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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 January 2021

* Democrats officially introduce impeachment article >>
* Engadget’s live virtual CES stage >>
* CES Liveblog: Smart Home, Workout Tech, and So Many TVs >>

* Whoa, LG Rollable phone we saw at CES is actually real, coming out in 2021 >>
* 2020 was the best year for PC shipments in a decade >>
* A ‘virtual human’ presented some of LG’s CES event >>

* Watch LG’s CES event in 9 minutes >>
* Watch Samsung’s CES event in under 9 minutes >>

* Volvo’s self-docking boat tech is now a reality >>
* Pollen Robotics’ humanoid robot can be controlled remotely with VR >>

* Samsung’s CES 2021 robots will clean your house and pour you a glass of wine >>
* CES 2021 has tech’s answers to COVID, including smart masks, touchless doorbells >>
* Breaking down LG’s CES 2021 keynote >>

* Why Scientists Want to Shorten the Minute to 59 Seconds >>
* Changing mouse behavior with drugs, Israeli lab aims at possible autism therapy >>
* Israelis’ gene therapy prevents mice hearing loss, a step toward human treatment >>

* Columbia engineers built basic empathy into a robot >>
* Why platforms had to cut off Trump and Parler >>
* DC, statehouses urgently beef up security ahead of inauguration >>

* LG imagines a bed with a hidden see-thru OLED TV set >>
* CES 2021: Ready for smart bathrooms? Kohler unveils app-controlled bathtub >>

* LG’s rollable phone is a tantalizing response to Samsung’s foldables >>

* SN9 Flight TFR’s now set for 13th-14th. >>
* Panasonic unveils its vision for future automotive interiors at CES 2021 >>

* Japan finds new COVID virus strain, distinct from UK and Africa types >>
* How Facial Recognition Technology Is Helping Identify the U.S. Capitol Attackers >>
* Saudi Arabia is planning a 100-mile line of car-free smart communities >>

* Moderna developing three new mRNA-based vaccines for seasonal flu, HIV and Nipah virus >>
* Parler sues Amazon, leveling far-fetched antitrust allegations >>

* Starlink satellite internet service approved in UK, and people already have beta kits >>
* Europe’s towercos are building on shaky ground >>
* Eurobites: Vodafone, O2 look to monetize tower assets >>

* Amazon, Walmart Are Telling Some Consumers to Skip Returns of Unwanted Items >>
* Police Robots Are Not a Selfie Opportunity, They’re a Privacy Disaster Waiting to Happen >>

* Wi-Fi’s biggest upgrade in decades is starting to arrive >>
* New Research Could Enable Direct Data Transfer From Computers to Living Cells >>
* New Quantum Algorithms Finally Crack Nonlinear Equations >>

* Producing milk from yeast that looks and tastes like cow’s milk >>
* HP’s new Elite Dragonfly laptops come with Intel’s 11th Gen processors and 5G >>
* US Ignite’s Mari Silbey: Tech tests for better rural broadband access >>

* Tight chip supply chain threatens smartphone recovery >>
* Alarm.com’s touchless video doorbell is built for the COVID era >>

* Navy’s Priciest Carrier Ever Struggles to Get Jets On, Off Deck >>
* China is going on a warship-building spree to extend its reach and guard its growing aircraft carrier fleet >>

* An Agile Approach to Change Management >>
* Equity Monday: Cryptos fall, the deplatforming rush and fitness tech stays hot >>
* Have Your Kid Write a Letter to Their Post-Pandemic Self >>

* Covid-19’s many unknowns are what make it so tricky to beat >>
* Morrisons will refuse to serve customers without Covid masks >>

* Sex and the City to return for new series, stars confirm >>
* Can Sex and the City work without its greatest character? >>

* FLYING IN 2021. >>
* Hack-proof network closer after China’s quantum communication experiment >>
* World’s Fastest, Most Powerful Neuromorphic Processor for AI Unveiled >>

* NZ scientists push closer to revealing gene’s role in Parkinson’s disease >>
* A breakthrough manufacturing process of ultra-thin sensor for smart contact lenses >>

* Broken promises: How Singapore lost trust on contact tracing privacy >>
* Will the Tokyo Olympics actually take place this year? >>
* Two Amazon Developers Created a $24.9 Billion Amazon Killer >>

* Ultimate Guide to Synthetic Monitoring Products >>
* Why Crypto Custodians Are Still A Weak Link >>
* CES 2021: DOCSIS 3.1 shipments soar, TV makers gravitate to Google TV >>

* Stealing Your Private YouTube Videos, One Frame at a Time >>
* Flash Is Gone and Web Standards Now Reign Supreme in Multimedia >>
* 4 Ways AI Will Shape CI/CD in 2021 >>

* New Zealand’s Central Bank hacked and data stolen >>
* Bitcoin rides roller coaster, breaking $40,000 and then dropping >>
* House Republicans Block Democrats’ First Efforts to Remove Trump >>

* 16 Minutes on the News #50: FinCEN Crypto Rulemaking; Haven Healthcare Breakup >>
* China Stocks Slump Most in Three Weeks on Valuation Concerns >>
* Samsung’s latest home robots can do chores and nag you to stop working >>

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