‘Project CARS GO’ finally comes out on March 23rd for Android and iOS >>
* Voyager 2 Has Entered the Space Between Solar Systems >>

* Elon Musk Increasing His Tesla Ownership >>
* Micro OLED Displays for Better Augmented Reality >>
* How Microsoft Could Redefine the Power Industry with Quantum Computing >>
* Video: Here’s what it’s like to orbit the moon in real time >>

* Huawei invokes 140-year-old law at England’s High Court in latest bid to thwart CFO’s US-Canada extradition >>
* Trump acquittal: What verdict means for Trump, Biden and America >>
* The people rushing to buy cheap Italian homes >>
* Just six feet wide, ‘London’s skinniest house’ is for sale for $1.3 million >>

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