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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 November 2020

* COVID-19; one American dies every 107 seconds >>
* US Daily Covid-19 Cases Top 150,000 for the First Time >>
* Animals infected with covid-19 could undo efforts to stop the pandemic >>
* Italy passes 1m Covid cases as calls grow for national lockdown >>

* Podcast: Apple’s new M1 chip, Macs and our iPhone reviews >>
* SpaceX’s Starship Survives Setback During Final Test >>
* Serious Problem on Static Fire & What will it be like to ride a SpaceX Starship? >>

* SpaceX is about to launch its longest and most ambitious NASA mission to date. >>
* Why Temperature Scanners Are Raising Concerns >>
* JRE #1564 – ADAM ALTER >>

* Pfizer covid-19 vaccine may not need to be kept at -70°C after all >>
* Vergecast: Two more iPhones, Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ event >>
* World has enough software, and that it needs no more of it. >>

* Stretchable skin sensor could help you touch things in VR >>
* a16z Podcast: The Great Data Debate >>
* Sterling Perrin on network slicing, edge needs for 5G applications >>

* AI vision could be improved with sensors that mimic human eyes >>
* A New Cell Map of the Human Heart >>
* No, the new MacBook Air is not faster than 98% of PC laptops >>
* Netflix’s latest experiment is a TikTok-like feed of funny videos >>

* L’Oréal rolls out a line of ‘virtual makeup’ >>
* Amazon Begins Shifting Alexa’s Cloud AI To Its Own Silicon >>
* Amazon’s in-garage delivery is now available in over 4,000 US cities >>
* 3 Ways Companies Can Retain Working Moms Right Now >>

* How a Board Game and Skyscrapers Inspired the Development of the QR Code >>
* Electric Fields Accelerate CRISPR-based COVID Test >>
* Watch This F-22 Raptor Fly Insane Maneuvers in Spectacular 4K >>
* China Set to Retrieve First Moon Rocks in 40 Years >>

* Donald Trump considers starting news channel to rival Fox News >>
* Biden begins transition plans as Trump refuses to concede >>
* A record number of women will serve in the next Congress >>

* How to Develop Successful Cloud-Based SaaS Application in 2020 >>
* Iron Powder Passes First Industrial Test as Renewable, Carbon Dioxide-Free Fuel >>

* Managing Full Application’s Lifecycle Using GitOps >>
* 39 Web Developer Tools You’ll Want To Take With You Into 2021 >>
* Is This New Corporate Venture Big Enough? >>
* SaaS Needs a Single Point of Purchase >>

* SLS Vs Starship: Why Do Both Programs Exist? >>
* Cloudflare announced Durable Objects: a “truly serverless approach to storage and state”, which piqued our interest here at Linc. >>

* TEDWomen 2020: How the new generation of Latinx voters could change US elections >>
* TEDWomen 2020: To future generations of women, you are the roots of change >>

* Would a Biden Administration Push for Covid Lockdowns? >>
* Covid-19 vaccines shouldn’t get emergency-use authorization >>
* More than 100 Secret Service officers infected with COVID-19 or quarantining as virus surges across country >>

* TikTok Asks Court for Extension on Divestiture Deadline >>
* Power Law for Professors: Why you should put all of your eggs in one basket >>
* Podcast: Analyst Erin Dunne’s forecasts for fiber and SD-WAN markets >>

* ServiceNow: Keeping service experience as the focus of digital transformation >>
* Vaccine Bursts Bubble of Concern Over Dot-Com Level Valuations >>
* Peter Thiel is Richer Than Ever as Tech Eclipses Macro Mess >>

* Prices in Argentina have risen by 26.9% since turn of the year, Inflation reached 3.8% in October >>
* CEOs frustrated with Argentina rattle off list of problems >>

* Israeli blood test offers better choices to fight cancer >>
* Futuristic device from Israeli firm puts music in your head, without headphones >>
* Demon’s Souls: The first truly next-gen game is a lopsided but impressive showcase >>

* Facebook is using AI to help its content moderators >>
* Zoom to lift 40-minute meeting limit on Thanksgiving for longer family hangouts >>
* A Complete Guide to the Stages of Penetration Testing >>

* Hyperloop’s Only Destination is a Capitalist Hellscape >>
* Why did NASA retire the Space Shuttle? >>
* How the pandemic got people smoking again >>

* World’s New Blackest Paint Is Even Darker Than We’d Imagined >>
* COVID-19 Risk Level For Group Gatherings In Each US County, Visualized >>
* A difficult year … but life has never been better >>

* Dispatches from a Pandemic: ‘It is now a full-blown depression for domestic workers.’ >>
* Scaling digital in the public sector: Building blocks for the future >>
* Agile’s next level: ABN AMRO’s hybrid cloud–DevSecOps transformation >>
* The Thermal Nuclear Engine That Could Get Us to Mars in Just 3 Months >>

* New Zealand Election Fraud >>
* A Big Alzheimer’s Drug Study Is Proceeding Cautiously Despite The Pandemic >>
* Robotic AI learns to be spontaneous >>

* Best mobile phone deals in the Black Friday 2020 UK sales, from iPhone to Samsung offers >>
* Top 9 movies on Netflix this week, from ‘The Impossible’ to ‘Easy A’ >>
* Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2020 >>

* How-to guide for CPR in space could help treat astronaut heart attacks >>
* Electric Aviation Could Be Closer Than You Think >>
* Dust storms on Mars are tossing water from its atmosphere into space >>

* How the pandemic readied Alibaba’s AI for the world’s biggest shopping day >>
* Metatrends shaping the next decade >>
* The Flix Programming Language >>

* Disney+ has more than 73M subscribers >>
* 5 Strategies for Reinventing Your Career in Uncertain Times >>
* 5 ways to celebrate TensorFlow’s 5th birthday >>

* Onward! Notes from Session 3 of TEDWomen 2020 >>
* Bring it on: Notes from Session 1 of TEDWomen 2020 >>
* Interviewing the Fetch.ai CEO About Using Multiagents and AI for Smart Cities >>

* Need to build a secure DevOps workflow? We can show you how, say Sysdig and AWS >>
* Telemedicine Comes to the Operating Room >>
* Simulation-Driven Design of a Hyperloop Capsule Motor >>

* Near Term Future of Manned Space Flights >>
* Weekly Space Hangout: November 11, 2020 – Amy Ross, NASA Engineer and Space Suit Designer >>
* Terrify yourself with LeoLabs’ visualization of satellites and space debris around Earth >>

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