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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 January 2021

* Live coverage of Trump impeachment vote >>
* LIVE: Starship SN9 Static Fire Testing >>
* Blue Origin set to launch a New Shepard rocket outfitted with crew upgrades as it readies for astronaut flight >>
* Intuitive Machines taps SpaceX for second lunar lander mission >>

* Smart collar expresses how your pets are feeling >>
* NBN approaches 1Gbps using mmWave 5G over distances of 7 kilometres >>

* Artificial intelligence could train your dog how to sit >>
* Exclusive: Apple held talks with EV startup Canoo in 2020 >>

* Vergecast: chronicling the past week in content moderation >>
* Nielsen says ‘The Office’ was the most popular streaming series of 2020 >>
* Parler problem shows just how much the US has outsourced free speech protections >>
* So your startup didn’t survive 2020. Five founders weigh in on what to do next >>

* CES 2021: What Is Mini-LED TV? >>
* This ‘smart mask’ is like a fitness tracker for your environment and lungs >>
* Companies rush to replace the gym at CES >>
* Therapists Are on TikTok. And How Does That Make You Feel? >>

* Biden plans to fight climate change in a way no US president has before >>
* We may have only weeks to act before a variant coronavirus dominates the US >>
* Exclusive: Air Force’s Secret New Fighter Jet Uses F1-Style Engineering >>

* GM spin-off company will make electric delivery vans with ‘Tesla killer’ battery that gives them a 250-mile range, the automobile manufacture reveals at CES >>
* Role Based Access Controls RBAC for SSH and Kubernetes Access with Teleport >>
* All the smart home products at CES 2021 >>

* Apple M1 Macs helping kick-start a new Arm-based PC era, Arm CEO says >>
* Authorities Take Down World’s Largest Illegal Dark Web Marketplace >>
* Intel Adds Hardware-Enabled Ransomware Detection to 11th Gen vPro Chips >>

* UFO Document Index: NSA on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) >>
* Oracle Database 21c update lands on Oracle’s cloud >>
* Why This Impeachment Could Be Different >>

* In return to Intel, VMware chief Pat Gelsinger to take over as CEO >>
* What Airbnb Has to Do With Section 230 >>

* a16z Podcast: Developers as Creatives >>
* 5G networks and the public cloud >>
* For Zoom, $1.5B second IPO looms >>

* Cheaper Tesla? Panasonic to develop cobalt-free battery >>
* WhatsApp stresses privacy as users flock to rivals >>
* Dark net vendors tout likely fake COVID-19 vaccines as prices soar – researchers >>

* Is this Chinese prototype the shape of maglev train tech to come? >>
* Engadget’s live virtual CES stage continues today at 9AM ET! >>
* Intel is replacing its CEO next month >>
* Pence Reached His Limit With Trump. It Wasn’t Pretty. >>

* Latest on COVID-19 from around the world – Thursday, January 14 >>
* Covid: 2020 saw most excess deaths since World War Two >>
* Covid-19: No herd immunity in 2021, WHO warns >>

* Creating Silicon Valley 2.0 >>
* Google trained a trillion-parameter AI language model >>
* Sir David Attenborough receives Covid-19 vaccine >>

* From robots that can do the dishes to $3,000 ‘smart’ cat flaps, a host of weird and wonderful technologies at CES >>
* We may have found hints of gravitational waves permeating the universe >>
* Superhuman sight may be possible with lens that makes UV light visible >>

* Most distant quasar may help us solve how enormous black holes form >>
* Australia clamps down in response to cases of UK coronavirus variant >>
* Radar : Patterns>>

* Watch the ASUS ROG CES 2021 keynote in 12 minutes >>
* Watch NVIDIA’s CES 2021 keynote in 10 minutes >>
* Watch AMD’s CES keynote in 4 minutes >>

* IBM’s innovation: Topping the US patent list for 28 years running >>
* GoodMaps Explore aims to bring step-by-step navigation to indoor spaces >>
* Be Kinder to Yourself >>

* An Indiana Jones game is coming from the studio that rebooted Wolfenstein >>
* Amazon launches $1.2 mobile Prime Video plan in India >>
* Amazon follows Netflix with mobile-only video subscriptions in India >>

* A Startup Will Nix Algorithms Built on Ill-Gotten Facial Data >>
* Netflix’s rollout of its 2021 movies sends a message to rivals Disney, HBO >>
* Hosting a private PyPI server for Amazon SageMaker Studio notebooks in a VPC >>
* AWS Announces the global expansion of AWS CCI Solutions >>

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