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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 November 2020

* Rocket Lab tested its parachute system on a live booster for the first time >>
* Pfizer seeks emergency authorization from FDA for COVID-19 vaccine, 50 million doses possible by next month for front-line workers >>
* Coronavirus: Covid-19 now killing one person every eight seconds >>
* The Tech Behind the Leading Covid-19 Vaccine Candidates >>

* Digital media merger: BuzzFeed is buying HuffPost from Verizon >>
* Without the Arecibo telescope, our search for intelligent life is hamstrung >>

* Amazon lays off Prime Air staff as it seeks to outsource drone manufacturing >>
* OneWeb emerges from bankruptcy, aims to begin launching satellites again on December 17 >>

* A 3D Printed Apartment Building Is Going Up in Germany >>
* 16 Minutes #45: Apple Silicon — A Long Game, Changing the Game >>
* M1 Mac mini logic boards with 10 Gigabit Ethernet show up in service part list >>

* Why Martyte helped to damage a SpaceX Starship Raptor engine! >>
* Watch Rocket Lab try to recover a booster for the first time! >>
* The Reality of Testing in DevOps >>

* Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg says ’empowered women’ key to global economic recovery >>
* Bessemer’s Byron Deeter thinks SaaS companies could grow even faster in 2021 >>

* Zero Trust Network Security for Containers and Kubernetes >>
* Amazon, Codefresh, GitHub, Microsoft, and Weaveworks launch the GitOps Working Group >>
* Facebook Messenger Bug Lets Hackers Listen to You Before You Pick Up the Call >>

* Lime plans for ‘modes’ beyond bikes and scooters in 2021 >>
* When AI Sees a Man, It Thinks ‘Official.’ A Woman? ‘Smile’ >>
* Why We’re Building Observable >>

* DevOps Virtual Forum Panel 2020 >>
* A Technical Deep Dive on the Data Cloud >>
* Glyn Martin, BT Group | DevOps Virtual Forum >>
* Mobilizing Data for Marketing – Transforming the Role of the CMO >>

* Data Cloud Summit 2020: Preshow >>
* Jeffrey Hammond, Forrester | DevOps Virtual Forum Promo >>
* Before machine learning can become ubiquitous, here are four things we need to do now >>
* While Airlines Shrink, Southwest Goes Big >>

* Pfizer, BioNTech to Seek FDA Approval of Coronavirus Vaccine Today >>
* Journal Club: Decoding Developmental Disorders >>
* Hong Kong Virus Cases Surge Again as City Sees ‘Fourth Wave’ >>

* APEC chiefs, including Trump, agree on free and fair trade >>
* PM Modi chairs meeting to review India’s Covid-19 vaccination strategy >>
* One more Chinese COVID-19 vaccine enters late-stage human trials >>

* Huawei leads the world in wireless communication patents in 2020, ahead of Qualcomm — report >>
* Can artificial intelligence give elephants a winning edge? >>
* Podcast: The Marvelous MacBook Air M1 >>

* The Tragedy Of A Ruined Telescope >>
* Almost a million people have been given an experimental Chinese coronavirus vaccine, pharmaceutical giant claims >>
* Hubble Catches Possible ‘Shadow Play’ Of The Disk Around A Black Hole >>

* New test reveals AI still lacks common sense >>
* Deep learning helps robots grasp and move objects with ease >>
* Pandemic could lead to profound shift in parenting roles, say experts >>

* ‘A massive headache’: European leaders put off Covid Christmas decisions >>
* Scientists discover roles for a cellular motor in cancer >>
* Your eyes can reveal your decisions before you’ve even made them >>

* First complete T-rex skeleton locked in a fight to the death with a Triceratops is finally revealed >>
* Legendary Arecibo Telescope Will Close Forever, and Scientists Are Reeling >>
* The Pitfalls of Telehealth — and How to Avoid Them >>
* Putting Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max Is a Smart Move >>

* MeowTalk: New app which can translate your cat’s meow >>
* Gillmor Gang: Apple Tacks >>
Estimates Hate Speech Seen In 1 Out of 1,000 Views On Its Platform

* Facebook Estimates Hate Speech Seen In 1 Out of 1,000 Views On Its Platform >>
* Facebook labeled 180 million posts as ‘false’ since March >>
* How Facebook’s AI Tools Tackle Misinformation >>

* How Apple’s M1 uses high-bandwidth memory to run like the clappers >>
* Updating the View of the Post-Pandemic Future >>

* Elon Passes Zuckerberg as Tesla Nears $500 Billion >>
* Coordinated Robotics Wins DARPA SubT Virtual Cave Circuit >>

* Weekly Space Hangout: November 18, 2020 – Dr. Ralph Lorenz, Planetary Scientist and Dragonfly Mission Architect >>
* A 100-Meter Rotating Liquid Mirror Telescope on the Moon? Yes Please. >>
* Detecting hidden but non-trivial problems in transfer learning models using Amazon SageMaker Debugger >>

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