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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 January 2021

* Experience CES 2021 for yourself with CNET’s livestream. Here’s how to watch >>
* CES preview: 2021 show still brings must-see technology – TVs, drones, robots – but done virtually >>
* CES 2021: Hologram technology inspired by ‘Star Wars’ could bring ‘new dimension’ to smartphones >>

* The New Tech Stack for Virtual-First Care >>
* Extremely Boring Aliens >>
* TEDx: 1-minute secret to forming a new habit >>

* Holographic startup Envisics partners with Panasonic to fast-track in-car AR tech >>
* SpaceX Starlink picks up Australian 5G mmWave spectrum >>
* It’s 2021, and the pandemic is still here >>

* US senators balk at impeaching Trump over Capitol siege >>
* The deplatforming of President Trump >>
* Users, not tech executives, should decide what constitutes free speech online >>
* Social media and telco companies urged to preserve evidence from Capitol attack >>
* Are Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft ‘Digital Warlords’? >>
* All the platforms that have banned or restricted Trump so far >>
* Amazon Is Booting Parler Off Of Its Web Hosting Service >>
* Apple and Google crack down on Parler after violent threats >>
* Twitter permanently bans President Trump >>
* A YouTube network was spreading election disinformation for two months >>
* The Capitol Attack Doesn’t Justify Expanding Surveillance >>
* YouTube removes Rudy Giuliani podcast video and Steve Bannon’s channel >>
* Elon Musk Urges Followers to Drop Facebook for Signal >>
* Facebook and Twitter Blocked Trump’s Accounts. Why Now? >>

* Twitter deletes China embassy’s Xinjiang ’emancipation’ tweet >>

* ‘Black Sky’ fears help drive interest in private wireless networks >>
* cabal – experimental p2p community – chat platform >>
* US intelligence agencies have 180 days to share what they know about UFOs >>

* It’s Time to Heal: 16 Trends Driving the Future of Bio and Healthcare >>
* It’s Not About Video. It’s About Always-on Triage. >>
* Journal Club: Why do only some people get severe COVID-19? >>

* Big Tech’s attention economy can be reformed. Here’s how. >>
* Modernizing Jenkins CI CD Pipelines >>
* Tesla 2021: What we expect to see from Elon Musk and friends this year >>

* Ford and Nissan will cut vehicle production due to a chip shortage >>
* A Question Hidden in the Platypus Genome: Are We the Weird Ones? >>
* Can Chatbots Simulate Conversations with Dead People? >>

* NVIDIA Fixes High Severity Flaws Affecting Windows, Linux devices >>
* Inside China Tech: 2021 starts where 2020 ended – tensions and tiffs >>
* Pence to attend Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20 >>

* A new world of work >>
* Government decree details new nighttime restrictions >>
* The big online banking mistake you didn’t know you were making >>

* Algorithms For Decision Making >>
* Breaking the low-code barrier >>
* nixos – Reproducible builds and deployments. >>

* Hacker targets New Zealand central bank’s data system, potentially accessing confidential information >>
* Plan for the future now or Covid will last for years, UK scientists warn >>
* Black holes leak energy when they eat plasma near the event horizon >>

* MIT Deep-Learning Algorithm Finds Hidden Warning Signals in Measurements Collected Over Time >>
* SpaceX Dragon Capsule to Make First of Its Kind Science Splashdown >>
* Nuclear-Powered Aircraft That We’ll Use to Explore Jupiter >>

* Covid-19: Act like you’ve got the virus, government urges >>
* New XPrize Challenge: Predicting Covid-19’s Spread and Prescribing Interventions >>

* The next Zoom wants to be nothing like Zoom >>
* Why more people are hiring “pet shrinks” >>
* Someone Strapped A GoPro To A Model Train And Allowed Their Cat To Wander Around In Pure Awe >>

* If China no longer wants to be the world’s factory, who will take its place? >>
* 15 DevOps Trends to Expect in 2021 >>
* 24-hour PogChamps and 56-inch ‘Hyperscreens’ >>

* Hyundai in talks with Apple to produce ‘Apple Car’ >>
* Apple unlikely to upgrade iPhone camera lenses until 2023, Kuo says >>
* JBuds Frames can turn any pair of glasses into audio eyewear >>

* UK records 1,325 deaths – the highest daily toll since start of pandemic >>
* Brisbane three-day lockdown as Australia tries to contain new UK Covid strain >>
* Starship SN9 Ready for Takeoff, Elon Musk Richest Person Alive, Tesla Crushes 2020 – Ep 115 >>

* Adulting – Personalised reminders to adult, powered by machine learning. >>
* How Wednesday’s Attack Came Together: Out in the Open >>
* Roku deals for Quibi’s content >>

* China’s factories must be ‘armed with automation’, as pandemic gives boost to machines in manufacturing >>
* China reports 380 Covid-19 cases south of Beijing >>

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