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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 October 2020

* No-code is the new blockchain >>
* Computer Scientists Break Traveling Salesperson Record >>
* AI can alter the speed of just one object or person in a video >>

* Microsoft is letting more employees work from home permanently >>
* The Future of Computing Might Not Be So Battery-Powered >>
* These tiny sensors can hitch a ride on mothback >>

* “Hey Google” now works with your Android apps >>
* Accelerating Automation with DevNet 2020 | Cisco >>
* A New Factory in France Will Mass-Produce Bugs as Food >>

* Amazon just revealed its first electric delivery van of a planned 100,000-strong EV fleet >>
* Amazon’s custom electric delivery van will hit the road in 2022 with sensor detection and the virtual assistant to navigate >>
* Twitter will limit retweets to combat election misinformation >>

* This researcher is tracking COVID with help from Google >>
* Twilio Set To Acquire Cloud Customer Data Startup Segment For $3.2 Billion >>
* SpaceX’s Starship Passes Tests As Launch Nears >>

* Apple’s iPhone 12 will likely have a new design. Will it be easier to repair? >>
* Vergecast: the final tech antitrust report from Congress >>
* 55 New Security Flaws Reported in Apple Software and Services >>
* Orange to lure 5G customers with data bonanza >>

* AMD poised to acquire Xilinx for $30B – report >>
* Facebook goes to space >>
* Chinese app called Tuber provides a still-censored look over Beijing’s ‘Great Firewall’ >>

* The leader’s not for #turning: is Jacinda Ardern really the future of liberal democracy? >>
* Apple is starting to ship devices directly from its stores >>

* What to expect from Apple’s October 13 “Hi, Speed” event >>
* XB-1 Supersonic Rollout >>
* How To Serve On-Demand Streaming Videos From AWS (Build Your Own Netflix) >>

* Tufin SecureCloud Ensures Your Red Hat OpenShift Deployments Are Secure Without Compromising Agility >>
* Time Flies. NASA Releases a Mosaic of TESS’ View of the Northern Sky After Two Years of Operation >>
* Gravitational-Wave Lensing is Possible, but it’s Going to be Incredibly Difficult to Detect >>

* Dr. David Warmflash Discusses Mixed-Reality Surgical System >>
* Here Comes the Internet of Plastic Things, No Batteries or Electronics Required >>

* Gitpod hooks up with GitLab to take on GitHub Codespaces >>
* 6 ways your Android is getting more helpful this fall >>
* Apple is extending some Apple TV+ subs through February 2021 for free >>
* Asteroid Bennu may have been home to ancient water flows >>

* Cloud Covered: What was new with Google Cloud in September >>
* Electric cars really do cost less to own than gas-powered vehicles, report says >>
* Git scraping: track changes over time by scraping to a Git repository >>

* Google Assistant App Actions brings voice commands to Android apps >>
* Google Duo rolls out screen sharing for video calls >>
* Instagram makes Reels audio more like TikTok >>

* Microsoft’s Phil Spencer reportedly said xCloud is coming to iOS >>
* Mobile Games Can Offer a Pocket-Sized Path to Healing >>

* Pakistan bans TikTok over ‘immoral and indecent’ content >>
* Podcast advertising has a business intelligence gap >>
* Covid-19 news: One in 170 people in England have coronavirus >>

* British Airways’ last two 747s make final flights from Heathrow >>
* Scientists identify 24 planets potentially better suited for life than Earth >>
* Reimagining customer engagement for the AI bank of the future >>

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