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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 November 2020

* Magnetic spray turns objects into mini robots that can deliver drugs >>
* Here Is a Photo of a Single Atom >>
* Famed Arecibo telescope, on the brink of collapse, will be dismantled >>
* With new ‘elegant chemo,’ Israeli scientists edit genome to destroy cancer DNA >>

* Over 1 million children have been infected with COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic >>
* U.S. Covid-19 Deaths Top 250,000 >>
* 2020 US election campaigns smashed all records: $14bn >>

* Wonder Woman 1984 coming to HBO Max (and some US theaters) on Dec. 25 >>
* Marissa Mayer wants to build a better address book on your phone >>
* Introducing Sunshine Contacts: >>
* Cerebras’ wafer-size chip is 10,000 times faster than a GPU >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica – Starship SN15 appears amid SN11 Stacking and Lunar Mock Up outfitting >>

* Scientists create diamonds in just MINUTES for first time inside a lab at room temperature >>
* Application of AI in sports industry yields great fruits >>
* Roman Krznaric: Becoming a Better Ancestor >>
* Citizens are turning face recognition on unidentified police >>
* Microsoft Azure Data Lake >>

* The Importance of Visibility and Security of Critical Applications in Cloud Environments >>
* Do You Need Release Management in a DevOps World? >>
* Rollbar to improve code with new AI-assisted workflows and automation-grade grouping >>

* Reimagining the way businesses operate >>
* The future of payments is frictionless—now more than ever >>
* McDonald’s Is Making a Plant-Based Burger; You Can Try It in 2021 >>
* What are mRNA vaccines and how useful will they be? >>

* We can’t be certain the coronavirus vaccines will stop the pandemic >>
* Warehouse robots upgraded to make packing decisions 350 times faster >>

* Mac-optimized TensorFlow flexes new M1 and GPU muscles >>
* Jinx launches a text-to-buy dog food platform, with help from Initialized Capital >>
* An AI helps you summarize the latest in AI >>
* AI Researchers Made a Sarcasm Detection Model >>

* Using GANs to Create Fantastical Creatures >>
* As internet forums die off, finding community can be harder than ever >>
* How to Get Started with AIOps >>
* Manoj Nair, Metallic | KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2020 >>

* Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian outlines ‘open cloud’ vision >>
* Nvidia smashes earnings forecast with record revenue, but shares sag >>
* Why Aren’t Covid Tracking Apps More Effective? >>

* Disney gets behind open cache tech for streaming >>
* Vodafone to launch open RAN in Ireland next month >>
* India’s Economy to Struggle With Effects of Virus Through 2025 >>

* Oxford Study Confirms Astra Covid Shot’s Response in Elderly >>
* Sony PS5 sells for twice its retail price in Hong Kong >>
* Microsoft brings new shopping tools to its Edge browser >>
* Tech in the Biden era >>

* Apple’s first-gen M1 chips have already upended our concept of laptop performance >>
* A Facebook Messenger Flaw Could Have Let Hackers Listen In >>
* TO BEE OR NOT TO BEE: Here’s The Complicated Reasons Why Bees Are Dying Off >>
* LG OLED becomes official TV partner for Xbox Series X >>

* Scientists Discover Outer Space Isn’t Pitch Black After All >>
* A Ray of Hope: Array Programming for the 21st Century >>
* India’s attitude to arranged marriage is changing. But some say not fast enough >>
* 3D bioprinted heart provides new tool for surgeons (w/video) >>

* Is Boeing’s 737 Max now safe and when will it return to service? >>
* How the Out-of-Control Pandemic is Speeding the Testing of Vaccines>>
* Elon Musk is $8 billion away from surpassing Bill Gates as the world’s second-richest person >>
* 4 COVID-era trends impacting the business process outsourcing industry >>
* Portable device uses solar power to sterilise medical equipment >>

* Harley Davidson unveils its first ever electric bike – the $3,399 Serial 1 >>
* AI that can diagnose tinnitus from brain scans may improve treatment >>
* Twitter slows down its ‘fleets’ rollout to deal with technical issues >>
* Silicon Valley Needs a Shakedown with Chamath Palihapitiya >>

* Leveraging collective intelligence and AI to benefit society >>
* What is AI? We made this to help. >>
* Weather forecasts get an AI update with Atmo as businesses grapple with climate-related catastrophes >>

* This $99 gadget helps you make music, no skill required >>
* Cloud gaming >>
* Nvidia says microservices will drive a SmartNIC into every server >>
* NASA has a mind-blowing plan to map rising sea levels from space >>
* COVID-19 has changed what benefits we expect from our employers >>
* Dilbert: Thursday November 19, 2020: Dilbert Not On Mute >>

* AI System Beats Supercomputer in Combustion Simulation >>
* Earth’s toughest bacteria can survive unprotected in space for at least a year >>
* Understanding Algorithms With Sinead Bovell >>

* How 5G Is Expanding The Internet of Things To Build A Better World >>
* Epic Games drags Apple through AU court as Fortnite spat continues >>
* Larry Brilliant Says We’ll Beat Covid—After We Go Through Hell >>
* Incorporating your enterprise knowledge graph into Amazon Kendra >>

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