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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 October 2020

* Chinese hospital uses robot to test for coronavirus in air >>
* SpaceX Starship – SN8 feeling the pressure for the 15km flight >>
* Video Friday: Agility Robotics Raises $20 Million to Accelerate Robot Production >>
* MLOps for Production Level Machine Learning >>

* Banking, Cash, and the Future of Money >>
* A radical new technique lets AI learn with practically no data >>
* iPhone 12, Pixel reviews and Xbox Series X preview >>

* IBM Watson’s Next Challenge: Modernize Legacy Code >>
* Thirsty Mice And Virtual Reality: The Week’s Best Psychology Links >>
* A path to sustainability led by digital subscriptions >>

* Interview with the CEO of Pearl Which is Applying AI to Dentistry >>
* AI that scans a construction site can spot when things are falling behind >>
* AI localization tool claims to translate your words in your voice >>

* The Problem of Filter Bubbles Hasn’t Gone Away >>
* Elon Musk Shares a View of Starship With Three Raptor Engines Installed >>

* Elon Musk’s Las Vegas Loop might only carry a fraction of the passengers it promised >>
* Project Euphonia’s new step: 1,000 hours of speech recordings >>
* Zeptoseconds: New world record in short time measurement >>

* [Question] Is Stupidity Expanding? Some Hypotheses. >>
* Could we detect it if we are living in a simulation? >>

* Edtech’s Answer to Remote Learning Burnout >>
* Google Assistant’s driving mode for Android is nearly ready, one year later >>

* An AI Designed This Car, And It’s Quite Something >>
* Trump defeat will transform US in way we haven’t seen in decades >>
* New Zealand’s Ardern eyes COVID rebound after landslide reelection >>

* Amazon didn’t tout this year’s Prime Day as its biggest for the first time ever — even though it was >>
* Amazon says third-party sellers made more than $3.5 billion from Prime Day >>
* Japan squeezed on US military base funding in election year >>

* Bruce Power Working With Westinghouse on eVinci Micro Reactor >>
* A Dozen Nuclear Reactor Designs Under Regulatory Review in Canada >>
* The Story of Information >>

* Atlanta-based Speedscale now has $2.2 million more to grow its API test automation business >>
* Audio learning startup Knowable switches to a $9.99-per-month subscription model >>
* Beyond Meat: Are you ready for lab-grown salmon? >>

* C4AI: A New Center for Artificial Intelligence to accelerate science and innovation in Brazil >>
* Creativity in a crisis >>
* Cruise can now test driverless vehicles on the streets of San Francisco >>

* Duplex is getting smarter and making life a little easier >>
* Future directions for technology and education in Asia >>
* Google will push Hangouts users to Chat in 2021 >>

* How AI is powering a more helpful Google >>
Euphonia’s new step: 1,000 hours of speech recordings
* The Fourth Industrial Revolution has begun: Now’s the time to join >>
* YouTube will remove videos making harmful claims rooted in conspiracy theories >>

* Satellite images show China has expanded the shipyard where its nuclear-powered submarines are built >>
* Researchers discover specific molecules that promote cancer progression >>
* iPhone 12 vs Samsung Galaxy S20: the latest smartphone features, specs and cameras compared >>

* Visual ways to search and understand our world >>
* How to plan a successful leadership succession at a start-up >>
* Reimagining consumer-goods innovation for the next normal >>
* US has reached 8 million Covid-19 cases, and the pace of new infections signals a tough winter >>

* Dropbox is making its workforce ‘virtual first.’ Here’s what that means >>
* Use AI To Convert Ancient Maps Into Satellite-Like Images >>
* ‘Dota 2’ will get year-round updates and crack down on ‘smurfs’ >>
* Apple will let you pre-order apps up to six months in advance >>

* EU regulator says Boeing 737 Max is safe to fly >>
* Clarence Thomas Wants to Rethink Internet Speech. Be Afraid >>
* British Airways Fined $26 Million Over Data Breach >>

* Developer Says AWS Forked His Project and Launched It As Its Own Service >>
* Google Says it Mitigated a 2.54 Tbps DDoS Attack in 2017, Largest Known To Date >>
* IBM Research at INTERSPEECH 2020 >>

* 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago: October 2020 >>
* New Google Assistant feature lets you identify a track by simply humming or whistling the tune >>
* Trump vs. Big Tech: Everything you need to know about Section 230 and why everyone hates it >>

* Detecting playful animal behavior in videos using Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels >>
* Impatient? A Spacecraft Could Get to Titan in Only 2 Years Using a Direct Fusion Drive >>
* Operating a Rover in Real-time From a Distance >>

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