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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 December 2020

* SpaceX double launch pad usage for Starship coming, NROL-108, Lockheed Martin purchase Rocketdyne >>
* World’s first 350 km/h freight train off assembly line >>
* Tesla’s Holiday Update software includes a noisy and controversial new feature >>

* Apple anti-tracking privacy feature starting to show up in iOS 14.4 beta >>
* 2021’s hottest fashion trend will be widespread industry consolidation >>

* My Emergency Room Is Full of Patients No Vaccine Can Help >>
* The family with no fingerprints >>
* China to launch core module of space station in first half of 2021 >>

* Elon Musk says it’s now ‘impossible’ to take Tesla private — and that a Starlink IPO is likely >>
* Low-Code To Become Commonplace in 2021 >>
* A Boston physician said he had a severe allergic reaction to Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine >>

* North Korean Hackers Trying to Steal COVID-19 Vaccine Research >>
* Why The Queen’s Gambit Was the #1 Show in 12 Countries >>
* Pirate Bay: Over 2.5 Petabytes Are Still Being Seeded >>

* How Apple’s rivals plan to catch up with the mighty M1 chip >>
* Learning to Play the Chaos Game >>
* Chatroulette Is On the Rise Again—With Help From AI >>

* AI Meeting Insights >>
* A Boeing 737 Max suffered a mid-air engine issue and was forced to make an unscheduled landing >>
* Dr. Anthony Fauci Looks Back at 2020 >>

* Toyota’s game-changing solid-state battery en route for 2021 debut >>
* Prices of BOE and LG Display LCD panels soar as consumers stay home >>
* Biden will be more effective on China, has said he will bring allies for common approach >>

* Chinese mainland reports 20 new COVID-19 cases >>
* Britain turns to Japanese telecoms firm NEC after banning China’s Huawei from 5G network >>
* Music made 2020 better, but we failed to make 2020 better for musicians >>

* Andrew Yang is running for mayor of New York City >>
* How I: Reverse Engineered: Google Docs >>
* Why The Taste Of Bananas Will Change In A Few Years >>
* Cutting tax for wealthy makes them richer, does nothing to help the poor >>

* Chinese economy to overtake US ‘by 2028’ due to Covid >>
* a16z Podcast: Words of 2020! (and Metaphors, and Interfaces of the Year) >>
* A Link Between Wormholes and Quantum Entanglement >>

* Innovation can give you a smarter bathroom >>
* Coronavirus: France finds first case of new variant >>
* Covid-19: Tougher Covid rules begin for millions in UK >>

* Apple is having iCloud device activation problems at the worst possible time >>
* A Single Filament of Gas Has Been Discovered That Stretches 50 Million Light-Years >>

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