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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 October 2020

* SaaSOps and the Path Forward for IT >>
* BetterCloud demo with enterprise solutions nerd, Chris Walker >>
* SpaceX Starship and Crew Dragon – Inspiring the space industry >>

* Video Friday: Poimo Is a Portable Inflatable E-Bike >>
* A Ridiculously Huge New Solar Farm Just Came Online in China >>
* Are you ready to ride in a car without a driver? Waymo vans going public in Arizona >>

* Virtual reality objects you can FEEL just like on Star Trek’s holodeck move a step closer thanks to new ‘universal law of touch’ >>
* Facebook goes to space >>
* Scientists calculate fastest possible speed of sound is 22 miles per second >>

* Elon Musk and U.S. military plan to build a reusable 7,500mph rocket that can deliver 80 tonnes of cargo, including weapons, anywhere in the world in 60 minutes >>
* Researchers built a robot squid that propels itself with a water jet >>
* SpaceX Boca Chica – Starship SN14 parts arrive >>

* An Amazing Sky Mosaic Courtesy of Stellina…and a New Telescope from Vaonis >>
* Matter makes up exactly 31.5±1.3% of the Universe >>

* Google wants you to visit long-lasting AR experiences >>
* COVID-19 and supply-chain recovery: Planning for the future >>
* Bill Nye discusses VR learning, science and climate change >>

* World’s fastest UV camera records flying photons in real time >>
* What 21st-Century Works Will: Merit a Close Reading in 2050? >>
* Amazon Prime Day 2020: How small businesses can also benefit from the shopping event >>

* Astronomers capture first direct image of an exoplanet located some 63 light-years from Earth >>
* Live facial recognition is tracking kids suspected of being criminals >>
* Judge won’t let Apple block Unreal Engine, but won’t make it unblock ‘Fortnite’ >>

* New Python 3.9 ‘Brings Significant Changes’ To Language Features >>
* London Installed AI Cameras To Monitor Social Distancing, Lockdown Restrictions >>
* Huawei will unveil the Mate 40 on October 22nd >>

* Google may turn YouTube into a shopping destination >>
* Comcast tests tech that enables gigabit upload speeds over cable >>
* ‘Palm Springs’ Is ‘Groundhog Day’ With a Twist >>

* Battery Boom for Electric Cars, Trucks and Half the Grid by 2040 >>
* 24 Exoplanets Would Be Better for Supporting Life Than Our Earth >>
* 8 Fallacies of Continuous Delivery >>
* Hidden cameras and secret trackers reveal where Amazon returns end up >>

* Object Detection from 9 FPS to 650 FPS in 6 Steps >>
* Data firehose: Next generation of streaming technologies goes cloud-native >>
* The Future of Computing Might Not Be So Battery-Powered >>

* 16 Minutes on the News #43: A Nobel for CRISPR! When, Who, How, What Now >>
* This robot is a more affordable Boston Dynamics Spot look-alike >>
* NASA to Provide Coverage of 71st International Astronautical Congress >>

* Dear Tim Cook, here are some new iPhone features I’d love to see in 2020 >>
* Researchers Found 55 Flaws in Apple’s Corporate Network >>
* Cory Doctorow: Tech Workers Are Now Questioning the Powers Technology Gives >>

* Chinese app offers a peek over the Great Firewall, with big catches >>
* North Korea unveils seemingly new, larger ICBM at military parade >>
* Shipping rates from China spike ahead of US holiday season >>
* China’s holiday economy once again attracts the world’s attention >>

* Survey finds age of migrant workers rising >>

* Countdown is a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action. >>
* Prince William·Countdown: This decade calls for Earthshots to repair our planet>>
* The making of Prince William’s TED Talk >>
* Urgency: Notes from Session 1 of the Countdown Global Launch >>
* Leadership: Notes from Session 2 of the Countdown Global Launch >>
* Transformation: Notes from Session 3 of the Countdown Global Launch >>
* Breakthroughs: Notes from Session 4 of the Countdown Global Launch >>
* Action: Notes from Session 5 of the Countdown Global Launch >>
* Countdown: The energy Africa needs to develop — and fight climate change >>
* Countdown: Apple’s promise to be carbon neutral by 2030 >>
* Countdown: Lessons on leaving the world better than you found it >>
* Countdown: 24 hours on Earth — in one image >>
* Countdown: Fossil fuel companies know how to stop global warming. Why aren’t they? >>

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