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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 January 2021

* Starship SN9 Ready for Takeoff, Elon Musk Richest Person Alive, Tesla Crushes 2020 – Ep 115 >>
* SpaceX Starship next flight to 41,000ft (12.5km) – Bellyflop #2 >>
* Jumping into a wormhole might cause it to contract and disintegrate >>

* UK may allow gene editing of crops and livestock following Brexit >>
* Black holes leak energy when they eat plasma near the event horizon >>
* Video Friday: These Robots Are Ready for 2021 >>

* Roku Buys Quibi Content For Less Than $100 Million >>
* Could New COVID Variants Undermine Vaccines? Labs Scramble to Find Out >>
* Pfizer Says Its Vaccine Works Against Key Mutation in Contagious Variants >>

* Earth Is Whipping Around Quicker Than It Has In a Half-Century >>
* CES 2021 preview: Brace yourself for a deluge of new PC hardware >>
* What to Expect From the First-Ever Virtual CES >>
* How Boston Dynamics Taught Its Robots to Dance >>

* The skillful corporation >>
* Hayabusa2: Multiple Paths for Analyzing an Asteroid >>
* 10 Exciting Engineering Milestones to Look for in 2021 >>

* Elon Musk is Richest Person in the World >>
* More Genetic Sequencing Needed To Keep Pace With Coronavirus Mutations >>
* Hopin might be the fastest growth story of this era >>

* How Fast Can Scientists Find the New Coronavirus Strains? >>
* LG’s webOS 6.0 smart TVs have a new UI, NFC-equipped remote >>
* Decrypted: How bad was the US Capitol breach for cybersecurity? >>

* Exercise Is Stress Relief So You Should Probably Go Exercise Right Now >>
* Panasonic’s latest OLED TV offers gaming upgrades and AI tuning >>
* Podcast: An attempted coup powered by social media >>

* Prioritizing tech in 2021 will be the path to pandemic recovery for mental health >>
* Trump Isn’t the Only One >>
* Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737 passenger plane feared to have crashed in Indonesia >>
* ‘QAnon Shaman’ Jake Angeli charged over pro-Trump riots >>

* Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh receive Covid-19 vaccine >>
* Covid-19 news: Major incident declared in London as virus cases surge >>
* Queen Bee Sperm Storage Holds Clues to Colony Collapse >>

* Home Solar Is Growing, but Big Installers Are Still Losing Money >>
* Engadget: An Attempted Coup Powered By Social Media >>
* Biopharma 2020: A landmark year and a reset for the future >>

* The skillful corporation >>
* Turning over a new leaf: Using crisis to build back stronger >>
* Moving to a user-first, omnichannel approach >>

* 2021 Could Be a Banner Year for AI—If We Solve These 4 Problems >>
* Special Report: Top Tech 2021 >>
* Deep Learning at the Speed of Light >>

* Drone Racing League embraces sports betting in partnership with DraftKings >>
* Five ways to make AI a greater force for good in 2021 >>
* Stolen computers are the least of the government’s security worries >>

* 1 in 100,000 had severe reactions to Pfizer vaccine: US study >>
* Futuristic Flying Ambulances May Soon Be Zooming Around New York >>

* At Last, First Light for the James Webb Space Telescope >>
* The Red Dwarf Habitable Zone Dilemma >>
* Missions to Mars, the Moon and Beyond Await Earth in 2021 >>
* Here’s the Asteroid Hayabusa2 is Going to be Visiting Next >>

* Chang’e-5 Brought Home 1.7 Kilograms of Lunar Samples >>
* Astronomers set a new Record and Find the Farthest Galaxy. Its Light Took 13.4 Billion Years to Reach us >>
* Building a secure search application with access controls using Amazon Kendra >>

* Endeavor BioMedicines raises $62 million to combat pulmonary disease >>
* How every galaxy comes from quantum fluctuations billions of years ago >>

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