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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 November 2020

* Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine proves 90% effective in first results from Phase 3 clinical trial >>
* Pfizer’s covid-19 vaccine is highly effective, but don’t expect to get it soon >>
* Biden has unveiled his covid-19 task force ‘Built on Bedrock of Science’ >>

* World’s first crewed Hyperloop trip was a success >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica – Super Heavy Booster Stacking Begins – Raptor SN42 Delivered >>

* Tim Berners Lee’s startup Inrupt releases Solid privacy platform for enterprises >>
* McDonald’s is adding plant-based burgers to the menu >>
* The Future of McDonald’s Is in the Drive-Thru Lane >>

* How NASA & SpaceX Will Redirect An Asteroid (real mission) >>
* How Apple Silicon Macs can supercharge computing in the 2020s >>

* Startup’s ‘smart toilet bowl’ scans poop and urine for medical insights >>
* Debanjan Saha, Google Cloud | October 2020 >>

* TED: How we can use the hiring process to bring out the best in people >>
* Israeli lab uses math hack to roll out speedy one-stage pooled virus test >>
* How Artificial Intelligence Could Help Predict Election Outcomes >>
* The World’s Most Impressive Megaprojects >>

* Apple set to debut faster MacBooks powered by iPhone chips during Tuesday online event >>
* How to Develop Successful Cloud-Based SaaS Application in 2020 >>
* What companies need to do in order to keep up with the speed of change >>

* How to stay Agile with a globally distributed workforce >>
* Millions of Remote Workers Are Now Thinking About Moving >>
* When Remote Work doesn’t cut it >>

* Dow rockets 1,434 points to a record high as Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine >>
* Zoom tumbles 16% as Pfizer’s vaccine success drags on work-from-home stocks >>
* Equity Monday: Vaccine news scrambles the stock market, shakes up startups >>

* Europe is adopting stricter rules on surveillance tech >>
* Watch as 300 km/h (186 mph) electric wingsuit powered by BMW takes flight >>
* Why Rust is the Future of Game Development >>

* What a Biden presidency means for covid-19, climate change and tech >>
* Putin, Xi and other strongmen haven’t congratulated Biden yet. Their silence speaks volumes >>
* Here’s How Bill Gates And Other Billionaires Are Reacting To Biden’s Election Victory >>

* India opens antitrust case against Google over its payments app >>
* Riverside.fm launches its video podcasting platform >>
* Robotic surgery gives doctors new savvy >>

* How artificial intelligence may be making you buy things >>
* Spotify is thinking about launching a podcast subscription service >>
* Your old Android device will no longer support many websites in 2021 >>

* Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the Stress of Creativity >>
* Repairing Earth once the Pandemic Is Over >>
* 100 early-stage VCs of 2020 who are changing the face of venture capital >>
* How world wide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee plans to break Big Tech’s chokehold on your personal data >>

* Apple’s ‘One more thing’ event preview: New MacBooks with Apple silicon and more >>
* Implantable sensor could measure bodily functions—and then safely biodegrade >>
* Future of pain relief – tiny robots based on parasites invented >>
* AI-Directed Robotic Hand Learns How to Grasp >>

* Building AGI Using Language Models >>
* Gitpaste-12 Worm Targets Linux Servers, IoT Devices >>
* LG set to launch world’s first rollable smartphone >>

* China: Still the world’s growth engine after COVID-19 >>
* Pirate Streaming Sites Raided By Thai Police For Streaming Hollywood Movies >>
* Hum to Google to Identify Songs >>

* What We Lose When We Lose Museums >>
* Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max review: Better, not just bigger >>
* Apple iPhone 12 mini review: For small phone fans only >>
* Apple’s 256GB iPad mini with LTE is 25 percent off at Amazon >>

* The industrial CEO’s plan for the digital recovery >>
* Dilbert: Monday November 09, 2020: No Performance Reviews >>
* How Long Do Most Species Last Before Going Extinct? >>

* Pirate Bay Domain That Sold for $50,000 Now Redirects to Proxy >>
* Accelerating microservice-based application delivery with AWS >>
* Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners [Full Course in 4 Hours] >>

* Two-level swimming pools, roller coasters at sea: What to look forward to with the cruise ships launching in 2021 >>
* The former CEO of Google has applied to become a citizen of Cyprus >>
* The challenges ahead for Joe Biden’s first term >>
* President Trump fires Defense Secretary Mark Esper after contentious tenure >>

* An Introduction to Red Hat OpenShift CodeReady Containers >>
* Elon Musk’s Battery Farm Has Been a Total Triumph. Here Comes the Sequel. >>
* Beware those who promise you that the pandemic will be over soon >>

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