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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12-13 February 2021

* A Visual Guide to the New Coronavirus Variants >>
* All the Coronavirus in the World Could Fit Inside a Coke Can, With Plenty of Room to Spare >>
* The dangers of digital vaccines >>

* Brand Affinity Marketing is the future >>
* Joe Rogan Experience #1609 – Elon Musk >>
* Frame.io streamlines film production with ‘camera to cloud’ video uploads >>

* Stretchy bands generate electricity from body heat to power gadgets >>
* Researchers built an AI that recognizes and rewards good doggos >>
* Smart Factory with Apache Kafka and 5G Campus Networks >>

* Scientists teach pigs how to play VIDEO GAMES >>
* IBM’s AI goes multilingual — with single language training >>

* Apple refining AR and VR tech, including sensors to detect food freshness >>
* What the M1 and Apple Silicon mean for Mac security >>
* Here’s the full list of every Walmart in 22 states offering the COVID-19 vaccine >>

* Live Hacking Session: Finding Vulnerabilities in Your Cloud Native Applications Before They Find You >>
* How 2020’s Top Five Attacks Reveal the Coming Cyberthreats in 2021 >>

* The Weakest Link in Your Security Posture: Misconfigured SaaS Settings >>
* Microsoft Teams AI could tell you who is most enjoying your video call >>
* Forrester: 5 key advances driving AI 2.0 >>
* SaaS Pricing Best Practices: Overcoming Challenges and Paralysis >>

* TED: The paradigm shift toward equitable tech access across Africa >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica – Starship Landing Pad Work ahead of SN10 Launch – SN11/SN16 Prepare >>
* How rising inflation could disrupt the world’s economic policies >>

* How well will vaccines work? >>
* GM’s All-Electric Bet >>
* 3 Pronged SaaS Strategy with Derek O’Carroll >>

* Shell Companies Taking Over Wall Street >>
* Biden Administration Signals Potential Return to Net Neutrality >>
* Podcast – The Divide: Dr. Nicol Turner Lee on the ‘digitally invisible’ >>

* Biden may retire Trump’s ‘Clean Networks’ campaign against Huawei >>
Runs Out of Vaccine Doses at Dodger Stadium
* California Runs Out of Vaccine Doses at Dodger Stadium >>
* HBO Max will be available outside the US in June >>

* NASA picks SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy to launch two key pieces of the Lunar Gateway >>
* More people are going back to theaters to game, not to watch movies >>

* Here’S Every Game Coming To The Playstation 5 And Xbox Series X In 2021 >>
* Nyströmformer: A Nyström-Based Algorithm for Approximating Self-Attention >>
* Why is the command center of a ship called a “BRIDGE”? >>

* The computers rejecting your job application >>
* America’s wealthiest are discovering the vaccine is one of the few things money can’t buy. >>

* Disney Plus hits 94.9 million subscribers, beating its four-year goal in 14 months >>
* Leak suggests Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 will get high refresh rate screens >>
* Epic’s new MetaHuman tool lets you craft realistic faces inside a browser >>

* Ark Invest Big Ideas for 2021 >>
* How the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed the Way IT Companies Work >>
* AI Agents Play “Hide the Toilet Plunger” to Learn Deep Concepts About Life >>
* InSight is Going to Try and “Hear” Perseverance Land on Mars From 3,452 km Away InSight is Going to Try and “Hear” Perseverance Land on Mars From 3,452 km Away

* Super-Earth Conditions Simulated in the Lab to Discover if They’re Habitable >>
* Tesla’s rise means that Elon Musk represents a ‘key man’ risk for the stock market, DataTrek says >>
* MetaHuman: Epic Games’ latest project creates realistic digital humans for video games >>

* Please, Wear the Right Clothes for Your Vaccine Appointment >>
* A new video editor, plus enhanced editing features >>
* ‘Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart’ hits PS5 on June 11th >>

* Top 100 subscription apps grew 34% to $13B in 2020 >>
* NASA Wants to Set a New Radiation Limit for Astronauts >>
* Getting less than five hours of sleep a night can DOUBLE your risk of developing dementia >>

* NASA is about to land a helicopter on Mars that might glow in the dark >>
* AI can use the veins on your hand like fingerprints to identify you >>
* Will ride-hailing profits ever come? >>

* Apple’s plans for virtual reality are getting clearer >>
* Engadget Podcast: Everyone’s going to Mars >>
* All of Disney’s streaming services are booming >>

* Apple launches a new AR experience tied to ‘For All Mankind’ >>
* There’s a flying autonomous robot that’s better at picking fruit than you — Future Blink >>
* Perseverance Will Make Sure it has a Safe Landing >>

* Hyundai Motor Group Introduces Two New Robots >>
* 3D-Printed Thruster Boosts Range of CubeSat Applications >>
* Covid-19 is up-ending capitalism >>

* Building secure machine learning environments with Amazon SageMaker >>
* The Hidden Cost of Open Source >>
* Is SpaceX rushing through the Starship development program too fast? >>

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